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Best Laptop For Elderly Parents

Best Laptop for Elderly Parents 2020

Elders can have much more in their lives using a decent laptop. They just need a full-featured laptop. Besides this, they want to stay connected with kids, so an elder parents laptop must come with an HD webcam. Although feature requirements vary according to the work.  They are not very much concerned about the laptop’s style and colors except for some. Although we have bought you the best elderly laptops here.

My father story, Best Laptop for Elderly Parents

Father is everything for his kids. They do a lot for their kids and don’t focus on their wishes. Once I get realized all this. My father’s old laptop was having some issues with it. So, I was thinking that what if I buy a laptop for my father.

I thought that it would make them happy. Besides that, that laptop gift would be perfect for him as he was also in need of this.

So, on his Birthday, I bought a new laptop for him as a birthday present. He was so much happy seeing it. He liked that laptop so much. Now he does all his work on that laptop and I am extremely happy about this. I did a lot of research in finding the good and most popularly used elderly laptops.

Finally after a lot of struggle and even visiting some laptop shops. I found out some of the best elderly laptops. I will share all this information with your people. So that you can also give the best laptop to any of your beloved elder, your mother, father or any other else close to you.

Benefits of Laptops for Elder People

Elders have a lot to do on a laptop. Like;

  • Elder people, your mother, and father can do online shopping conveniently sitting in their home.
  • They can maintain their social contact with people.
  • They can do billing on laptop related to anything.
  • They can maintain their mental agility by keeping their brain active all the time on a laptop.
  • They can do official meetings using a laptop.
  • They can book hotels, restaurants, booking on a plane, etc.
  • Elders can add fun to their lives listening and viewing the podcasts, movies, films, documentaries, news, funny videos, weather forecasts using social media applications and all like this.

Comparison chart of Best Laptop for Elderly Parents 2020

Here, a laptop’s professional team has selected some of the products. I will share the detailed features of these laptops for elder people. Give them a read to find the best for you. Here you go;

Laptops for Elderly Parents Features Screen size Price
HP Laptop Pentium N5000 processor, UHD graphics. 15.6 inch Check price
Acer Chromebook 14 Intel Celeron N3160 Quad-Core Processor 14 inch Check price 
Lenovo Flex 6  2-in-1, 360-degree flex, Core i5 15.6 inch Check price

HP 15.6-inch 

The features of this laptop are like;


It is having a 15.6-inch display having screen resolution 1366 x 768. It is a full high-quality HD screen. It has 10 fingers multi-touch support. Whatever could be best that such a highly responsive and a multi-touch screen.

Quad-core processor

HP laptop is having an Intel Quad Core Pentium silver processor N5000. It can speeds to 1.1 GHz to 2.7 GHz. This processor is super fast even while multi-tasking.

UHD graphics

HP is having Intel UHD graphics 605 and Intel HD graphics 620 too. It’s your choice which one to prefer the most.

Sound system

The sound of this laptop is incredibly awesome. It is having the DTS studio sound system in it. This system actually makes the sound worthy to listen.

HD web camera

Elder people can stay connected anyway with this laptop. HD web camera will help you do this. No matter you make business related or some official calls or the online meetings, this camera is always prepared for you.

It is the front facing camera with integrated digital microphones.

Windows and connectivity

Windows 10 operating system works best on this laptop. While it has multiple ports for connectivity;

  • HDMI
  • 1 USB 3.0
  • 2 USB 2.0
  • 1 802.11a/b/g/n/ac

Maximum productivity

  • It allows up to 7 hours of mixed usage.
  • It gives 6 hours and 30 minutes of video playback.
  • It allows the elders to do live streaming for 5 hours and 45 minutes.

Other features

  • It has 4 GB DDR4-2400 SDRAM 
  • It has 1 x 4 GB of Internal storage.
  • It is also having 1 TB 5400 rpm SATA.
  • Follows Amazon return policy fully.

Final words 

You can buy this high-quality laptop and save a decent amount of money. As this laptop is highly affordable, so everyone can buy it. Click here to buy from Amazon.

Acer Chromebook 14

This product has got features like;

Processor and display

This Chromebook carries Intel Celeron N3160 Quad-Core Processor in it. Along with this, it is having the 14-inch display with max resolution 1920 x 1080. 4 GB memory helps you to do a great multi-tasking.

It is actually an IPS Led backlit display screen. It makes the view so much clear and bright. It looks fabulous.

It delivers an amazing value that becomes more worthy by its endless cores.

Chrome OS

Chrome operating system runs in this laptop. It has too many built-in features that you would definitely love to know. These are the;

  • Built-in virus system to protect your files and folders. Get high security from hackers and virus. There is no need to install any anti-virus software when you are having this operating system.
  • Automatic updates are another feature of this OS. It can boots up in second and continue its fast performance.

Google applications

It gives all the way access to all of the Google apps. You can download any app you need. You can convert the MS office files to other Google files and writing software. You will be able to download and edit anything with the amazing apps on Google play store.

This is actually a great library of apps. All apps related to games, music, TV, the magazine can get from here.

Allows offline access

Chromebook is having built-in storage. This provides you the offline availability of most of your important files. Also, you will have access to extra 100GB Google drive space. It will make sure your files backup.

Metal chassis

It is having the powerful metal chassis. This makes the laptop tough to bear falls and hits.

Fast connection and battery

It has an incredibly fast internet connection. It allows you to stay connected all the time. The long battery life offers you 12 hours of non-stop productivity. You can run all of your favorite apps all day.

Stylish design

Feel proud to use this stylish Acer Chromebook 14 in public place. Get ready to grab it in your hands.

Ports rich

This laptop is rich in its ports just like other laptops. But offer strong and stable connectivity.

Better hangouts

It has a built-in webcam which supports the high dynamic range imagining (HDR). It will make your hangouts more dynamic. You can share hangouts with other people. They can view very clearly whatever you share with them, along with complete details.

Final words

Your elder parents will love using this outclass laptop for sure.

Click here to buy it from Amazon.

Lenovo Flex 6 

Get ready to know about this best laptop for elderly people.

Powerful 2-in-1

Lenovo Flex is powerful and a 2-in-1 laptop.  It is having an 8th generation Intel Core i5-8250U processor. It has a boosted speed of 1.6 GHz. It has 8GB RAM and 256 GB SSD.

Display, graphics, and OS

It has a 14 inch IPS touchscreen display. It has 720p HD webcam to stay connected all the time. NVIDIA GeForce MX130 graphics makes the display highly outclass. This all presents actually the dazzling visuals. Windows 10 operating system runs this laptop.

Click here to buy from Amazon.


Lenovo flex is highly flexible and adjustable as for its name shows. It is the most versatile laptop that you want and you can use it as you like. It’s 36- degree complete hinge will help your elder parents to sit on the sofa and use the laptop very nicely in a comfortable mode.

They can use it either sitting, relaxing and lying in bed. Its versatility is the main reason for this. Its effortless transition makes it the most stylish and comfortable laptop for elder people.

Entertainment and audio

It is having the wide-angle FHD display. You can watch movies on your full-screen laptop. It looks like a personal home theater. Besides its entertaining feature, it is having the Harmon speaker and the Dolby Digital audio. You would never miss the special effects of any video or a movie with this clear audio.

Streamline features

Lenovo Flex is packed up with the power and speed that you need to streamline your busy day. Its latest generation processor provides you with the great touchscreen and high response to pen and fast boost up. You can do seamless multi-tasking.

Stay connected

This elderly laptop comes with the AC WI-FI and a full array of ports like;

  • USB 3.0.
  • HDMI
  • Fast internet.’

It will help your parents to stay connected with their kids. Internet connection will let them watch their favorite things too. This will bring positivity and happiness in their lives. It has the max memory of 16GB which allows storage on a large level.

Click here to buy from Amazon.

Active Pen

It has an active pen to use its screen without finger touch. But this pen is sold separately. It allows for pinpoint accuracy and palm rejection technology.

It gives a natural feel like writing something on paper. You parents or other elder’s ones can draw anything with this pen. Bring your imaginations into action and do fun.

Assistant voice commands

Let your assistant do the work. This is a great facility for elder people. There is no need for SIRI. Talk to your assistant Cortana. It’s your voice-activated digital assistant. She will answer all of your questions. Also, you can let her open the applications for you.

Set the reminder by just using the voice commands. This will make elder life much easier. Because most of the elders forget about many of the things and works to do but this reminder will remind them all.

Battery and portability

It has a powerful battery used in it. The battery allows 8 hours of use. All of its dimensions make it ultra-thin, lightweight and portable too. Get it now.

Final words

These laptops are just best for elderly parents. How much good is the thing for a parent to stay connected with their beloved ones. You can buy them a laptop and make their lives much easier. It will be a great pleasure for you to see your parents using a laptop.

Actually, laptops can have a great impact on their lives. And you know how much it’s importance is. They would be happy when they will see the entertaining things and this will make their life joyful. So, be the reason for your parent’s happiness and buy a laptop for them from here. Good luck.

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