Best Laptop for 10 Year Old Daughter

Hey, you are also a parent and as being a good parent you take care of each and everything for your kids. That’s why you are here, looking for the best laptop for your 10-year-old daughter. Actually, I have been working in a laptop’s company from last 7 years. I have my 10-year-old daughter. She loves to use technology gadgets.

As I always try to be a good mother so I take care of each and everything of my baby girl. Many of the people ask me how you stop your kid form extra time in front of the screen.

They ask me that as I work for a laptop’s company, so what kind of laptop I select for my kid, etc. All this kind of stuff made me realized that each parent might have such type of questions in their mind.

I finally took the decision that I will share my information with the whole world. That’s why I am writing it to you people. It will help you a lot to select the right gadget for your children. 

Yet limiting the screen timings and controlling your kid is all your headache. I will suggest you be friends with your children and teach them right and wrong. Your friendly behavior will encourage them to listen and follow your advice.

I have seen many parents who care about their kids a lot but make mistakes also. I have also seen many children aged less than 5 years and they have their eyesight issues. So, as you know, every product has its own limitations. But kids need extra care.

That’s why set a proper time for your kid to use such gadgets. And make a proper distance. Otherwise, kids using laptops have a sharp mind, enhanced skills, etc because they learn too many things.

Off course laptop is a good technology and your children can learn each and everything from it. Even they can do their homework and studies via laptops.

This website is a great place to get information about all such things and laptops. As they give a chance to people to share their information with the world. And yes, I, being a mother and a worker in Laptop Company, have much knowledge about it. And I think I can tell you better than any other else. So read this article till the end.

My Story, How I Selected Laptop for 10-Year-Old Daughter

First of all, let me tell you that I know much about the best laptops for kids. I use to select a laptop for my girl by checking the screen first.  A good laptop for children must be anti-glare. The smooth anti-glare screen will reduce stress on eyes and protect your kid’s eyes from blue rays. Screen time must be limited by the parent.

Important Things to Consider

There are too many other things that must be taken cared for.

Here you go for those important things;


There are some of the important things to consider a must for a laptop that you are buying for your children. These things or features will ensure your kid’s safety. So, read it must.


A laptop for children must have high durability.  As the kids most often don’t use the things with great care. Their laptops are susceptible to falls and damage. So make sure that the laptop is highly durable to face falls and hits with great potential.


Size of a laptop must be normal. As kids don’t need a big screen. They just need a normal size display for playing, studying and doing other tasks.  They can handle a normal or small sized screen very well.


It must be cheap. If it is not so then take a highly affordable one. Don’t take an expensive laptop for children. As expensive things need much care. And there is no guarantee that your kid will break it or not.

Memory and storage space

Kid’s laptop must have enough memory so that his/her pictures can be saved in it. Moreover, extra memory will help to save games and keep offline games in folders of laptops. So, storage space must be more.

Anti-glare screen

The screen must be anti-glare. I will protect your kid eyesight and helps him for maintaining his good vision.


Children need a laptop which is highly portable. A thin and lightweight laptop will easily come to kids hands. They will be able to handle it with great care.


As I said, kids can do any mistakes in taking care of their laptops. So, when a laptop is provided you with the best warranty, you will have the chance to send it for repair. Or in case, you receive your product with any damaged part, you can return it as well.

Best Laptop for 10-Year-Old Daughter

Here I will share these best kid-friendly products with dear readers who are parents too. And their presence on this page depicts love for their kids. So, without any time wasting, here are your desired products;

HP Premium 15 Laptop

The features of HP 15 are explained here;

Backlit touchscreen

A normal sized 15.6-inch LED-backlit will be a perfect choice for a 10-year-old kid. It’s a highly responsive HD touch screen with 10 finger multi-touch support. The screen resolution is overall 1366 x 768.

5 core processor

HP 15  is having an Intel Core i5-7200U processor. Turbo boost technology actually boosts up its speed from 2.5 GHz to 3.10 GHz. It has 2 cores and threads. Having 3 MB of smart cache, this laptop is really a smart choice.

Usage choices

HP is always best for a school student. Along with its use in schools, it is also best for home use. Plus it is always ready for a small business too.


It has Integrated Intel HD 620 graphics with true colors. Its overall view looks marvelous.


It is available in elegant silver color, although its inner is dark black. This looks upper gorgeous.

Lite gaming

You can also do gaming on it. You will be able to pass your free time doing great fun on it.

HDD, RAM, and connectivity

It has 2 TB 5400 rpm SATA HDD and 8 GB DDR4 SDRAM. It has too many options for connectivity like;

  • Bluetooth 4.2 combo.
  • 11ac Wireless.
  • DVD+RW. 
  • HDMI 1.4 
  • Gigabit Ethernet (RJ-45).
  • DC power jack.
  • Headphone port.
  • Security Slot.
  • Power LED port.
  • USB 2.0
  • Kingston Mini.

Optical drive

It is having the DVD-writer optical drive. It enhances the facilities of this laptop.

HD audio

It has a crystal clear, high-quality HD audio.

Sophisticated style and serious performance

It is having a slim and sleek design. It impresses on every level. Its sports have a sharp look and a great gray finish. This all makes it a sophisticated and stylish laptop.  Besides this, it has got a high-class performance. You can edit your photos faster and load programs earlier.


Stay connected and entertained all day for 11 hours. It has a long-lasting HP fast charging a battery.


HP 15-inch is highly affordable to everyone. It’s a great laptop with lesser price.

Final words

Read this detailed guide that explains buying of laptops for daughter. Help your child to learn more with the latest technology and gain self-confidence.

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