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Do Laptop Sleeves Protect?

Do Laptop Sleeves Protect?

Hey guys!  Do you also want to know that do laptop sleeves protect? In order to get the complete detailed answer, read this entire guide.

When we take something new or something expensive, we try to protect that thing from any damage. Same in the case of laptops, they are important technology gadgets in everyone else’s life. So, protection is a must for every laptop. For this purpose, some people choose laptop sleeves. Many of people ask this question that does laptop sleeves protect or not.

I will share a complete answer with you guys here.  Sit relaxed with a cup of tea and read the full details.

Do Laptop Sleeves Protect- Reality-based answer

The answer to this question is ‘’ Yes’’. Although sleeves are not so much tough, yet they protect your laptop for sure. Actually, there are different types of sleeves. You could prefer those with tough and strong material so that they can surely protect your laptop.

So let me tell you those types of sleeves first. 

Types of laptop sleeves

Some sleeves are simply made of microfiber, simple cloth. They protect your laptop a little bit. You can place your other accessories in its other side pockets. Other laptop sleeves are made of Suede. The third types of sleeves are the ones made from Nylon.

These Nylon and Suede sleeves do protect laptop from falls and scratches. Polyester sleeves and plastic sleeves best protect the laptops. They also give great protection against water spills. These were some materials by which the laptop sleeve is made of and they protect the laptops in their own way.

Protection by sleeves

Sleeves protect in a variety of ways that you just wanted to know. So stay tuned and read the guide.

Water spills protection

The polyester made the sleeve and the plastic sleeve can protect your laptop from water spills. Even if you have dropped a full glass of water over this sleeve, it will keep itself dry. This is because of its waxed canvas-like material that it repels the water and keeps everything dry inside of it.

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Many the people face the problem when they are always at their work along with their drinks, coffee, water, etc. Most of the times people mistakenly fall these things over their laptops. But if you are using the laptop sleeve, you will not face this issue.

Damage protection

Sleeves give complete protection against any damage to your laptop. If you drop your laptop by mistake, then definitely it will break or get damaged for sure. But if the laptop is in the sleeve, then it will be much protected even if you fall it.

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Protects from dust

It is obvious that when your laptop is covered by the sleeve, it will be protected from dust. This will keep your laptop clean always. A laptop will maintain its new shiny and unique look when you give it the sleeve protection.

Safety from scratches

It will give great protection against scratches. If you keep your laptop without any protection, the scratches will damage it soon. The scratches mark looks so bad and reduces the laptop’s grace. Try to use the sleeve to avoid this issue.

Care from weather conditions

There is also another protection provided by sleeves and very few people know this. If you have placed your laptop in an air-conditioned room all the time and suddenly took it out in the hot environment, in such cases sometimes laptops do not turn ON and show problems. Sometimes your laptop goes to the sleeping mode and does not ON and becomes normal after too many hours.

But if you keep it in the sleeve when you are not working then this problem can be sorted out. Furthermore, the sleeves also give protection against all the weather conditions.

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Easy to carry

Sleeves are much better than that of a heavyweight backpack or a laptop briefcase. Sleeves are lighter and highly portable than any other thing while performing the same function as a bag or a briefcase.


There are some limitations to the protection of the sleeve. They keep your laptop save but not at a greater extent. They can’t give high security and protection from big falls.

Yet everything has its own merits and demerits and the same with the sleeves. It depends on your usage actually. It depends that either you have to travel with your laptop or just need the sleeve to provide protection and to carry the laptop easily. For this simple usage, you can prefer sleeves.

My story

Hey, my name is Clara. I am a college student. My college is very near to my house. You know a college student has to take a laptop with him/her to study, make assignments and to do a lot more things. Some of the students also take their laptop to college to play games. LOLs, just kidding.

So, I used to carry my laptop in my arms and it created discomfort. When I faced much trouble, I told my father about this. He suggested me to buy a laptop bag. I searched on the internet about this. There I got to know but laptop sleeves protect and read all about them.

As my college was not so far and just to carry the laptop I was in a need of something. So, I finally decided to take a sleeve instead of a bag. Finally, I got my laptop sleeve. I put my laptop in it and till now I carry my laptop in this sleeve. Truly speaking, it is better than the heavy laptop bag.

It has truly made my life comfy. Now, I don’t feel any arms pain. Even I don’t feel that I am holding something heavy on the shoulder because its strap is wide and padded. I would also suggest you guys take a sleeve and protect your laptop.

You must buy a sleeve according to your laptop size and it will be more beneficial for your laptop. Get a comfortable sleeve now and protect your laptop.

Team – Why Laptops

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