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Cool Things to Download on Your Laptop

Downloading the different things like apps and any software on a laptop, let us enjoy using it and help us to get more facilitated. So here I will tell you about some of the cool things to download on your laptop so that you can enjoy using your laptop fully.

Cool Things to Download on Laptop

Let me explain different things that we can do on the laptop. I will explain all these in detail.

Here we go;

Google Chrome

The first and foremost or an important thing to do is to download Google Chrome. It is already an extension in your laptop. You just have to find it out and add that extension. This will let you use a better platform than to search on Bing or Yahoo. You can direct Google anything on your laptop.

Go to your internet browser and open up the chrome. After that open Chrome extensions. You will find out the tops extensions there. If you don’t find, then use the search bar. Add an extension to your laptop and use the fast, easy and vast Google searches.

You can use Google Chrome to search out any kind of information. You can get unlimited pictures from here. The best things are that Google chrome extensions completely free.

You can also download other extensions of Google as Firefox and Opera.


It is another cool and important thing to install. It will let you work on your documentation, presentations, spreadsheets and other things like Microsoft office etc. As these things are the basic requirements in a laptop. As any of the field you are related to, you will need these programs after all.

If you are a student or a writer than you must have to install excel, powerpoint spreadsheets and MS word in your laptop. You can also try Libre office.


You can get the drop box installed in your laptop from the cloud app service easily. Off course you need high storage space in your laptop for saving your personal data and other things safely. You can also use alternative cloud services. You can also have the Google drive installed with this dropbox and you will get an extra storage space. This will not even impact on the laptop’s speed.

It is also a major platform to share your files almost anywhere you like. It has made sharing much easier. You can also send any long file as an attachment too.

You can use the drop box as a part of your backup plan or as a storage place.


For music streaming in your laptop, you have to download cool applications and that is Spotify. You will not need any MP3 player with you. Music streaming is very much easier by this. There is no need to buy individual albums physically and digitally.

This is the coolest app for music streaming. It has an ad-supported free plan that will let you listen to as much music as you want. It is also having the supported windows app. This will be a better choice for your people.

Image editor

Everyone loves to adjust their image in their required and proper size. Image editor with paint will let you enjoy and design your image on your own. Retouch your old photos by the way you like. Image editing program must be installed on every laptop. You can also enjoy editing some pictures at someone’s birthday or for any important thing. You can have fun with this in your free time.

Microsoft paint is also a good choice but PaintNet is the topmost choice by all photo editors. It has so much unique and easy options that you will be able to use it with great ease. You will also get the opportunity to install plenty of plugins. These plugins will enhance the functionality of this program. This is among the top at the list for Cool Things to Download on Laptop.

You can blur out some of the parts of your picture that you want to. You can enhance the colors or dim them as your choice. You can use any filter, paint, color combinations, add text, shapes, emojis, frames, etc. You can adjust their auto level too.  You might be thinking of Photoshop as the standard and ideal. But I have chosen the best free app for you people.

Anti-malware program

When you buy a laptop, you should install an anti-malware programme for your laptop. Any kind of malware attack, any hacker or virus can damage and create risk for your stored data. So, there must be good malware protection on your laptop. Once you download it, you will be free from the risk and never need to download any of the other programs for security issues.

There are so many security programs available against malware attacks. You can download any of them like Windows Defender and Malware bytes etc.

VLC Media player

This is a cool program to go with. You might have noticed that sometimes when you play any of the downloaded videos on your laptop, there comes an option of not supporting the particular file. This is because you are not having any supported formats media player on your laptop.

Go to the internet browser or direct Google out the VLC media player. Download it and enjoy.

File compression programs

Use the authentic and good file compression program.  You will get more space to store multiple heavy files by compressing them. You can also store compressed heavy games.

This includes file compression as well as file extraction. It is extremely user-friendly. Its friendly features include repairing damaged archives and converting their file formats too. These best to select programs are 7-zip and PeaZip. Again one of the amazing things from the list of Cool Things to Download on Laptop.

Screenshot tools

You can download screenshot tools that can share the image directly too. Top picked tools are share-X and Lightshot. Personally, Lightshot is my favorite one. This is another alternative tool which can do the same for you and is named as Greenshot.

Share-X will give you tons of capturing methods. It is also having the powerful built-in editor, extra features for great look like color grabber and ruler.

Lightshot also has multiple options to capture the screen. You can point out at any text of anything by arrows or you can write anything by the pencil tool in it.

Messaging tool

Franz is the best tool for messaging. You should have it on your laptop for staying connected with your friends. Actually, this application is best supported by windows. Without any issues, you can send out quick messages.

This will let you add an account form different and popular messaging services. These messaging services are all of the popular and latest services like the Facebook messenger app, Twitter, WhatsApp, Skype, Hangouts, Discord, Telegram, Groupme, etc.

It amazingly adds the new tab for each social media platform or service. You will love using this cool thing on your laptop.

Other apps

Some of the other apps that will facilitate you further are;

Google earth

This is a lovely app to use. It can educate you as well as provide you entertainment. Check out the world’s most interesting sites and enjoy using it

DOS box

Bring the DOS back with the DOS box. Enjoy playing the games at their peak and do fun.


It is a cool app for music. It will let you listen to the latest music and get the recommendations too. You can get the local gig information and much more things if you like.


It is an outclass app by which you can get access to your media anywhere. You can talk to any of your friend in any corner of the world. Just use the fast speed internet and enjoy using this app.

You can also do music streaming with this app easily.


It’s an instant messaging app like windows live messenger and Disgby. It is a multi-functional social networking application.


It is an amazing and popular podcasting program. It has an awesome added functionality for iPods and iPhones along with the number of other devices. It is such a nice option to keep up with your favorite radio shows.

Final words

I have almost all of these apps download on in my laptop. Firstly when I bought my new laptop, its screen was all clear with just a few apps and programs pre-installed. But the latest technology provides us too many options to download free things according to our needs.

I did the same. I downloaded all the useful and my favorite applications and now I do article writing, chat with my friends, do music streaming, etc and enjoy a lot. This is just because of these useful and cool things.

You will surely get benefit from this which I have told you here. Just read it out carefully and enjoy.

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