Can You Charge a Laptop with a Car Cigarette Lighter?

Do you need power for your laptop when you taking a road trip? Well, today I am going to tell you about an amazing thing by which you can charge your laptop in a car. Firstly when I get to know from my friend that I can charge a laptop with a car cigarette lighter, I was just amazed. I researched for this, understood the procedure and applied it successfully.

Now whenever I am on long drives with my wife, I use the car cigarette lighter to charge my laptop. I truly love it. A car cigarette lighter can be your best companion when you are far away from your home and charging port. It can provide you the immediate help to charge your laptop.

I was sharing about it with my friends, and one of my old friends ask me what can you Charge your laptop with a car cigarette lighter? and I also told him about it. then finally I come it came up with the idea that why not who shares this guide on my blog for all of you. So if you also want to know about this topic, then congratulations you will be provided with each and every single detail here.

Can You Charge a Laptop with a Car Cigarette Lighter?

The answer to this question is definitely “Yes”. You can charge your laptop from a car cigarette lighter without the issue of laptop charger connection. But you will also need another main thing along with this car cigarette lighter to charge your laptop and that is in an inverter.

Actually, the inverter will let you do insert your laptop power charger pin into it. It converts mechanical energy into electrical energy inside a cigarette lighter and by connecting the terminals of the inverter with the car cigarette lighter, you can easily charge your laptop in your car and use it all way in your road trips.

Check the power supply

First of all, you have checked the power supply outlet or the cigarette lighter in your beloved car. Now, some cars have multiple outlets and some have only one. This thing does not matter but you know must that where is the power supply in your car.

Take the charger

You must have your laptop charger with you when you go outdoors like a road trip or long drives, etc. You can keep the laptop tool kit with your laptop charger in it. Don’t forget to put the laptop tool kit in your car whenever you go outside with your laptop.

Use inverter

Use an inverter because it can convert the DC into AC. You can also use an adapter. These kinds of electronics things can easily be bought from your nearby market. It actually converts your car’s mechanical energy into electrical energy.

Inverters are the amazing handy gadgets which only takes 12 DC input and provides 110 volts. Even a small inverter can easily be added to the cigarette lighter. It is suggested to use a normal or a small size inverter, not a big one so that it will not drain your car’s battery. You can check this one on Amazon (affiliate link)

Plug inverter into a cigarette lighter

Now it’s time to plug in the inverter in the car cigarette lighter or in the power outlet. Be cautious while doing this because you don’t have to push the cigarette lighter at all. Because if you will push it there it will get extremely hot and charging will become difficult for you.

Another thing that you must keep in mind is that you should keep your hands dry during plugging. It is the basic thing that you shouldn’t ignore. Because the mechanical current is converting it to electric current so you should not have your hands wet.

Keep a distance from the terminals because 12 volts of current will definitely present in there. Connect the other end of the adapter to your laptop so that the charging should start. But remember that the charge and will only continue during the time when the engine is running. As you continue driving your car, the laptop will continue charging.

When your car is stopped the laptop will not charge. After setting the adapter to place your laptop in a proper place. Like you can place it on your lap or the second front seat if it is vacant. Make sure that the laptop will not fall off when a car passes over the jump. Place your laptop in the area in the car where you are feasible it.

Start charging with a cigarette lighter

Plug the DC end of the charger to lighter. When you will start your car, the cigarette lighter will gets light up and your laptop will start charging. When the inverter converts the mechanical energy into electrical energy, that energy gets stored into the battery. This stored energy will be provided to your laptop for charging.

You can also buy multiple cigarette lighters to charge multiple things, But it will consume more energy and create a burden on your car. Charging multiple things can be quite damaging so it’s better to avoid it.

Will an inverter drain the car battery?

Now if you are worried about draining your car battery, then don’t worry I will guide you about it.

So there are different inverters consuming different watts of power. Like 12 volts, 15 volts, 100 volts, 120 volts, 150 volts, 500 volts, and 1000 volts. You should charge only a single device with the inverter. Along with this, you should use a low voltage inverter.

Otherwise, a higher volts inverter will definitely drain your car’s battery. An inverter with normal volts till 15 will cause no such effects on your car’s battery and you can easily charge your laptop or your smartphone. But charge only one device at a time.

Precautions for Charging Laptops with a Car Cigarette Lighter

Read these precautions completely so that you can charge your laptop safely with a car cigarette lighter.

  • At 12 volts of adapter is the best one to choose because a cheap one can cause a fire in your laptop if it is unattended.
  • Try to avoid charging multiple things at a time and take this as a serious precaution.
  • You should keep your laptop highly protected from humidity and liquid spills when charging in the car. Because in this case liquid spills or humidity can prove highly hazardous.
  • Keep children away from the adapter because 200 volts of current is passing through it. protect yourself too.
  • You can use this method only to keep your laptop alive from dying. It doesn’t really mean that you have to charge your laptop a lot. Never charge your laptop to 100%.
  • This method is just an optional way to charge your laptop or other devices slightly. You don’t have to take too much work from your car to charge your devices because the car battery is obviously utilizing.
  • When your laptop gets charged to 20% or 30%, Then remove the charger from the cigarette lighter.
  • Use a very low voltage inverter otherwise, it will drain all of your car’s battery.

Final words

Truly speaking charging your laptop with a cigarette lighter is true fun. When you are on your long road trips, it really helps a lot to charge your necessary devices. You can use it to charge your smartphone too. But make sure to charge a little bit, as just an option or immediate help.

Some inverters not only contain the area to plug the cable but also they have a port for the USB connection. You can also connect a USB cable to it. But the question is really very essential while charging a laptop in a car using a cigarette lighter.

When I was on a long drive trip with my wife, it was a hell of fun. She was using her laptop in the car. The levels of laptop charging dropped down and then she asked me what to do. I assured her that I can charge her laptop to make it usable at least for work with my cigarette lighter.

She was not believing at first. But when I made all the connections and set the laptop for charging she was surprised. It is really funny but that was a proud moment for me. Then I told about this type of charging to all of my friends including my dear readers.

I have tried my best to provide you with detailed information. So guys read this entire guide carefully and don’t ignore the precautions. All the very best for your road trips because now you can charge a laptop with a car cigarette lighter.

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