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Can I Use Snapchat on My Laptop

Can I Use Snapchat on My Laptop?

Hey guys, I came across this amazing topic and I found it quite interesting. I am just wondering that so many people are looking for this topic and there is no proper answer for this it anywhere. I personally use Snapchat on my laptop and my experience is going amazing. I am enjoying Snapchat fully on my laptop just like people enjoy it on their smartphones.

Using applications on smartphones is really very easy but still, you can use apps on your laptop using some helpful tools. Now, using Snapchat on a laptop has become much easier just like using it on your smartphones. All you need is a good laptop with a camera and a proper internet connection.

Can I Use Snapchat on My Laptop?

The answer to this question is simply yes, you can easily get benefit of using Snapchat on a laptop, after downloading some important tools or software. Snapchat is readily available in Android and iOS but you can also use it on your laptop. You can take your pictures, share them on your story and make new friends on snap chat.

Snapchat is an amazing platform to enjoy your free time and share your life events with friends. Whenever you get free time from your work, just open up your Snapchat and capture some pics. There is no need to unlock your mobile for Snapchat, use it on your laptop in which you are working.

You can even update your Snapchat on a laptop just like you do in your Androids and iOS. Update it and the new filters will come just like you see on your mobile phones. Snapchat sends its updates time by time and let you enjoy new things. You can make your videos on Snapchat to share them with your friends. You can communicate with your friends and keep chats and calls completely private.

Too many people ask me this question that can I use Snapchat on my laptop? Using Snapchat on a laptop is so easy, simple and just the same as you use it on your smartphones. Once you install this application on your laptop and log in to it, then there is no need to log in again and again, you will be able to use it in such a way as you use it in your cell phones.

Things needed for using Snapchat on laptop

In order to use the Snapchat on your laptop, you must have the following things properly with you.

Laptop Camera

A laptop camera should be of high quality so that it can capture the high-quality images. There is no fun of using Snapchat on a laptop if it is not equipped with a high-quality camera. There are too many laptops that are available with a high pixel camera.

A good camera will capture good images and it will help you to gain self-confidence. You can share your pictures with friends and also use it on other social media platforms. An amazing snap or high-quality clear pictures will show your photography skills in front of the world. There are also external webcams available to be attached to the laptops for the amazing results. 

While a blurred image gives an extremely bad impression and makes you feel bad in front of other pictures of your fellows. So it is a must-have a good HD camera on your laptop. This is what will let you enjoy a true fun of Snapchat. Without a good camera, there is no use of any picture apps like using Snapchat on a laptop. If you don’t have a good camera on your laptop, then buy a laptop with a high-quality webcam.

Internet Connection

There must be a proper internet connection on your laptop for using Snapchat. Because this application sends too many filter updates from time by time. Having a proper Internet connection will allow you to get all the updates from time by time. Furthermore, you can’t update your stories without proper internet access.

A proper internet connection will allow you to communicate with your friends all the time. You can inform people about your life events and good things happening in your life. You can also stay in touch with other people’s lives. You can use Snapchat as your main video calling application. It is really a true fun and I often enjoy calling my best friends on Snapchat.

For making a proper Internet connection, there are too many different things available. Like some people prefer Wi-Fi broadband, some have ethernet or LAN connections, etc. I always used to prefer Wi-Fi broadband because its speed is extremely high and using the Internet with Wi-Fi devices gives a really great experience.

Proper software

There must be proper software installed on your laptop so that you can download applications like Snapchat. Because these kinds of applications work best in smartphones and need some helping software to be used in laptops properly.

There are too many software and browsers available online which helps you download any of the applications on your laptop. These software’s are Bluestacks Emulator, Genymotion, Memu Player, Ko player, etc. I prefer Bluestacks software to all of this software.

One can download any of the Android applications on his laptop with the help of this software. Once you install any of these available emulators in your laptop, log in and do all the set up as you do on your cell phones. You can log in with your Gmail account or anything else you want to log in.

Once you login in it, stay logged in always, download your favorite apps and chat using Snapchat or any other platform you like.

How to Run Snapchat on your Laptop?

Running and using Snapchat on a laptop is as much easier like on an Android phone. If you want to run Snapchat smoothly on your laptop, then follow these simple steps explained here. First of all, you need to download a software named Bluestacks on your laptop so that you can download the application easily.

The whole procedure to install the software “Bluestacks” will take at least 10-15 minutes. You have to keep patience until it gets downloaded properly and after that, you can run the emulator properly and sign in with any of your Gmail accounts. Now, you have to follow the simple steps which I am telling you. Here we go;

  • Go to your laptop settings and allow access to third-party applications from the security log.
  • Now, open up the installed file of Bluestacks software and click download on it, set it on your main desktop.
  • Now, open up your browser to download the application Snapchat. When you found the exact application verified by the play protect then click on download option.
  • When is get downloaded it will appear on your desktop. This is just because of the software Bluestacks that you have downloaded earlier.
  • Log in into the application, make new friends and enjoy the snaps with amazing filters.

This is how you can easily use Snapchat on your laptop. A good quality camera adds more fun to Snapchat. I am personally using Snapchat on a laptop and share my direct stories from here. I often used to takes my snaps while working and share it with my friends.

This keeps me in touch with the world and I love doing this as our entire youth do.


I hope now you have got a complete answer to this question. You can easily enjoy making snaps and doing chats on this amazing app. It is truly loved by millions and billions of people in the world. I personally love using Snapchat a lot.

There shouldn’t be any of the confusion in your mind about using Snapchat on a laptop. This detailed article explains everything. I hope you have got a desired detailed answer that you want from this article as I have tried my best to explain to you the best.

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