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Best Toy Laptop for 2 Year Old

Babies love toys and especially toy laptops. When they see parents working on laptops around them, they also get a desire to work and play on it. But real laptops are not meant for the 2-year-old babies. They are so small to play with that laptop.

Therefore, in order to see this big need, manufacturers prepared the toy laptops for such little babies. Toy laptops are the best way to please your babies. You can handle toy laptops to your kid easily and safely.

As they are user-friendly laptops. Kids can handle them easily. You kid will love to play and work on their mini laptop.

It is estimated and studied that the kids who are handled with the toy laptops learn most of the things earlier. You might be surprised to read this line. Yes, it is possible. I will explain your completely here. In the end, you would admire the benefits of toy laptops yourself.

Babies need some special care. They need attention and care. Safe toys should be given to them to ensure their safety. In this article, I have explained in detail about Best Toy Laptop for 2-Year-Old.

My story, How I Choose Toy Laptops for my 2-Year-Old Daughter

Toys are everything for a kid. My 2-year-old baby daughter loves to play with her toys. You will be surprised to know that all her toys are safe and fine till now. Otherwise, kids break their toys. Or at least make them non-usable. She is so much caring from this little age, that she has kept saved all of her toys.

I want to write this article for your 2-year-old babies. As when I have selected the right toy laptop for my baby, I did a lot of research before it.

So, I want to share all this information with you so that you can get help. Because kids are sensitive and even the toys and toy laptops used for them must be safe for their use.

All kids have different linking. Some love toys and some love to use gadgets like toys. Like toy phones, toy laptops, etc. But toy laptops are becoming so much popular now a day.  Every kid is having his/ her own toy laptop now. Those, who don’t have any, show the desire to have one when they see it in other kid’s hands.

Advantages of Toy Laptops

2-year-old babies can have many advantages of using toy laptops;

  • Toy laptops help develop their motor skills in a very well manner.
  • 2 year old better communicate when using toy laptops, as they learn some letters, numbers, and words via laptop.
  • When kids use toy laptops, they understand good hands and eyes coordination.
  • They gain more self-confidence and think that they are working on their laptops just like their parents do.
  • A baby learns object permanence with the cause and effect relationships.
  • They became happy to use their beloved things.

There are a lot more benefits that you will see yourself when you buy your baby, a good toy laptop.

Comparison chart for Best Toy laptop for 2 years old 2020 Reviews

I will share the best 2-year-old toy laptops with your people. If you really want to make your baby boy or a baby girl make happy with a good toy laptop. Then, read this article.

Best Toy laptopsRecommended age Features Price
Discovery Kids2-6 yearsA realistic toy laptopCheck price
Leapfrog2-4 yearsUltra-portable with 4 modesCheck price
Fisher laptop6 months-2 yearsSmart stages technology, Good designCheck price

Discovery kid’s

So, this is our first selected product. It is sailing leaps and bounds in the market. So, are you interested to get to know about this pretty cool laptop?  Continue with me and here you go;

Perfect gaming

More than 60 challenging games and other fun activities are provided by this laptop. Kids can improve their skills by playing these easy and cheering games. Because of its built-in games, there is no need for any of the additional software.

Perfect for learning

Even your kid can learn through the fun activities provided by this laptop. These activities include math, spelling, music, geography and many more things to learn. At least, your kid will have an early idea about letters, numbers, games, etc. You will notice that your baby is sharper than other babies.

Keyboard features

Discovery kid’s toy laptop is having a true life standard keyboard. This keyboard has multi-directional buttons. Your baby will learn how to move the cursor on a laptop. He will learn how to press and tap the keys.

Attached mouse

The mouse is completely attached with the keyboard via mini cable. It will actually help to move on the screen. This is the attached cable, although this laptop is completely wireless.


It is obvious that baby laptops are not electric. These toy laptops just need a battery to run. So, this laptop requires 4 AA batteries. But this battery is not included in this laptop, means you have to take it separately.

Portable and small-sized

This is a kid laptop so definitely it would be extremely portable. It is because of its extremely thin and lightweight. It can be easily fitted to any bag. You can take your baby laptop to play even when you are traveling somewhere. It is just 2.45 lbs.

Final words

Babies from 2 years to 6 years can use this baby laptop easily. It is a great choice for all babies. Your kid will surely love using it.


It is a beautiful green colored laptop for 2-year-old babies. It’s an extremely affordable laptop. It will be very helpful and entertaining for your kid. Have a look on its features here;

Learning feature

Your baby will learn about alphabets from this baby laptop. He/she can spell or try to spell his name on this pretend play laptop. It has 26 animal fun animations. You kid will easily recognize and try to speak that particular animal name. Before his 1st class in school, he will have learned so many things with a toy laptop.


Customize your own Leaptop for that your child spells his own name.


Your baby can learn singing or lyrics of any poem. There are at least 16 rhyming poems and songs that you kid can learn and sing. Your kid will definitely love these melodies.


Baby can send and receive the pretending emails and do fun.  He/she will have a good idea about how to send a message.

Large screen

Leapfrog big screen makes the pretend laptop pay even bigger. You baby can see the screen and have more entertainment than on any other toy laptop.

4 learning modes

This toy laptop is having the 4 leaning modes in it. These are;

  • Messages
  • Games
  • ABC
  • Music

Your baby can have great learning.

High portable and easily handled

This toy laptop is ultra-portable and easily handled too. There is a little handle to hold it firmly. It seems like you are carrying a bag in your hand. So there is no need for any bag for this laptop. It is just 1.1 lbs in weight.

Final words

It is really a nice and decent laptop for your kid to play and get entertainment.

Fisher Toy Laptop

So, this is the last but not the least toy laptop that I am going to review here.


The features of this laptop are like;

3 level play

Fisher toy laptop offers the three-level plays. These levels offer to play for;

  • Fresh songs
  • Sounds
  • Phrases

Reward play

The best ever thing about this laptop is that it offers the reward play. It offers sing-along songs and phrases. When your baby response to those phrases and songs, it will play the cheer up sounds. This will make your baby extreme happy. And boost his/ her confidence to repeat more with phrases and songs.

It has 30 + sings along songs, tunes, and phases. You can let your kid play all of them or their favorite ones.

Stage levels and switch

This laptop is having the smart stages of technology.  This technology uses 3 levels for kid’s easy learning. These are;

Level 1 – Explore- 6M+

A kid can explore all the new songs, phrases, tunes, etc by pressing different keys. A baby can learn phrases about color, shapes. He will listen and understand it. Later on, when the baby will see that shape or color, he will try to answer it. This is the happiest stage for parents.

Level 2- Encourage -12M+

Introduction of letters numbers and shapes encourage the baby to learn more. This all makes the baby so much involved in his work. Baby will take interest to press any key and hear to new prompts.

Level 3 –Pretend-18M+

A baby can get involved in an imaginative play. They can pretend to send emails and chatting on a laptop. This will give them an idea of what is sending a message to someone.

Slim handle, sleek design

It is having a slim handle to easily carry it. The sleek design makes it looks super cool and amazing.

Final words

Fisher toy laptop has got an amazing rating of 3.8 stars out of 5. You kid will definitely love this laptop. As it provides entertainment at its peak level. Along with it, a 2-year-old baby will learn automatically.

You can select any one of these Best Toy Laptop for 2-Year-Old, for your baby. All of these toy laptops are extreme cheap along with their high quality and rating. You will surely notice the amazing positive changes in your baby mind’s sharpness and active skills. So, buy a toy laptop for your beloved and see him/her happy.

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