Best Liquid CPU Cooler For Core i9 9900K In 2020

It is a must to keep your laptop processor cool because it is one of the main parts of your laptop. The overheating of the processor will let your laptop to face slow speed, booting problems and less efficiency. Picking up a good liquid CPU cooler is not really a big issue. But definitely selecting the best product with high quality and performance is really a time taking the task. That’s why we have selected the best liquid CPU coolers for your latest generation processors with Core i9.

Now, you might be thinking that why should you prefer a liquid cooler instead of other products available. The benefit of using a processor cooler is that it is more efficient in removing the excess heat. There are many air coolants available for a laptop but the difference is that the liquid coolants have a higher capacity, thermal conductivity, and density than air. That’s why they are proved much better than that of the air coolants of processor and overall laptop.

Comparison Chart for Best Liquid CPU Cooler For Core i9 9900K

In the liquid cooling system, a liquid circulates through the heat sink that is attached to the processor. Overheating can kill the processor that’s why it is a must to keep your processor cool all the time.  Here are the best liquid CPU coolers for core i9 9900K.

Best Liquid CPU Coolers Features RGB enabled Price
DEEPCOOL CaptainHighly reliable, powerful, 360mm PWM fansYesCheck price
Cooler MasterLow profile dual-chamber pump, 360mm radiatorYesCheck price
CORSAIR HYDROZero RPM cooling profiles, magnetic levitationYesCheck price
Thermaltake WaterDurable Sleeved Cable, simple setup, Tt LCS CertifiedYesCheck price
NZXT KrakenRubber tubing, amazing working, 6 years warrantyYesCheck price


This is really an amazing product in all of its functions and best quality. It’s a powerful and reliable pump with amazing visual effects. It has the LED light with the breathtaking effects. It is also equipped with the visual glass tube that shows the liquid circulation in a completely clear way. It is the best liquid CPU cooler for core i9 9900K.

This pump allows the maximum circulation of liquid and keeps the copper plate cool all the time. It’s copper cold plate has a pre-applied thermal compound. Actually, the large surface of the copper base plate accelerates the performance of the thermal conductivity.

The pre-applies thermal compound makes it safer for during the installation process. The extreme performance, low powered TF 120 fan is also included in this entire cooling system. It offers a really high air static pressure for radiator and its double blades are designed for the maximum air delivery with extremely low noise.

Its high-density aluminum fins provide excellent heat dissipation. It is like you require actually in the highly overclocked desktop processors. The anti-explosion flexible heat pipes help a lot. These pipes are really the space-saving installation with exceptional durability. The head of these pipes can be turned anywhere for entirely easy setup.

It can support all of the Core i9 processors like LGA1366/ LGA115X/ AMD AM4/ AM3+/ AM3/ AM2+/ AM2/ FM2+/ FM2/ FM1 and Intel LGA20XX. Its internal fan speed is 360mm PWM. It is the most reliable pump which you should buy must.

Cooler Master

Cooler Master MLX-D36M-A20PC-R1 is another amazing coolant for your laptop. It is a low-profile dual chamber with a PPS (Polyphenylene sulfide) and glass fiber construction. It can resist a broad range of chemicals and remain unaffected by moisture and water immersion.

It is a lightweight pump and is highly impervious to oxidation and corrosion. This customized design low resistance radiator allows a higher flow rate. It has a higher heat exchange efficiency and delivers unmatched cooling performance. The double FEP tubing makes it highly durable and flexible.

This sleeved tubing on the exterior gives it an amazing look. Its fan provides a specific air cooling solution ideal to maximize air pressure. It is specially designed for builders with an addressable RGB-enabled laptop. you can also personalize your fan colors according to the colors of your RGB enabled laptop.

Its weight is only two pounds and dimensions are 15.5 x 4.7 x 1.1 inches. It is best for the Intel LGA2066, LGA2011 v3, LGA2011, LGA1151, LGA1150, LGA1156, LGA1155, LGA1366, AMD AM4, AM3+, AM3, AM2+, AM2, FM2+, FM2, FM1 processors.

It has the aluminum 360 millimeters large surface radiator for the quick dissipation of heat in a really efficient manner. The addressable RGB LEDs is on the pump and fans both.


CORSAIR HYDRO is an amazing liquid coolant. It’s zero RPM cooling profiles allows the fans to stop entirely at the very low temperature. The fan is 100% noise-free. The advanced pump speed control options allow to maximize the performance and minimizing the noises.

The speed control range is in between 400 RPM and 2, 400 RPM. You can take full control over it by using the CORSAIR iCue software. Using this software, you will be able to control the lighting, monitor the temperatures and precisely adjust the internal cooling fan speeds.

It is really easy to install and is extremely stylish and silent in its working. Its weight is 1.64 pounds and dimensions are 10.87 x 4.72 x 16.81 inches. Its compatible sockets are for the Intel LGA 1150, 1151, 1155, 1156, 1366, 2011, 2011 3, 2066 and AMD AM2, AM3, AM4, FM1, FM2 processors.

Thermaltake Water

Thermaltake Water features the latest cooling performance. Its 3.0 RGB Riing fans series provides an easy installation system and a completely maintenance-free operation which only requires a minimum amount of space. It has the circular 256 multicolored 120mm RGB radiator fans.

These fans are of a high-static pressure design and produce an impressive cooling performance. Its self-contained fan controller can switch between 5 LED modes of colors. These colors are green, blue, white, red. You can also disable this cycle, even you can play and pause its functions.

Reducing the fan noise further is now became much easier in this cooler. It has a universal socket compatibility with AMD TR4 / AM4 / FM2 / FM1 / AM3+ / AM3 / AM2+ / AM2 and Intel LGA 2066 / 2011-3 / 2011 / 1366 / 1156 / 1155 / 1151 / 1150 processors. It has a specially designed 360mm large surface radiator. This radiator not only supports the doubles the cooling surface but also carries the 6 x 120mm fans in it.

These fans allow for amazing heat dissipation. Its sleeved cable is highly durable. Its copper base plate accelerates the heat conductivity and is of extra high performance. Furthermore, the pre-refilled coolant lessens the stress from a liquid replenishment hassle.

The cable sleeve is at least one foot long and is designed to deliver the best. It can resist itself from the scratches and other damages too. Its pump is of high reliability and is able to maintain the maximum amount of coolant material in it. Its low evaporation tube can effectively decrease the loss of cooling material, that’s why no refill is needed at all.

NZXT Kraken

It is one of the most advanced liquid coolants. By using its CAM’s software interface, you can fine-tune all of the settings to make sure its optimal performance. Even you can control it fully for the gaming sessions. Each and everything which is included in it, like the pump, radiator, fans have been redesigned to bring you the greatest experience of the cooling system.

It features a pump which is extremely quiet and has the capability to displace more liquid than that of the other generations. Its enhanced design achieves superior cooling with a really higher efficiency along with keeping the acoustics minimum.

You can master full control over this product. You can enable an independent tuning for the fan and pump performance. Most precise and sophisticated controls can be made with ease using CAM’s software. With an infinity mirror design, you can control the advanced lightning modes. It is engineered for an extremely high performance which will force you to appreciate its working.

Nylon sleeves are added in it which strengthens the rubber tubing and act as a protective layer and protect these tubes from the potential damages while handling. It gives a complete warranty for six years.

Benefits of using Liquid CPU coolers

There are too many benefits of using the liquid coolers for the processors, some of them are discussed here;

Noise Free work

Liquid coolants are completely noise-free at all. All other air coolants are definitely made some noise but not in case of the liquid coolants. The noised generated by fans are more audible and creates irritation to the user some times. When your laptop goes through extreme overwork, the fans run excessively and creates some noise.

While the liquid cooling uses a silent motor to circulate the liquid coolant around or across the hardware components. Its system also includes an extremely low powered fan and a hybrid system that integrates the small fans to improve the ventilation and they didn’t create any noise at all.

Better overclocking potential

Overclocking a CPU beyond the stock frequency is common among the computer and laptop builders. The liquid cooling method is really amazing for removing the excessive heat from your laptop nicely. The liquid coolant is having the highest heat capacity and thermal conductivity than that of the air.

It allows the system to transfer more heat out from the distances. So, there are too many advantages of using a liquid coolant rather than the air coolers.

Less clutter, more space

The liquid cooling system doesn’t take too much space because of its smaller and the real state profile. Otherwise, the traditional coolers use too many fans in it to dissipate the heat properly and make the entire system bulky. That’s why the liquid coolants are preferred more.

The fans draw the heat inside or outside, while there are specific fans for specific parts inside your laptop. They consume more real state inside your laptop. While the liquid coolants allow the laptop to build up in a slimmer profile. You can install more hardware components instead of too many fans inside your laptop.

Cooling specific components

Liquid coolants allow the cooling of the entire system along with the specific critical points. You can also choose the specific components to let them cool greatly. Some of the components of a laptop are more prone to get heated earlier and the liquid coolants are the best solution for this.

The components which get heated earlier are the processor, hard drive, voltage regulator and the power supplies. A liquid CPU cooler is more compact and cools the specific components too.

Final words

These are the best products explained here and you can easily pick anyone from these available best liquid coolers. I have explained to you each and everything about this topic. Read it completely.

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