Best Laptops with Thunderbolt 3 Ports for 2020

I love to use laptops with Thunderbolt 3. Are you also fond of high connectivity? Yeah same, stay here, read the full details and buy any of the laptops from these best laptops with Thunderbolt 3.

Thunderbolt 3 allows you for the strongest connectivity of your laptop with other gadgets and machines. This is such a great facility that you can use your laptop for multiple purposes other from the casual ones.

Grab a mug of coffee and sit in front of your laptop. Stay calm and read the full details. Here we go;

My story – How I selected a ports rich laptop?

I have been using the same laptop which my father had bought me when I was in my college. When I promoted to university, I had to give a lot of presentations there. In order to connect the laptop with the projector, definitely, we need the compatible ports to connect with the cable. Like, I had to connect the HDMI cable with its port in my class.

I didn’t have noticed about my laptop ports at first. But when I went for a presentation at that time, I found out that my laptop was having some of the ports. One was the headphone jack; one was a charging port and a USB port was also there. It was not an incompatibility with that HDMI port. After all, I connected someone else laptop in the class and presented.

When I came home, I Googled out how many ports does a laptop have? There appeared so many pictures of ports rich laptop. I read all of the benefits that they ensure strong connectivity, etc. I thought that I have to face a lot of connectivity problems and I would have to buy a ports rich laptop.

After that, purchased a Thunderbolt 3 laptop online from here and frankly speaking I am gaining too much benefit till now, even in my business meetings. Not only the one HDMI port; my new laptop is having 3 HDMI ports of different sizes. Now, every device can be connected with my laptop. No matter if any device has a short cable mouth or a big one, my laptop is compatible with all.

Furthermore, it is having the USB ports by which I can transfer documents and notes into my USB and take it anywhere I want. In the pin port, I connect the headphones and listen to my favorite music and enjoy a lot. My life has become so much easier, comfortable and facilitated by this ports rich laptop. I would also suggest you buy one.

I have bought from here and it was amazingly superb. Their professional team actually selects all of these laptops after researching. You can also buy any of the laptops from here and enjoy the high connectivity.

Comparison Chart for Best laptops with Thunderbolt 3

Read it for getting the best laptops.

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Best Laptops with Thunderbolt 3Features Screen size Price
MSI P65 CreatorCore i7-8750H processor, 4.1 GHz boosted speed.15.6 inchesCheck price
Apple MacBookIntel Core i7 processor, 4.8 GHz fastest speed.15.4 inchesCheck price
Dell XPS Intel Core i5 processor, 3.60 GHz speed13.3 inchesCheck price
ASUS ROGIntel Skylake Unlocked Core i7 processor, the super fast and best performance17.3 inchesCheck price

MSI P65 Creator

A highly productive and best performance laptop is the latest MSI P65 Creator. It’s 15.6 inches 144Hz 7ms display. The screen of this laptop is a totally anti-glare having the resolution of 1920 x 1080. It is a high IPS-Level FHD display. The Core i7-8750H processor is just superb and allows you for the multi-tasking.

The best thing is that you will be able to multi-tasking with an amazing speed that you have never experienced in any other laptop. The speed is 2.2 GHz and can be boosted up to 4.1 GHz. Such an incredibly remarkable speed is not available everywhere.

MSI P65 Creator’s NVIDIA GeForce GTX1070 8G GDDR5 graphics are superb. As they display amazing visuals with amazing color combinations. You can watch your favorite movies, matches with complete details with these amazing graphics. The system memory is 32 GB (16G*2) and hard disk drive rotational speed is 2400 MHz.

It has 2 sockets and the system memory of 32 GB. It has 512GB NVME SSD storage. Ultra Thin 4.9 mm Bezel is super portable even for a weak guy. Thunderbolt 3 is the main feature which you guys might be looking for and these full details meant for.

MSI P65 Creator is a special designer white edition which looks super cool. It looks really special. It can be a great gift for your loved ones. Smart TPM technology works very well. TPM security makes your laptop secured. Furthermore, it gives the 1 year of limited warranty which includes a 1-year global warranty too.

Windows 10 pro is pre-installed in MSI P65. White backlit KB keeps the system bright and clear. While the cooler boost trinity keeps the system to stay cool when overused etc. Nahimic 3 sound technology produces an amazing sound with a worth listening bass. It is always VR ready and the RAM size is 32GB.

Backlit keys make the working easier even in the dark. Fingerprint reader makes this laptop more secure. Set your fingerprint and your laptop would be secured from other people. No one could open your laptop without your permission. The metal chassis makes it super strong and it can bear the slight fall very easily.

It has got the Serial ATA hard disk drive interface and the rotational speed of 7200 RPM. It has got the 512.0 flash memory sizes. Item’s total weight is about 4.14 pounds. Dimensions according to its length, width and height are 14.08 x 9.75 x 0.69 inches. It has got an amazing rating of 4.2 stars out of 5 by customer’s sincere reviews.

It follows the Amazon return policy to return the dead on arrival product if received damaged etc. This laptop will let you enjoy, even doing work.

Click here to buy from Amazon.

Apple MacBook Pro

MacBook pro takes the high performance to its peak levels. Get ready to work fast with this laptop. It is definitely going to help you a lot in your work. Reach to the whole new level of performance and portability. Go with its highest speed along with your fruitful ideas. This Apple MacBook is having a decent silver color.

Multiple cores make it a highly powerful laptop. Eight generation Intel processor is equipped in this laptop. This processor all together reaches to the high level of performance and makes this laptop super best in performance and speed. It actually features the 6 cores Intel core i9 processor. It works 50 % extra faster than that of the other generations.

This MacBook processor works on the fast speed of 4.8 GHz with the turbo boost technology. It runs more and let you wait for less. Within no time you can open up multiple tabs and programs and do multi-tasking without any speed issues. You can run multiple pro apps on it at the same time. It is superbly configured with the 32 GB DDR memory. You can save all of your important data on this laptop.

With its 15.4 inch screen, it displays the entire view completely smooth and anti-glare. Its graphics are astonishing. With its eye-opening graphics performance, you will enjoy doing your work. It actually features a Radeon Pro discrete GPU. It combines impressive power with outclass power efficiency.

The best thing is that Apple has now paired each of the discrete GPU with the GDDR5 memory. It will let you enjoy the real-time performance for pro-like tasking. Like you can render the 3D tiles in final cut pro X, etc. In short, I am just trying to say that you can rely on these amazing, best and latest graphics. Try it once and you will become its big fan and you would definitely suggest other people for this too.

Security is one of the most important things which matters a lot. So, the Apple MacBook Pro is providing with an excellent and strong T2 chip security. This chip includes the secured enclave processor which actually provides a safe foundation for secured boot and safer encrypted storage capabilities.

This chip brings a familiar voice with the MacBook Pro. You can get the SIRI help to open up the apps, finding the important documents, to answer your question, searching anything online, show calendar, weather report, set alarms, play music and doing too many things. SIRI will do all of these things for you by just responding to your voice commands.

Furthermore, this T2 chip consolidates with too many discrete controllers. They include an audio controller, SSD controller, and the system management, controller.  Each and everything can be controlled by this single chip. The solid-state drive of MacBook Pro is super blazing fast with sequential read. It can speeds up to 3.2 GBs. It has a 4TB SSD. It’s enough space to store your large files.

You can easily launch multiple applications and import multiple huge files in a flash within no time. While the T2 chip of MacBook Pro will automatically encrypt on the fly. The long touch bar replaces the function keys. This bar is located at the top of your laptop. It will give access to most of the tools. It allows for multiple ways to be productive. This bar makes the functions more versatile.

By using this bar, you can get the system controls like volume adjustment, brightness controls, adjust or browse the content. You can even use intelligent typing features like emoji and text predictions etc. All of these features can be done by this bar, just hold it, tap it, flick it and slide it and know the features and its functioning.

The touch bar provides your most familiar gestures so that you can use it easily. You can tap to expand the control strip; slide to rewind any of the things like videos, movies, etc and flick the bar to control the volume and brightness. Touch bar can also control the common actions like documents formatting and sending emails etc.

Another best feature that you didn’t have seen in any of the other laptops is that the third party apps can also take the advantages of this app. It means that whichever other apps you are using in this laptop, this touch bar can change according to that. The bar will work differently for those apps and bring new short cuts.

It has the most versatile and powerful ports which are the reason for strong, enhance and secured connectivity. Thunderbolt 3 combines the ultra-high bandwidth with the ultra-versatility of the USB-C to create a revved-up universal port. It amazingly integrates the charging, data transfer and video output in just a single connector. It can deliver up to 40 GB.

All of the other devices can be easily connected via a cable and an adapter. Thunderbolt is completely reversible, so plug it with full confidence because it will be always right. Advanced security will be just right at your fingertip in this laptop. Unlock it within a second with your set fingerprint.

It will recognize your fingerprint quickly and do not miss-match any other fingerprint with your one. So, it’s complete security for you as no one can open your laptop except you. You can use the safe and highly secured Apple Pay to make online payments for your purchases.

You can quickly access the system settings and the securely locked documents. You can also switch between the users but set the fingerprints first. It has the best Retina anti-glare display that gives ease to eyes even when your screen timings are too high. The bright LED backlit and a high contrast ratio deliver astonishing deep blacks and bright whites. Wide P3 color is also supported by it’s for the vibrant green and red color.

Hence, the overall display of MacBook Pro is just superb. While the white balance automatically adjusts to normal. It will match the color temperature of the lights around you and make a great, natural-looking view. It has a beautifully balanced, bass incorporated, high- fidelity sound that will take your listening experience to the next levels.

The sound is having the dynamic ranges and a max boom. The internal speakers are directly connected to the system power which gives a great amplification. You can use this amplified sound in some house party and there will be no need of any speakers or sound system. You can mix the track in the fly, edit any video or enjoy any movie even in the rough and noisy surroundings.

You can quietly do all of your work with this laptop as it is having the noiseless keyboard. The smooth keys do not make any noise while typing. Its keyboard features a buttery mechanism. That’s why the keys are 4 times stable than that of the traditional scissor mechanism. The highly spacious force track touch trackpad gives your all fingers, plenty of room to click and use gestures.

The weight of this laptop is 4.02 pounds and it is extremely portable. The high storage of 256GB and 512 GB allows you to store all of your long files and documents in it. You can enjoy up to the 10 hours of wireless web battery timings. Get it now.

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Dell XPS 

This multiple awards holder laptop is honored multiple times. Dell XPS is elevated to an immaculate display. Razor-thin bezel and rule-bending ingenuity make it a modern laptop with a great look. It is a highly convertible 2-in-1 laptop. You can use it in a laptop or a tablet mode. It features a revolutionary Infinity Edge display and a borderless edge to edge views.

The special Intel Core i7-7Y75 processor works with 1.3 GHz speed. This speed can be boosted definitely. The turbo boost technology elevates the fast speed up to 3.60 GHz. It has 4M cache memory. It is having a 13.3 full HD touchscreen which shows a great response while using it. You don’t have to touch the screen forcefully to basic tasks. It will highly sense your fingertips’ slight touch.

Its edge to edge screen is the totally Corning Gorilla Glass 4 with the max resolution of 1920 x 1080. The ten-finger multi-touch support system is just fantastic. You can use your multiple fingers instead of using one. The display will be perfectly fine and work as a normal laptop. Even you will be able to do your work faster.

The Intel HD graphics display each and every color with complete vividness.  With its amazing visuals, you will love to do your work seeing it each and every detail carefully. You will also love watching a movie on this laptop. You can watch anything spending a great time with your family.

All of the backlit keys make it’s working much easier at night.  Waves MaxxAudio pro will bring life to anything you watch and play. You can listen to your favorite music with worth listening and alluring audio. It is integrated with widescreen HD 720P web camera which keeps you connected with your loved ones. You can also do online streaming with this high-quality webcam.

The webcam is also equipped with the dual digital microphone array. It will allow you to deliver perfect audio and receive the same high quality, non-distorted voice. You can make the perfect use of this microphone integrated, high megapixel webcam by making the streaming videos.

The 4-cell battery of 46 watts power can work for up to 15 hours. So, you can fully utilize this amazing time by remaining highly productive.  You can do your work non-stop until you have the potential for it. The Windows 10 home operating system of 64 bits spreads and shows it’s amazing user-friendly features everywhere.

Dell XPS is also integrated with the noble lock slot and TPM 2.0. It has 8GB LPDDR3 1866 MHz. It has 256 GB of the solid state drive. The Micro SD card is also included while it has no optical drive. Thunderbolt 3 ports make super connectivity. It has 4 lanes of PCI Express Gen 3 with Power Share, DC-In & Display Port.

It has 1 USB-C 3.1, headphone output combo, LAN (10/100/1000), Intel 8265 802.11ac 2×2 WIFI for staying connected online with your dear ones or for the business purposes. Bluetooth 4.2 is a smart and quick way to share your files and folders with other people on other devices quickly. It is the simplest and cheap way for this purpose. Most of all, the Bluetooth 4.2 version is the fastest one among all the versions available.

The entire dimensions of Dell XPS are 7.8 x 11.98 x 0.32 inches.  The 2.7 lbs weight makes its super light and portable. The black color of this laptop looks super amazing.

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ASUS ROG G752VS-XB72K is another best laptop which is famous for its multiple ports. It’s copper titanium looks super good. It gives you an up to 180 percent of a performance boost than that of the other laptops. This phenomenon is due to its latest next-generation graphics and the overclocked CPU performance.

It shows an amazing display with the latest NVIDIA GeForce GTX 10 series graphics. Windows 10 pro is fully set up in this laptop. These graphics are faster, cooler and more powerful and comes in the Pascal architecture. It truly delivers great game-changing innovations. It also includes the next generations VR and the best efficiency.

It is equipped with the Intel Skylake Unlocked Core i7 processor with the 6th generation. This works really fast and it has all the tools available which you need in a gaming dominance. It will also take your gaming to the next levels. Up to 64 GB of DDR4 RAM allows you for making the high storage of your files and documents. The random access memory saves everything in it.

ASUS ROG has the +56% gains over all of the other generations. It has an overclocked CPU and the overclocked RAM. Windows 10 Pro is already working on this laptop. The Core i7 processor is unlocked. The DDR4 RAM works at 2400 MHz of speed. This speed is 12.5% higher than that of the stock DDR4 speeds.

The windows 10 pro add much more improvements in its features. These facilities or enhanced features are the remote log-in, enhanced encryption, and virtual machines. All of these features make this laptop the best choice both for the gaming rig and working purposes.

NVIDIA G-SYNC display technology makes each and everything look super amazing. You can enjoy smooth gaming, movies, etc. The display’s fresh rate with the GPU frame rate delivers ultra-smooth visuals. While the G-SYNC system helps to avoid the lagging for games. It also helps in eliminating the visual tearing and minimizes the perceived stutter.

3D vapor chamber helps to keep the system to stay cool when vigorous works are being done on it. This 3D pipe along with the copper heat pipe creates a really effective cooling system. This cooling system helps the GPU to works best and increases its overall performance for at least 6% for the stable and non-disturbed gaming.

This 3D vapor pipe chamber technology enables the higher-end thermal design power with the GPU to be cooled efficiently. The best thing is that this cooling technology works at safer operating temperatures to protect the laptop’s inner system. This phenomenon increases the overall life of this laptop.

The Onboard Intel Thunderbolt technology equipped in this laptop is the reason for its high demand. It gives you the single-cable data and signals transmission rates of up to 40 GB. It is 4 times the bandwidth of USB 3.1. This gives enhanced compatibility with all of your devices.

The 2×2 dual-band 802.11.a-c WIFI provides a greater bandwidth of 867 Mbps. This is a perfect and amazing wireless speed. The signal strength of this WFI is so high that it will load the programs, open the apps, install or download any app or any software. Its Pascal powered GeForce GTX graphics card delivers a 3X higher performance.

It is always VR ready. It provides innovative new gaming technologies and breakthrough VR gaming experiences. So, enjoy an immersive virtual reality with this laptop. Its high contrast wide view panel creates a real super contrast and the fabulous image quality. Even if you see it at an angle of 178 degrees, it will show a perfect image with perfect graphics.

The backlit anti-ghosting keys ensure that all of the commands which you perform are immediately interpreted with complete correctness. Even you hit up the 30 keys simultaneously, it will record all taps. These ergonomically-designed keys have the 2.5mm of key travel. That’s why it is highly comfortable to do non-stop typing. It also gives you a great accuracy when typing or entering the commands, along with the dominance in gaming battlefield.

The isolated enlighten arrow keys gives an experience of desktop gaming. ASUS ROG is the choice of champions for a long time. Its 8 cells lithium ion powerful battery ratted for 88 Whrs can work for a very long time in a day. It gives the ASUS 1 year accidental damage protection warranty. The warranty card is in the packed box.

The user manual gives you an easy and simple guide about this laptop’s each and every feature. So, you can refer to the manual before use. Grab this amazing product and take to your home now.

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