Best Laptops

Best Laptops to Produce Music

Best Laptops to Produce Music

We all love music. Music is life and it keeps us fresh and gives motivation. Everyone likes different kinds of music according to their listening taste and preferences. I am a musician and being a musician I record music and create it too.  I love to play music and music is my life.

If you also want to create worth listening music, then first you should have to buy the best laptop. For this purpose, I am going to help you. I will share some of the best laptops to produce music with you people.

I specially spared some time from my work to write on my friend’s site and also for you people. After all, a musician can tell better about the best laptop for music than any of the other guys. So give this article a complete and sincere read so that you can get a true benefit from it.

Laptop Specs for Music Production

There should be some of the special specifications that must be needed care for the best music laptops. Let me tell you those specs first.

The best music laptop should have a high cores processor with the blazing fast speed as this is a must in this case. Fast music production and creation requires lots of effort but a laptop with a good processor will make your work easier. Go smart and looks for a high-performance laptop with a fast processor.

 It must have the RAM of 4GB. If a laptop has less RAM than this, then don’t purchase that. If you are a true music lover, then you should buy a laptop with 4GB RAM or above from it.

The screen size also matters a lot in case of music creation. To see each and every detail you should buy a laptop with at least 15 inches of a big screen. Otherwise, for the screen, it is just a matter of choice and mind satisfaction.

A 64-bit operating system must be a preference for the music laptop. While the 256 GB of an internal storage HDD or SSD would be the perfect selection. That’s how you can choose a laptop for music production.

For running the music, a lot of CPU power is required that’s why laptops are also preferred over desktops or any other device. This also looks so advanced to use the laptops, the modern gadget in the music industry.

Comparison chart for Best Laptops to Produce Music

Here are the best music laptops which you were waiting for.

Best Laptops to Produce Music Features Screen size Latest prices


8th Gen Intel Coffee Lake Core i7-8850H processor, 2.6GHz-4.3GHz speed 18.4 inches Check price
Huawei MateBook 


8th Gen Intel Core i7 8550U processor, Dolby ATMOS sound 13.9 inches Check price
Google Pixelbook


7th generation Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB RAM, built-in Google assistant 12.3 inches Check price


A full of features laptop with excellent music production is the MSI GT83 Titan laptop.  It’s an 18.4-inch laptop with a full HD screen. It has an amazing wide view with the IPS-level non-reflection. The screen resolution of MSI GT83 is 1920 x 1080 which shows perfection from its each and every angle.

The display comes with vibrant colors that add beauty to everything that is being watched on this laptop. You can watch movies or create a home theater system with this wide and bright display laptop. You will love it more as you will keep using it more. This is personally my favorite laptop.

MSI GT83 is having the NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphics card 1080 SLI. It has 16GB GDDR5X memory with 8 GB each and is always VR ready. The 8th Gen Intel Coffee Lake Core i7-8850H processor works at a blazing fast speed. This processor has six cores and increases in each core increase the performance.

The blazing fast speed range of this processor is 2.6GHz-4.3GHz.  The 9MB of Intel smart cache memory saves cache data. The 45-watt adapter of this laptop consumes less power and charges it within no time. It has 16 GB DDR4 RAM and 2666MHz of speed which is upgraded by Excaliber PC.

The 9.5 mm of the Blu-Ray Writer optical drive works in this laptop.  Reading and writing all of the data is now become much easier with this optical drive. While the hard drive is of 4 TB (2x 2TB) and solid state drive is of Samsung 970 EVO NVMe. It can read at 3500 MBs and write at 2500 MBs seq.

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1 TB of hard disk drive helps to store a lot of data and it has the rotational speed of 7200 rpm. The best thing about this laptop is that it can work in multiple languages. The Microsoft Windows 10 runs smoothly in this laptop and is pre-installed in it. So there is no need to get worried about windows installation.

1-Year MSI USA warranty is provided by this laptop for the parts and labor. It also includes the 1 year of global warranty. Along with the complete and trusted warranties, it is also giving you with the lifetime technical support from EXcaliberPC. Item weight is just 12.13 lbs and 17.12 x 13.34 x 2.71 inches is its total dimensions.

You can enjoy gaming on MSI GT83 fully because of the killer gaming network E2500 (LAN) of this laptop. It is also having the killer N1550 Combo (2 x 2 ac) wireless LAN. The wired and wireless both of the connections are super strong. You can even enjoy your heavy games without any interruption and lagging issues.

Bluetooth 5.0 is the newest and latest version of Bluetooth. This version of Bluetooth is the incredibly fastest way to transfer your files or any of the other data into other devices. MSI GT83 is having multiple ports that are beyond your thoughts.

These ports are  3x USB 3.1 (Gen 1), 2x USB 3.1 (Gen 2), Thunderbolt 3, HDMI ( it supports 4K @60Hz), Mini Display Port v 1.2, RJ45 LAN, Mic-in, Headphone Out, TOSLINK SPDIF Out, Headphone-out (HIFI / SPDIF), SD (XC / HC) Card Reader.

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Steel Series Mechanical Keyboard is compact and you can do a perfect typing on it.  It provides sufficient space for your palm rest and you can do effortless typing. It is having 88 keys with the smooth press. The full keyboard emits light and makes it easier to work at night. The keyboard has a cherry MX silver switch.

The 8 cells of Lithium-Ion battery consumes 75Whr and allows you to do a non-stop work. Microsoft Windows 10 works at its peak levels bringing the advanced ideas forward. The dimensions of MSI laptop according to length, width and height are 17.12 x 13.34 x 2.71 inches.

You can return your new purchase following the Amazon return policy. So dead on arrival product can be taken back and your money will be completely refunded within the 30 days of purchasing date. It has got the highest rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 and the public is still demanding this laptop more and more.

Huawei MateBook 

The world’s first full view Display is the one and only Huawei MateBook. With the 91 % screen to body ratio and 178 degrees of the viewing angle, it looks super gorgeous. It looks user awesome in its each and every angle. No matters from which angle a person is seeing it, the display will remain non-blurry and non-tear at all. This is also considered a big name among the best laptops to produce music.

MateBook is just 0.57 inches thin and carries the weight of just 2.3 lbs. This sleek and slim body is just superb and looks according to modern standards. Just like smartphones, smart laptops are demanded more. It looks so classy when you hold it and use it in a public place.

MateBook is having an immersive touch screen of 13.9 inches. This is a 3K touch screen with enhanced touch response. You can zoom, touch, slide and do a lot of things by simple movements by your fingers. It will make your work easier and quicker. In this fast world, we must prefer gadgets which can save our lot of time. This laptop is a perfect item to save a lot of your time and keep you in pace with this world.

It is perfect for at home and on the go computing. This laptop is surely going to be your perfect choice. It is powerful from inside as from the outside. Windows 10 Home is pre-installed in this laptop in a signature edition with no bloatware. The 8th Gen Intel Core i7 8550U processor is really very powerful and works in a truly fast speed.

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It allows you to do multi-tasking with full confidence and speed. MateBook is having the NVIDIA GeForce MX150 graphics which are responsible for showing each and every detail with full clarity and non-tear image. It creates fully breathtaking visuals. You will love to watch and play anything on your Huawei MateBook.

Its graphics boosts performance up to 40% over its predecessor. You can create a full environment of home theater with 3K touchscreen and 3, 000 x 2, 000 of high resolution. 1500:1 of contrast ratio creates a beautiful view. You will start loving your work which you do on this laptop. While you are viewing the HD content, the 260 PPI allow you to see the vivid details.

The second generation of Dolby ATMOS is equipped in this laptop for immersive audio when you play anything or when talking to your friends on any social media app.  Either you talk on Skype, do simple video calling or meetings, or make streaming videos, the voice will be perfect. You will deliver and listen to the best audio ever with distortion free and deep, crystal clarity.

One-touch power button allows the laptop to turn ON really fast. All of the users can open their Notebook by finishing their identification process by Windows Hello technology. This process is purely for your laptops security and even it takes much less time. The only time it takes to complete the process is less than the eight seconds.

MateBook also includes the compact Mate Dock 2.0. It has too many supportive ports for high connectivity. Its ports are USB-A port, USB-C port, HDMI port, and the VGA port too. It included the complete free usage of office 365 personal for 1 year and the full warranty.

This item is a full combination of equally lightweight, powerful and portable with the full functionality. Its graphics are perfect for entertainment, casual gaming, and video editing too. Its monstrous battery in its slim body will allow you to enjoy up to 12 hours of continuous usage for video playback. Furthermore, you can use it for 14 hours for continuous office work. You can enjoy 15 hours of web browsing too.

You can travel the whole day without any fear of its battery. The fingerprint reader maximizes the security of this laptop. It is completely safe, secure and fast and also user-friendly. It includes complimentary software and accessories. All of these features of this laptop make it the best laptop to produce music.

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Another most unique feature of MateBook is that it is having the privacy pop-up web camera. It is actually a recessed camera that sits discretely on your keyboard. It is actually hidden inside and seems like a key from above. It only pops-up when you need. It is a safeguard for your complete privacy.

Huawei MateBook has the hard disk drive of 512 GB.  Its slim and smart body carries the light weight of just 2.93 lbs. Dimensions of this item are 11.97 x 0.57 x 8.54 inches. Its elegant metallic unibody is available in gorgeous looking space gray color. It has 512 GB of flash memory size and 2GB graphics card RAM size. It consumes only 18.5 volts while charging.

Google Pixelbook

Meet Google Pixelbook which completely operated on Google. All of its insides are supported by Google. It is the highest performance Chromebook which allows you to do multi-tasking anytime consecutively. Everything you love about Google is in just in front of you for work and play in this special Google Pixelbook.

Keep going with an all-day battery which allows for up to 10 hours of usage. This battery will let you stay on the move without looking for outlets. The best thing about this battery is that it gets charged within 15 minutes and you can use it again for 2 hours.

It is built for speed because of its 7th generation Intel Core i7 processor. You can do faster browsing and multitasking. You can do more work and more enjoyment on this laptop. This processor will work at its top speed to give you the best. It has 16GB RAM for excellent working and 512 GB for storage.

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Pixelbook is the first ever laptop with the built-in Google assistant. You will find out the Google assistant key on your keyboard. You just have to press that key and say ‘’OK Google’’.  The Google assistant would be always ready for you to be asked for any kind of help. So within just the single tap, you will get all the help within no time.

This 4-in-1 laptop can easily be adjusted in any of the modes. It can be in the tablet mode, tent mode, and its best entertainment modes too. You can mold it into any mode which you like according to the situations. Access all of your favorite Google apps by Google Pixelbook.

 You can get the direct, easy and quick access to Google Drive, YouTube, Gmail, Evernote, Slack, Infinite Painter, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Photos, Lightroom, Roblox and many others too. Even you have the facility that you can download from the YouTube red and Google Play Movies so that you can enjoy even without WIFI.

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Fast speed, simplicity, and security are built-in with the operating system of this laptop. It is actually powered by the Chrome OS. It will go through automatic updates itself and didn’t interrupt you for this. You don’t need to search for the windows updates and it will do all with itself.

The best thing about this operating system is that it has always the latest protection from viruses.  After the window update, your Pixelbook will startup in 10 seconds. It always stays fast and didn’t let you down at any stage, it will always perform its best.

Super thin and lightweight makes it ultra-portable. It is 10.3 mm thin and its weight is 2.54 lbs. it features 12.3 inches touch screen of 360-degree clearance. Its sleek aluminum body looks super cool. The screen is highly responsive to your touch and is made of Corning Gorilla Glass.

The backlit keyboard makes the keys bright for you for the non-stop typing. The white colored keyboard looks bright and looks professional. It provides a smoother typing with a good resting place for palms.

Along with this, Pixelbook supports the stylus too. You can use the stylus on its touch screen for faster and comfortable work. Item dimensions are 11.43 x 8.69 x 0.44 inches and weight is 2.54 lbs. Now, don’t wait and get this laptop now.

Why Laptops are Important in Creating Music?                               

With the advancements in the music industry, the music production methods have been changed. A lot of old gadgets are replaced by the new ones; similarly, the laptops are now a day used in the music industries and in music production brand. Laptops play a very important role in producing music.

My name is Roman and I am working in the music industry from the past 15 years. Every person in the music industry from the composer to the editor needs a laptop. I am working as a music producer on a music channel in Miami, Florida. Truly speaking music is my passion and I love my job.

I am a professional in producing music and people love my work. Laptops are important in manual music making. Tuning of music is greatly done by laptops. New innovations and effects can be added to the music by the help of computerized software and channeling.

You can record a music video on a laptop and do editing on it. The laptop has a great role in music creation.  I hope you have loved reading this article. Now grab any of the best laptops for music production from here and enjoy your favorite or your own kind of created music and fill colors in your life.

Good luck.

Team – Why Laptops

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