Best Laptops for Internet Browsing 2020

We all spend a lot of time doing internet browsing. The best experience can be achieved by good system memory and processor. 2 GB of RAM is a must while above from it is the best. You can enjoy a hassle-free internet browser if your laptop has a good RAM and processor. While a good processor allows for fast internet browsing and surfing.

You can do a lot of things when connected to the Internet. Like playing online games, do online streaming, video calls or skype and do thousands of things online. The Internet is the main reason to stay known with current affairs all the time.

Best internet browsing experience can be only achieved by the best laptop. My team has searched for such laptops that prove best in internet browsing.  Are you ready to know about these laptops?  I am sure that you are desperately waiting to get and know about them. So, here we go;

Here come the best laptops for internet browsing along with a quick link to purchase them.

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Best Laptops for Internet BrowsingFeatures Screen size Price
ASUS Vivobook pro FullHD, Intel Core i7-770HQ Processor, 3.8 GHz speed.17.3 inchesCheck price
Microsoft Surface Pro8th generation Intel Core processor, lightweight, free office 365.10 inchesCheck price
LG Gram8th Gen Intel Core processor i7 processor, 40 Gbps data.17 inchesCheck price
ASUS ZenbookIntel Core i5-8250U Quad-Core Processor, 3.4 GHz speed.13 inchesOut of stock

Best Laptops for Internet Browsing 2020

Here are those top picked laptops with their amazing features for internet browsing.

ASUS VivoBook Pro 15

Shape your inspiring concepts and amazing art at the speed of your imagination with ASUS VivoBook pro. Use the Corel Painter Essentials 6 for this. Even you can do 3D natural paint with award-winning Natural-Media brushes and practical photo-painting tools.

Corel Painter Essential 6 is actually the part of Intel Software suit. It also features other programs for productivity, designing, and games, etc. It is a 15.6 inches laptop with its top-quality new and innovative features. Its beautiful 15.6 inches 4K UHD, wide resolution 3840 x 2160 view touch panel display makes everyone feel comfortable to do work on it.

This display comes with the ASUS splendid enhancement. The powerful processor of this laptop will let you do as much multi-tasking as you want to do. It is the 7th generation Intel Core i7-770HQ Processor. It has a fast speed which can be enhanced by the turbo boost technology to 3.8 GHz. The item weight is just 5 pounds. Take it to your college, office, use at home, etc, hence at of the place.

ASUS VivoBook is having the NVIDIA GTX 1050 4GB discrete graphics. These graphics will present an outclass high pixel view. Your movies, games and any of the visual displays will become amazing. You can watch movies on this amazing graphics display.

The cooling system equipped in this laptop is the ASUS Hyper Cool, dual-copper and dual-fan cooling system. This system will let the laptop to perform fast with a completely cool system. The fan runs as soon as the heat starts accumulating in the system. These fans will push the heat out of the laptop through the exhaust area.

This laptop is having a high memory of 16GB DDR4 RAM. You can store as much data as you want on these laptops. Save your data, files, pictures, songs and any of the other things which you want. Such a high RAM truly gives you the full opportunity to do multi-tasking. This high-speed 256GB M.2 SATA SSD + 1TB HDD storage combo which allows for extra storage.

It has 1000 GB of the hard drive size. Item Dimensions 15 x 10.1 x 0.8 inches. The best quality sound system of this laptop is the audio co-developed by Harman/Kardon. This developed audio is so soothing and worthy that it adds a touch of natural feeling in movies and games sounds.

The fast charging technology is great for saving your time and giving you the extra time to work. So, buy this laptop and enjoy the amazing experience. If you want to improve the internet connection for online gaming, then read my detailed guide.

Microsoft Surface Pro 6

It is a best-in-class laptop with the versatility of a studio and tablet which makes it perfect to be called as the best laptop for interent browsing. You can place this laptop anywhere you want because of its kickstand. The kickstand supports this laptop everywhere and you can work in a better way. It provides more power for an ultra-performance.

Microsoft surface is equipped with the 8th generation Intel processor. This process is really fast which allows us to open up software and programs faster. You can quickly download anything because of this highly functional fast processor. It’s an ultra-slim and lightweight laptop. It is having a lightweight of just 1.7 pounds.

You can work all day with 13.5 hours of full battery life. You can pair with our Signature Type Cover with the luxurious Alcantara material. It is just rich in colors and you will love to work on it.

You can also have a full keyboard experience. It is easy to work and play virtually anywhere with this highly versatile laptop. It adapts to any of the situations. No matter if you are a professional, a student or a creator,  you can buy this laptop. This Surface Pro laptop features the latest generation Intel core processor.

All-day battery life allows working as much as you can. It helps to take your ideas to the next levels. This laptop suits your choice of two colors. Number one is the Platinum and the other one is Bold new black. You can fully experience this laptop set up by making it full by the Signature type Cover, surface pen, and surface arc mouse.

In pre-installed windows 10, you can enjoy the familiar features like the Windows hello sign in. Besides this, you can also enjoy your intelligent assistant Cortana which will respond to you quickly always. You can create the best work with office 365 in the windows 10. Open up the kickstand and make it a stable or balanced laptop. So, have a full laptop experience any time with full comfort.

You can also close the kickstand and make it a powerful and standalone tablet. Fold the kickstand to a 15-degree angle and enjoy the studio mode. You can easily type in this comfortable mode. Signature type covers add luxury to an everyday task. Microsoft Surface pro works smarter with its powerful inking capabilities.

It can amazingly display its view at an angle of 360 degrees. Write and draw naturally with the smooth stylus. This stylus pen is having the precision pen at one end and the rubber eraser on the other end. You can do 3D painting with this stylus pen and erase it as well with the stylus pen.

You can use the surface arc mouse for gaming. This mouse is slim, stylish, and lightweight to be traveled anywhere. You can connect it via Bluetooth and its really a highly comfortable keyboard. Item dimensions are 12.72 x 9.07 x 1.91 inches and weight is just 2.65 lbs.  Microsoft surface pro has a 12.3 inches size.

You will surely enjoy this flexible, stylish and modern standard laptop.

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LG Gram

Meet the uncompromising features on the LG gram laptop. It delivers all the necessary portability you want. It is having the 17 inches of a big display. It has a 2560×1600 of 16:10 IPS display. It is slim and light enough to be taken anywhere. It gives all the support you need from it.

LG gram is complete with its speed and power. It has an 8th Gen Intel Core processor i7 processor. It is having the dual-channel memory/dual channel SSD slots. Besides these things, it also allows for all time multi-tasking. It is having the 16GB RAM  and 512 GB SSD. Such a high RAM allows doing multitasking in business work or any of the other work.

The pre-installed Windows 10 and the array of ports assures the multi-tasking. The 17-inch size of LG Gram is impressive screen size and even without tipping the scales. It has an innovative and unique construction of laptops. It only weighs 3 pounds. It is easier to carry all the way with you.

It is unique from other laptops in the sense that it has the tough lightweight that is built to last. It is more ready to bear the rigors of real-world use. It has gone through seven industry-standard tests and passed them with grace. These standard tests approve its military-grade durability. It is having the most powerful material for its manufacturing.

It is having the premium nano carbon magnesium full metal body which is much tough than that of the conventional laptops. It has a lightweight laptop. There is just a touch of the login system. You can set your fingerprint and there is no need to remember a lot of passwords. Finger recognition will allow you to quickly log in by simply touching the power button.

It also includes the windows hello feature, where you will not need any fingerprint sign in even. It is the safest and easiest way to unlock Windows devices. This lightweight laptop holds a heavy-duty battery in it. This battery provides the full day power to work and hit the deadlines.

You can do more with LG Gram laptop. It packs the new and exciting features in it. It features the backlit keyboard and the four-finger touch-enabled touchpad.

The webcam located at the top of the bezel is ideal for video calling while the DTX headphone X provides the thrilling effects of 11.1 channel surround sound. It has multiple ports including USB ports. Its USB Type-C port assures a high-speed data transfer and video output. These 3 of the USB type 3 ports allow for quick data transfer and high-speed charging.

The HDMI port of this laptop allows it to connect with the high definition displays. It works more efficiently with its versatile ports and is ideal for professionals’ demands. It enables the 40 Gbps data. It enables the enables of 40Gbps data to let you watch the high-bandwidth video.

You can amplify the whole set up with a single cable for audio and video plus data transfer, along with the simultaneous charging. So, grab this laptop immediately and enjoy using it.

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ASUS ZenBook

Meet this effortlessly portable laptop which can let you create at the speed of light. It has a slim, bezel Nano-Edge display which actually makes it so compact than that of a  typical 13-inch laptop. Its stunning crystal-like finish and a sophisticated modern design makes it modern and makes its own superior class.

It has a 13.3 inches wide view with a full HD display. It is also having a specially designed lithium polymer battery of 50-watt battery which gives 14 hours power. This battery is equipped with the fast charging technology and it takes only 40 minutes to get charged at its 60 percent capacity.

The eighth-generation Intel Core i5-8250U Quad-Core Processor is equipped in ASUS Zenbook.  This helps a lot to do powerful processing and doing multi-tasking. It is having a 6M cache and a strong speed of 3.4 GHz. It has its extra-fast storage and the memory that features a 256GB SATA SSD with 8GB LPDDR3 RAM.

So, you can store a lot of data in ASUS Zenbook and it will keep it and work speedily for which it is designed for. With its extensive connectivity, it can spread its system more. It has vast connectivity with the HDMI and USB type C ports. Furthermore, it can maintain its strong connectivity with the 802.11a/c WIFI and Micro SD card reader. Make a stable internet connection, Google any information or attend the online sessions.

Zenbook’s sleek and lightweight at 2.5 lbs. Its extra lightweight makes it able to be transported anywhere. Its aluminum body is tough enough to bear all of the roughness and stands against the slight falls. It is also perfect for comfortable portability. No matter if you are in traveling or sitting in your home, take your laptop with you and have fun. 

The built-in Bluetooth 4.2 is extra fast, stable and safe to send and receive the files from your laptop to other devices and vice versa. You didn’t need to be connected to the internet for this, just enable the Bluetooth modes and send and receive files effortlessly. The sophisticated style and elegant design of this laptop attract everyone.

The screen resolution of this laptop is 1920 x 1080 pixels and it has the 8GB of RAM size. Windows 10 operating system runs on this laptop. it has 256 GB of hard drive size. This compact 13.3  inches laptop is best forever. The product dimensions are 12.2 x 8.5 x 0.5 inches and are best from its each and every angle.

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