Best Laptops for Game Development 2020

For creating amazing video games, you need some best laptops for sure. Without the best laptop, making new games filled with true enthusiasm and fun is not possible. So, if you are a game developer and already looking for the best laptops, then congrats, here we are just reviewing some of the best laptops for game development.

This profession is just amazing and it’s being fun to develop the new games and hectic too sometimes. But when you get used to it you will love your work and the best professional laptop will help you in your work. People are earning millions of dollars from this work. Some laptops are specially designed to make games because they support the heavy game developing software.

You are definitely going to get a great facility by purchasing any of these laptops, so there is no need to go in the big market and get confused about the selection of the best laptops. Just read this article and get your dream laptop. Read it carefully and decide which laptop do you want to take. Here we go;

How I developed my first game?

Hey, my name is Mike. I have been in the game development field for the past 12 years. I developed too many games until now. Even I used to develop some wallpaper applications in my free time as developing software’s for different things is my passion now.

I developed my first game in three and a half months. I was a great achievement of mine. I learned a lot of new things, faced many hurdles and learned from them too. Now, I develop games in less time and collect new ideas for developing fabulous games.

As I am a professional and I have to face too many troubles at first. I researched a lot in order to find the best laptop for me. Now, I want to tell you about some of the best laptops so that you may not have to go through that trouble. So, here we go;

Comparison chart of Best Laptops for Game Development

So, first, let me give you a brief introduction about the features and price of these laptops in the form of a chart. Have a look over and you can pick the desired one.

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Best Laptops for Game DevelopmentFeatures Screen size Price
ASUS C302 ChromebookPower efficient, Intel Core processor, 10h  battery life12.5 inchesCheck price
Huawei Matebook 1388% screen to body ratio, 8th generation Intel Core i5 8265U processor13 inchesCheck price
Google Pixelbook4-in-1 design, 7th Gen Intel Core i5 processor12.3 inchesCheck price
Microsoft Surface Book Lightweight, Intel Core i7 processor13.5 inchesCheck price
Apple MacBook Air8th-Generation Intel Core i5 processor, recycled aluminum body13 inchesCheck price

ASUS C302 Chromebook

It’s good to have a multi-featured laptop like ASUS C302 Chromebook. This is an ultimate Chromebook for pros. This power-efficient Chromebook is designed to start within no time and last all day, estimated hours for lasting are ten. You can work 10 hours a day, charge it and again use it for 10 hours.

You can stay productive as long as you wish to be. You can flip and touch the whole HD touchscreen. This will allow you to do your work conveniently. Open your laptop and set for work or play directly without any wait. It boots up with the light fastening time of 3.5 seconds. You can work anywhere at any time, regardless of your internet connection.

You can enjoy all of your favorite games on ASUS C302 and for developing the games, it is just incredibly amazing. Its battery life may also depend upon its usage and environmental conditions. It is having the 12.5 inches, full HD touchscreen which let you enjoy the tablet and laptop mode because of its hinge.

The hinge is highly flexible making a full angle of 360 degrees. Its inside processor is of Intel Core with the storage of 36 GB and 4 GB of RAM.  It is having an ultra-fast and high performance. Its performance is enhanced more when it comes to its illuminated keyboard.

It carries the extremely lightweight of 2.65 pounds. The body is highly protected by the strong aluminum and can resist the hits easily but demands care for sure. Make sure that the latest chrome version is up to date. You can check out the user manual Technical specifications before you use this laptop.

It has all of the apps for work, play and catching up. If you truly want to enjoy a powerful 2-in-1 Chromebook that is all time ready for Android apps, then this Chromebook will be on top. So, you can enjoy your favorite apps for entertainment, popular games, and too many other useful applications.  You can also use the apps from Google Web store.

You will find new ways to use apps on a laptop or a combination of in-between with a touch screen display. You will love to use all the apps with their fullest potential. One of its amazing features is its super-strong Corning Gorilla Glass screen which makes the touch feature smooth and fast.  Its ultra-thin diameter of 13.7 mm.

You will have never experienced so good before as you feel in this Chromebook. You can stay connective online and productive even offline. You can write blogs and do too many other things offline. Read here about the things to do on a laptop without internet. It also features the fastest 802.11 ac WIFI and a 4.0 speedy Bluetooth too. You can watch HD videos and your favorite Netflix.

Its view is bright and clear. You can enjoy the clear watching experience with HD videos and pictures. You can save your memories on this laptop because of its excessive storage. The display is completely bright and its brightness is adjustable too for the night times. You can get the full typing comfort with its smooth and swift keyboard.

Its next-generation port configuration is highly secured and make it fully connective. It is also having the irreversible plug orientation. While its USB 3.0 data transfer gives you the peace and is future proof for the years to come. Its automatic updates feature helps you a lot and you don’t need. It has a reversible plug orientation and the cable direction and it gives you the ease to connect all of your favorite devices.

It has all of the slots and a standard audio jack. It has built-in security features with anti-virus protection. It provides the rock-solid security system with your Google account, all of your private documents, emails, pictures and all of the personal data will be kept safe in this laptop. so you don’t need to be fear any more with this laptop.

It has Intel HD graphics 515 and its touch screen supports stylus and works smoothly. The dimensions of this ASUS Chromebook are 8.3 x 12 x 0.5 inches. Its aluminum color gives it grace and it consumes only 20 volts.

Huawei Matebook 13

Another best laptop for developing excellent games is the Huawei Matebook 13. This item is a leap in performance. It has its full view near the borderless display. It gives an amazing immersive visual experience. It has 88% of the screen to body ratio.

It has the bezel of 4.4mm that makes more room for brightness, vivid graphics to totally ignite your imagination. Its fast charging is just on the fly. It comes with a pocket charger that is much more than a charger. It can quickly charge up your laptop and the smartphone too. This is an excellent charger with high performance.

This charger is having the multifunctional connectors. It provides the 2.5 hours of office use and just 15 minutes of charging. It has the one-touch power button with the optimized BIOS. It will let the power-up and quick and safe login. it is safe, fast and user-friendly. 

You can enjoy the home theater entertainment because it is featuring the Dolby Atmos. It gives a truly immersive experience. By using its headset, you can get a clearer, powerful and moving cinematic experience. This will give you the powerful surround sound with the powerful sound effects.

Huawei laptop is powerful from inside and cools from outside. Its 8th generation Intel Core i5 8265U processor boosts up the overall performance over its predecessor. Along with this, it has the integrated graphics and the Huawei shark fin design 2.0 cooling solution which keeps the entire system cool all the time.

It is having the high precision touch screen of size 13 inches. This 10 point touch screen is fine-tuned for sensitivity and perfect accuracy. It responds to your each and every single finger touch. There is also an anti-touch finger coating which keeps the 2160 x 1440 resolution screen amazingly bright and smudges free.

Huawei is extra thin, lightweight and bright. It weighs about only 2.56 pounds. It measures 11.26” wide x 8.31” deep x 0.59” high and has 1000: 1 contrast ratio. Its airflow is 25% more than that of conventional laptops.

It includes the compact Mate Dock 2.0: USB-A port, USB-C port, HDMI port, and VGA port to ensure the high connectivity. It includes the 1 year of office 365 use and a 1-year warranty too. It is available in i5 variant in Mystic Silver color and an i7 variant in space gray color. Get this stunning laptop now.

Google Pixelbook

Meet this Google Pixelbook, a highly featured and an efficient Chromebook. Its performance is much better than other laptops. This is the first ever laptop with the Google Assistant built in. You just have to press the keyboard key and say Hello Google.

The Pixelbook pen is extremely smooth and you can work with it two times faster than that of the other stylus pens of other laptops. With the 10 hours of stay time, you can work continuously.  This will keep you highly productive in your working hours.

The 7th Gen Intel Core i5 processor is equipped in this laptop. It has the 8GB of RAM in it and 256 GB storage memory. It gets charged within no time. Its 4-in-1 design adapts to any of its 4 modes very easily. You can make it a tablet, laptop, tent, and entertainment mode.

You can access your favorite apps in just a single click. Access the Google drive, YouTube, Evernote, Slack, Infinite Painter, Gmail, Lightroom, Roblox and too many other applications within no time. Pixelbook is uniquely light weighted and measures just measure the 10.3 mm and weighs only 2.54 lbs.

Its screen size is 12.3 inches and it is the 360-degree touch screen display. It is having the sleek aluminum body. The screen of Google Pixelbook has the Corning Gorilla glass and the keyboard is backlit. It is powered by the Chrome OS which has the facility of automatic updates.

The built-in virus protection is always alert and aware you of any threat or malware attack. Windows operating system starts within only 10 seconds and stays fast throughout the day and never slows down with time. Item dimensions are 11.43 x 8.69 x 0.44 inches. 

The webcam is perfect for making streaming videos and the best thing is that the camera has both the front and the rearview.  The rear webcam resolution is 720 MP. This laptop comes with a warranty and is affordable too.

Microsoft Surface Book

Microsoft Surface Book comes with high performance and excellent features. The system is equipped with the Intel Core i7 processor, 256 GB of storage and 8GB of RAM. It gives the full 16 hours of video playback. It is having the 13.5 inches of the PixelSense display which works perfectly fine with the stylus pen and touch.

The surface pen of this laptop is included with this laptop and you don’t have to buy a separate one. It also features the windows ink and which is a natural way to capture the notes at the speed of thought.  You are facilitated by its another new feature that is the windows hello feature.

This is a password-free sign-in and is the fastest and secured sign in, superior to all of the other things. This will unlock your device within no time. Items weight is just 3.68 lbs. and dimensions are 12.3 x 0.9 x 9.14 inches. Windows 10 operating system works in this laptop with its full, friendly features. 

This surface book is also having the 802.11 abg wireless compatibility. Its wireless system works really fast and well. Its touch screen display has the 3000 x 2000 resolution. You can use its surface pen in order to mark the presentations, signing up the documents, taking notes and much more things like these.

This laptop gets speed up with intensive professional software. For example; SolidWorks 3D CAD, AutoCAD Revit, and Adobe Premiere Pro, etc. Its flash memory size is 256.0 GB. It never misses the automatic updates. Get ready to have it with you.

Apple MacBook Air

It is the stunning 13.3-Inch Retina display with the touch ID to log-in. It is equipped with the dual-core 8th-Generation Intel Core i5 processor with excellent speed. The lightness strikes again in this laptop and it is available in the space gray, gold and silver laptop.

The latest generation keyboard works really fast and is comfy for every hand. It is also equipped with the Force Touch trackpad. Its iconic wedge is created from the  100 percent recycled aluminum. With its all-day battery life,  you can stay productive always. This item is ultra-portable. The image on this laptop has its own next level of clear details and realism.

It has 48 percent of more colors than that of the other Apple MacBooks. The display glass is 50 percent slimmer. Your fingerprint is your password so there is no need to remember the long passwords. This offers advanced security. You just have to place your finger on the touch sensor and it will log in within seconds.

You can also set fingerprint lock to quickly access the locked documents, files and folders. Online shopping is made much easier with this laptop. You can select the Apple play checkout and within a single touch, you can pay your online bills.

Let me tell you the most important and amazing thing about this laptop. this is that you don’t need to enter any of the billing information or your card details. With the touch ID, your private information will remain private.

Apple T2 chip security system runs in this laptop and this is a really high level of security. All of the data stored in the SSD is automatically and completely encrypted. A most familiar voice SIRI is with you in this laptop. Say Hi SIRI and this voice will be always ready for you to open up the apps and doing other tasks for you.

Its latest generation keyboard is featuring Apple’s butterfly mechanism. It is redesigned from A to Z. It provides 4 times enhanced key stability than that of the traditional scissor mechanism. This machine comes with great comfort and ultra-high responsiveness. It has the individually backlit keys with an ambient light sensor.

The force touch trackpad lets you interact with your MacBook in too many different new ways. You will get precise control and a uniform response; no matter you click anywhere on the trackpad. There is plenty of room for multi-touch gestures. You can zoom, pinch and use too many other gestures too. Your fingers will feel right at your home.

This is your all-purpose Notebook for every day. Its weight is just 2.75 pounds and is portable all in all. Its 1.5 TB of  SSD storage will allow you to launch too many apps in the flash. Besides this feature, it also provides you plenty of room for photos, videos and all of your documents.

With its 12 hours of long battery life, you can stay productive all the time. This is plenty of time to work. You can easily check out your emails, do online shopping, web browsing, write documents, watch videos, manage different spreadsheets. MacBook air is always ready for your every day to day task.

The built-in Thunderbolt 3 technology combines the ultra-high bandwidth with the ultra-high versatility of USB-C industry. It is created on the basis of the industry standard to create the one universal port. Thunderbolt 3 can integrate the charging, data transfer, and the video output, all in just the single connector.

Thunderbolt 3 is reversible, so no matter how you plug in it, it will be always right on the side. It’s sound really speaks the volume, its speaker and camera are just fabulous. A clear pixel image and a clear sound is best for streaming videos and talking to your loved ones.

With its latest tuning and processing techniques, MacBook Air sounds much better than other laptop’s sound. It’s stereo speaker delivers extra bass and 25% more volume than the previous generation laptops. A wide stereo sound creates immersive audio when you are listening to some music or watching a movie.

The high-definition Face Time camera of Apple MacBook Air let you see the clear images. It has 3 microphones forming an array to accurately capture your voice for face time call dictation. You can talk to SIRI in a clear voice. This is the first-ever Mac made with the 100% recycled aluminum that delivers high strength, durability, and a flawless finish.

The enclosure is truly beautiful, stylish and strong. You must buy this extremely high featured laptops. I think that its thousands of features are superior to all. Along with this, MacBook air is also perfect for the true, authentic, amazing and fantastic game developments.

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