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Best Laptops for Children 2020 Reviews

Nowadays, children are more interested in using the latest technology gadgets. These gadgets keep them involved and busy with them. It is a good thing but at the same time challenging for parents too.

Everyone should have to take care of their children. As being a parent everyone in this world is concerned about their child’s safety. So, we should provide safe gadgets and devices for our children.

Here’s the chart for these best laptops that you can buy for your loved ones.

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Best laptops for ChildrenTechnology  System Screen size Price
RCA GalileoAndroid 6.011.5 inchesCheck price
Acer ChromebookChrome OS11.6 inchesCheck price
Tanoshi 2-in-1Android 7.010.1 inchesOut of stock

Best Laptops for Children 2020 Reviews

My team has selected some of the best laptops for children regarding their safety and care. So, here I am going to talk about these Best Laptops for Children 2020. This selection is made by taking great care of each and everything related to children.

Before telling you about these kids friendly laptops, let me share some other things with you guys too. As I am also a parent and I care a lot for yours and my kids. Let me share some important guide with you.

Here you go

RCA Galileo Pro

This is our first kid’s friendly gadget. I know you will be waiting to know about these laptops so that you can buy it for your kid right now.

Features of Galileo Pro

The safe or user-friendly features of this kid’s laptop are given as;


Galileo is an 11.5-inch, a decent-sized product for children. It is having a multi-touch display with a screen resolution of 1024 x 600. Actually, this size is pretty much good for kids because a large screen produces more rays. This will let your children play on it for a quite reasonable time.

Along with it, they will be able to do anything like painting and other activities on this touch screen. So, let them groom mentally by doing various activities. Keep an eye on your kid while he is playing on a laptop or doing anything.

Operating system

Kid’s laptops come in various operating systems which are extremely friendly to them. They don’t need a latest and high featured operating system. It is having the Android 6 Marshmallow OS. Android laptops are always the best for kids. As many of the games are compatible and specially built for Android OS laptops. The best thing is that a great number of games are free to install in this operating system of laptops.

Expanded storage

Yes, this is a thing that matters for a child’s gadget. They play a lot of games and get bored too and want to try some new games. So, there is an ease that you can store a lot of data and games in this 32GB Micro SD expandable storage system. 

Google Play support

RCA Galileo supports Google play too. You can download thousands of games online for your kid. The parental control and other security options that you have set already will let the kids download the safe and user-friendly games.

This also allows you to download any of the apps and other things immediately. Android also supports Google play well and you should use this facility fully.

Battery life

 A good children’s laptop must come with enhanced battery life. So that your kid can play for a long time and there will no requirement to charge it again and again. As you should have to keep the child away from electricity.

RCA Galileo supports the maximum battery life of up to 6 hours, which is a much reasonable time for kids to play and use a laptop or other gadgets too.

Although it is the best battery life timings I will suggest not allowing your kids to use such kinds of screen gadgets for more than 2 or maximum 3 hours. Let them enjoy their games and activities at peak level but try not to extend their screen timings more.

Web camera 

It is also having the 2 Megapixels front-facing camera and rear camera too. Both of them are high-quality cameras. These are best to talk to someone online. Yet it is still not among the basic requirements of children’s laptops.


This laptop is having the Intel Atom processor with the max speed of 1.3 GHz. This is a good and enough processor speed for a kid. You can let the kids install their favorite games within no time. Also, the speed will remain perfect while gaming and the laptop will not hang or slow down at all.

This quad-core processor makes documents, web browsing and toggling apps easier.

RAM and Hard drive

RCA Galileo Pro Laptop supports 1 GB DDR SDRAM and a hard drive of 32 GB SSD. You can everything on this laptop whatever you want. Without any storage issue, you can store each and every kind of game. Download more, save more and enjoy more.

Graphics Coprocessor

The high quality 1.3GHz quad-core graphics coprocessor is well supported by this laptop.  You kids will be able to watch their cartoons, favorite Disney movies with perfect pixel screen.

Wireless connectivity

It also supports the 802.11.b, 802.11.n both types of WI-FI. If your kid is mature enough, then allow him or her to connect with WI-FI and download their favorite cartoons, games, etc.

Along with this, it also supports wireless Bluetooth Android 6.0.


Children like to use colorful gadgets. They don’t care about decent or unique colors. This machine is having the beautiful blue color that looks super cool too.

Warranty and support

Although it has a high-quality, yet you can never expect from a kid to use something safely. That’s why it offers a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty and also supports the Amazon return policy. You can return the dead on arrival product and get a full refund within 30 days exactly from the return date. After 30 days. Amazon will not accept any returns.


As I have said, a laptop for children should not be expensive. That’s why we have already selected those with the best features and fewer prices for kids. This is also available is a cheap amount.

Specifications of RCA Galileo

The amazing specs are given below;

  • Max screen resolution:
  • Processor: Intel Atom processor of 1.3 GHz.
  • Item dimensions = 11.8 x 7.5 x 1.2 inches.
  • Number of USB 2.0 Ports = 1.
  • Flash memory size = 32GB.
  • Power source = Battery.
  • Available color: Blue.
  • Screen size = 11.5 inches.


  • Highly affordable
  • Normal screen size
  • Good and supportive processor and RAM


  • No cons found


  • Yet there is still a need to keep an eye on your children while using a laptop or any gadgets like this. Although all these products explained here are safe and supportive, yet you should take care of your child yourself.

Final word

Make your mind satisfied by checking all about this laptop. Check price in Amazon and buy it. My 11-year-old kid is extremely happy with it. Take the laptop for your kid when he is mature enough to use it. Thanks.

Acer Chromebook – Best Laptops for Children 2020

So, this is another product among the best laptops for children.  You can buy this laptop for your eight-year-old kid and above from this age. This is a mini cute laptop that your kid will love to use and play. I am damn sure that you can make them happy by giving them this laptop.


Get ready to read carefully about its features. Here you go;

Chrome OS

This Chromebook runs the Chrome OS. It is an operating system by Google. It is exactly built-in the way we live today. It is completely simple and user-friendly. It gets automatically updated. It boots up within no time and continues to stay fast if you have maintained the proper internet connection. It amazingly comes with built-in virus protection. So, there is no need to install any program or software for virus protection. As soon as you buy it, it is completely ready for use.

Google applications

Acer Chromebook supports Google apps in a very well manner. Google apps are accurate and standard ones. You will love to use them for sure. As you can edit the pictures, download anything like videos, convert the MS Office files into Google sheets, slides or the supportive Google Docs.

Moreover, you can have access to the vast library of applications from the Google play store. You can play movies; watch any video, access to books, magazines, TV or anything from your Chromebook.

Built-in storage

Chromebooks come with built-in storage. It helps to get offline access to your important files. It provides you with the extra 100 GB of Google drive space. It ensures that all your files will be backed up automatically.

Display and battery timings

It is an 11.6 inches mini but full HD display. It has Intel Celeron graphics N3060 Dual-Core with 4GB memory and 16GB eMMC.  It’s a comfy view LED IPS display which in anti-glare. It will not damage the kid’s eyes.

While its battery life is about 10 hours. It is a pretty much good time. Yet, a kid should use this laptop less than its battery life limits. Two or three hours spending in front of a screen are enough and parents must take care of these things.

Audio clarity

This Chromebook has two built-in speakers for clear and perfect audio.


It provides you the vast connectivity like it has the;

  • One USB 3.0 port.
  • One USB 2.0 port.
  • One HDMI port with HDCP support.
  • It has 802.11 ac WI-FI featuring MIMO technology.
  • It has dual bands which are 2.4 GHz and 5GHz.

Fast performance

Everything is fast on Acer Chromebook. Its inside delivers an incredible performance. It loads the content-rich web pages within a few seconds. It gives a brilliant video playback. You can do multitasking without any efforts.

HDR web camera

It has a Chrome built-in web camera which supports high dynamic range imaging. It ultimately shows clear photos and bright chats.


This stylish Chromebook floats like a butterfly. It is 0.73 inches thin and weighs less than 2.43 lbs. its slips to your bag easily. So you can take it with you always.

Final words

This will be the best choice for your 8-year-old kids. This laptop is highly affordable. It is among the best laptops under 200$. So, all of you can afford it easily. The only con of this laptop is that it has no optical drive. Otherwise, it is full of features and amazing pros that you can obviously read above.

Tanoshi 2-in-1 – For kids aged 6-12 years

So this is the beautiful baby pink and white-colored laptop. More than you can call it a tablet rather than a laptop. Its beautiful color, elegant style, and modern look will make your choice to a very next level. I suppose that you are interested to know about it as well. Here are some of its unique features;

Touch screen

Tanoshi is having a 10.1 inch HD detachable touchscreen. It looks like an amazing tablet or laptop. You can use any of its modes.


It has a full sizes keyboard which is very comfortable in use. It is ergonomic for age 6 to 12 years and above. This is a detachable keyboard. You can attach it and use as a laptop or as a tablet.

Parental controls

In Tanoshi tablet laptop, it is very much easy to set up the parental controls. You can easily manage the screen timings from parent’s ioS smartphones or Android.

Kids coding apps

This laptop is very much friendly for the children.  You can pre-load some educational applications for your children. There are also the kid coding apps that can help the parents. It runs on Android 7.0 Nougat.

With Google Sheets and Docs, kids can easily do their homework. They can complete their school homework or assignments on white paper available on this laptop. They can also use practice spelling words.

Kids can also use other multiple applications like Google Earth, YouTube kids, G-mail and some other apps. You will note the sharpness in your kid’s skills when he/she will use this laptop. But don’t let them handle any technology gadgets for many hours.


Your kids can enjoy using a camera on Tanoshi 2-in-1. Children actually love cameras. They can take their selfies and enjoy their life.


Although it is a laptop for children it also follows the complete warranty pattern from Amazon.  The return policy is also applied fully to it. It’s a great thing as kids break and throw things very much. So in any case, you can send the laptop for repair easily.

How to Make Laptop Child Safe – Must Read

There are so many things that you can do to make the laptop safe for your kid.

  • If you are handling a laptop to your kid than you should use a new account on that laptop, and while doing all this, select appropriate options. At the end set up the parenting control, if you are using windows 7 or others. If you are using windows 8, turn on the family safety option. Do turn ON the activity reporting so that you can also check out.
  • Choose a laptop with an anti-glare screen. Further, you can install the dim screen apps or software for further protection to kid eyes.
  • Protect your kid from bad content on the internet as being a nice and polite parent.
  • Turn on the age-restricted mode on social media apps where possible.
  • Keep the WI-FI or other sources of internet connection OFF while your kid is sleeping. Even turn off the WI-FI connections for all of our home devices for your protection from harmful radiations too.
  • Charge the laptop of your kid yourself. Don’t allow your kid to get involved in electricity things.
  • Always install the anti-virus software on children’s laptops. This will protect the laptop from a malware attack if it occurs because of clicking on any spam game link.

So, these are some things that I considered must tell you, people. Maybe, most of you already know but I consider it my duty to tell all this to you. As being a parent, we take great care of our kids but kindly try all these good things for other’s kids too.

Never try to buy an expensive or fancy laptop for kids. As they can break or harm it and themselves too. A sensitive touch screen is also not preferred for a kid’s laptops.

Final words

I am done explaining these best laptops for children. These are the latest laptops for 2020. You do not have to crawl over too many web pages. You can just make a selection from here. As we provide you some of the best and popular picks that have a big demand in the market.

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