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Best Laptop for Live Streaming 2020 Reviews

Best Laptop for Live Streaming 2020 Reviews

Hi everyone! Do you want to add more luxury in your life? Here I will explain about the Best Laptop for Live streaming that will make you feel more facilitated. Live streaming is now becoming the most popular interested of everyone. It is gaining popularity day by day.

If you also want to do live streaming than you should have a nice laptop first. Finding the best one is a difficult task. That’s why I am reviewing the top ones. You can select anyone from here. If you are also fond of seeing the videos or you want a laptop to do live streaming for earning purpose. Then, just keep focusing. You will found all the necessary information here.

Comparison chart for Best Laptop for Live Streaming 2020

Here is those list of the best products which we have selected for you guys.

Best Laptop for Live StreamingFeatures Screen size Price
Razer Blade ProIntel Quad core i717.3 inchCheck price
Lenovo ThinkPad A475AMD Pro A12, Quad core14 inchCheck price
LG GramIntel Core i5 processor13.3 inchCheck price

Best Laptop for Live Streaming 2020 Reviews

I searched a lot and found our best laptop for live streaming. Razer laptops are always good for streaming purposes. That’s why I am going to share this guide here. So that you would have to search for it everywhere. Just from here, you will found all the laptops that are dedicated to Live Streaming.

Razer Blade Pro 17 Laptop- Best Laptop for Live Streaming

This is the first best laptop. This is for a high level of live streaming that I was talking about. Let’s begin;

HD IPS display

This laptop is having a large 17.3 inch full HD IPS display, with 120Hz fresh rates. It gives an ultimate full HD experience. This is a high-quality laptop which will never disappoint you.

This IPS display is responsible for vivid colors. This improves the overall visibility for gaming and other tasks.


It has a VR ready with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 graphics. By the help of this graphics card, you will be able to experience amazing visuals and gaming.

You will have the best live streaming here. This laptop will allure your heart because of its best features. You can see better performance just because of this graphics card. Your laptop will work with great efficiency in all the tasks it performs. Unleash the gaming dominance with this amazing laptop. 

This will give you the 3x performance and high power efficiency of previous Gen GPU’s. Be ready to experience the awesome frame rates for gaming and the powerful processing for Adobe creative apps which you like the most. 

Quad-core processor

It is also having the latest 7th generation Quad Intel Core i7 processor. The higher generation of the processor is with the advanced features in it, like this processor is having more cache memory, more storage space and extra fast speed too. You can do gaming and other multiple tasks on it with great ease.

Intel processors never compromise on their efficiency and performance. You will found everything perfect on this laptop.

Backlit keyboard

It has a special, beautiful looking anti-ghosting individuality backlit keyboard. This keyboard is specially powered by its own company, Razer Chroma.

Multiple shades and colors of light are emitting from the keys. This looks fabulous during the night timings and dim light. This is like such so that you can tap on the right keys during gaming and typing also. This keyboard gives a decent and unique look. When you see it that you will appreciate it.

Furthermore, the keyboard is unique in all the way. As other laptops have their touchpad below the keyboard. This laptop has its touchpad on the right side on the keyboard. This is another unique specificity.

Incredible thin

In today’s world, who want heavy machines? All just want to take smart and the smartest things. Razer blade pro laptop is having incredible thinness of only 0.88-inch form factor.

This feature makes it ultraportable. Go anywhere with great ease by taking this laptop. It will not become a burden on you. Even you can hold this laptop for hours without a laptop bag.

Advanced connectivity

The new Razer blade pro 17 is having a Thunderbolt technology through the USB type C and speeds up to 40 Gbps.

This is such an advanced and the most versatile connection that not only the USB connects to it. But also the PCI express and all for the Thunderbolt devices can get connected with it. This all makes this laptop the perfect one for gaming and the content creation too.

Memory and storage

Razer pro 17 has ample memory and abundant storage. Razer Blade pro 17 has actually the 16 GB of dual-channel memory, 256 GB SSD with a 2TB of HDD hybrid storage configuration. This storage is expandable up to 32 GB and 2TB SSD and 4TB HDD capacities.

Still, it all can be customized to meet the range of user needs. With having such an ample memory and storage, still Razer blade pro is ready to do more and more for its users.


This laptop is also having the new featured Windows 10 in it. Actually, most of today’s laptops are coming with these pre-installed new Windows 10. All of the good working and better performance of laptops depends largely on Windows.

You yourself can’t install the Windows properly until you are an expert. So, this laptop has already the Window 10 installed in it so that you can use and enjoy the new and amazing features.

Rechargeable battery

Razer blade pro is having a built-in 70Wh rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery. So you can do anything on this laptop for many hours continuously. Either the gaming or other heavy tasks too.

High quality and design

It has each and every part made of highly durable material. All this makes it a high-quality laptop. It has a compact and sleek body with a unique design. Along with this, it is also having the proper palm resting space. This looks like a professional and a decent laptop.

Warranty and support

This laptop also follows the amazing full Amazon return policy that you are already familiar with.


Razer blade pro is a good laptop but it might be expensive for the few people. Click here to buy from Amazon.

Specifications for Best Laptop for Live Streaming- Razor Blade Pro

  • 3 inch full HD IPS display
  • 1920 x 1080 maximum screen resolution
  • 9 GHz Intel Quad-core i7 processor
  • NVIDIA chipset brand
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 graphics coprocessor
  • Number of USB ports: 3
  • Windows 10 home operating system
  • Color : 1080P
  • Hard drive interface: ATA
  • 8 pounds of total weight
  • Built-in battery system
  • 16 GB dual channel memory


  • Amazing anti-ghosting keyboard.
  • Improved visibility.
  • Ample memory and abundant storage.
  • Advanced connectivity.
  • Ideal for webcam streaming.
  • Slim chassis with a unique design.
  • Latest generation processor.


  • Pricey for few.

Final words

I have explained each and everything about this laptop here. Now, you can do live streaming anywhere. Whenever you are ready and want webcam streaming, then just open this laptop and do it. Take this laptop now if you are interested in gaming, live streaming and want to use modern tools and technology. Good luck.

Lenovo ThinkPad A475 

It is another best laptop by which you can do the perfect live streaming. Without any interruption, you can use its high-quality camera anywhere. You can make any video even in the dim light as it captures the minor details clearly all the time. You will love this amazing laptop.

Here you go;


Lenovo ThinkPad is having a 14-inch FHD screen with the resolution of 1920 x 1080.  This screen size is perfect for a person to do live streaming. Yet you can select other laptops from here with different screen size. Although, this display is amazingly anti-glare as it is smooth and something worth seeing.

It has an AMD Radeon R7 graphics card. This is a high-quality graphics. As this is specially meant for live streaming that’s why its display, graphics, and camera are made with great care.


This laptop is having the AMD pro-A12-9800B quad-core processor. It has a fast speed of 2.7GHz to 3.6 GHz.

Keyboard features

Backlit keyboard help to tap on accurate keys even in dim light doing live streaming. You will not face any kind of difficulty in operating this laptop for sure. The specialty in this keyboard is that it has 6 rows and it is spill-resistant.

Fingerprint reader

Fingerprint reader enhances your security. No one can open or unlock your laptop without your permission. You can keep your privacy maintained all the time.

HD audio

Excellent audio is also the demand for the best laptop for live streaming. So that’s why it is having the HD audio, Realtek ALC3268 codec /, the high-quality stereo speakers, dual ray microphones and combo audio or the microphone jack. All this stuff helps you a lot in doing live streaming. You will be able to listen and deliver a crystal clear audio.

Processor level security

This laptop provides processor level security features. This will keep your data extra safe.  Windows hello uses biometric sensors to recognize your face or fingerprint-like no other sensors. It’s high-level security or a superior level of enterprise-grade protection.

Further, it has the DTPM for the encryption of the files. It is the discrete trusted platform module which ensures files safety.

Test approved

It has no effect on it if it is beaten battered or blistered. It is built to last. Lenovo ThinkPad A745 is tested against 12 military grade requirements along with 200 rigorous quality checks. So, don’t worry if you have dropped this laptop, it will not get affected.

Ready for business

Along with the live streaming, it is ready for every business. It’s no non-sense performance will let you ramp up your productivity everywhere. It is always ready for multi-tasking.

Other features

  • This laptop can have the 2MB of cache memory.
  • It has Genuine Microsoft Windows 10 Pro x 64 installed in it.
  • It comes with 16 GB RAM.
  • It has also the 500 GB of vast solid state drive.
  • You can easily do memory and hard drive upgrades in it.
  • Its wireless connections are; Realtek RTL8822BE, Wi-Fi 2×2 802.11ac + BT4.1, M.2 card.
  • It has 5-watt slim tip water supply.
  • This ThinkPad is having the weight of only 3.63 lbs, so quite easy to carry.
  • TouchPad and TrackPoint make work more fast and smooth.

Final words

It is truly an amazing laptop with too many features and pros that you can see above. The only con is that it does not have any optical drive. It is the best choice for anyone who loves to do live streaming or who has his job for live streaming. Check its latest price here.

LG Gram        

Get ready to know the full details about this amazing product.

LCD screen

It has a full 13. 3 inch HD IPS, LCD screen. This amazing display combines consummate portability and uncompromising performance.

Laptop’s body

It has a compact metal alloy body that makes it super strong and durable. This structure is lightweight too. It is the best combination of light weightiness and strength.

Processor and RAM

It has the 8th generation, Intel Core i5 processor with 8GB of dual-channel DDR4 RAM which assures the blazing speed.

LG gram has a great premium performance which users mostly demands.

DTS Headphone

Experience thrilling and nuanced surround sound through the headphone jack. It delivers an expansive effect of 11.1 channels of audio. This is such high-quality audio that you will not need any of the elaborated speaker systems. These headphones are sold separately with it.

Grab n go

Just grab this product and go. Do not worry about its charging at all. As it has the 22.5 hours of long battery life. It has just a light weight of 2 lbs. you can carry it even with your two fingers.

Keyboard and touchpad features

It packs exciting features. More features make it more versatile. It has a backlit keyboard for dark environments. Its touchpad supports four fingers multi-touch gestures. No other touchpad of any laptop has such a capability.

HD webcam

Its HD webcam on the top bezel is perfect for the video calls too. Live stream with this amazing web camera anytime. Just you have to become ready for live streaming, this camera is always ready for it.


It follows the most known Amazon return policy. So, without any worries, check out its features and take it to your home.

Final words

This is a high-quality amazing laptop for live streaming. You will definitely love using this product for so many years. Use it with care and it will be with you for many years as much as you want. This laptop is affordable to all of you. Without worrying about your budget you can buy it. So, click here to buy it from Amazon.

Things required for Live streaming         

The basic and the necessary things that you will definitely need for the perfect live streaming are;

  • A laptop is the main and an important thing, without a good laptop, good live streaming is not possible obviously.
  • Web Camera is also a must for sure. If a laptop does not have a good HD webcam than live streaming is just impossible.
  • A sound card is also required.
  • The mixer is also needed for it.
  • Microphones are important. If laptop’s webcam has not built in microphones in it than you will require them. If your laptop camera has built-in microphones, then there is no need to take them separately.
  • For a good and non-disturbed live streaming, a proper fast and stable internet connection establishment is a must thing.
  • You should have video installing software on your laptop so that you can do a better lifestreaming. If there is not, then install it.

Tips to do a perfect live streaming

Some of the people have their good laptops, good camera. Still, they complain about the perfect live streaming. So, I will share some of the best tips with you. After that, you will also be able to do perfect live streaming. You will love this guide when you start doing the perfect live streaming.

Proper lightening

The first and main thing is proper lightening. The room or a place, where you are sitting should be enlightened properly. Otherwise, a good camera will not be able to make you look better. It is the basic and the main things that you must follow. You should sit in a way that light source is pointing toward your face.

Some people sit in a proper lightening and face the laptop camera towards the light. Instead of their face. This created a reflection and streaming does not go perfectly. So, always sit in a bright place and enjoy the perfect live streaming.

Clear sound

The sound must be loud and clear if you want to do good live streaming. Your voice should be clear. You should not mumble while streaming. This creates a bad impression and also others found it hard to understand.

You should have a proper microphone. This will also help you in a crystal clear voice.

Proper sitting position        

You must sit in a proper position. Place your laptop on a proper and a hard surface.  Make sure that your full face is coming on the laptop screen. Sit properly and try not to move frequently. This gives the impression that you are disturbed or not interested in what you are doing.

Dress up properly

Another thing is the proper dressing. This is a well-known thing that your dressing sense makes an impression of your personality. Actually, let me tell you frankly that don’t make the dressing so panic. As only your face and the front portion is showed, even on a big laptop screen.

So whatever you wear, it must be decent and clean. This will help you to give a decent and professional impression.

Be confident

Some people sit in front of the laptop and begin to do live streaming. But they hesitate in speaking and shy about a lot of things. Let me tell you man, that confidence is everything. Those who have a high confidence level, make their mark.

So, don’t let anyone be better than you. Just sit confidently and enjoy live streaming.

Have fun. Good luck!

Team – Why Laptops

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