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Best Laptop Backpack for Professionals

Best Laptop Backpack for Professionals

Backpacks are always protective. They protect your laptop from any harm and help in great portability. You can travel anywhere with your laptop and other accessories using a suitable bag. Backpacks are a great facility and comfort. If you are searching for some best professional backpacks then here I will tell you about these best products.

Best Laptop Backpack for Professionals Features Laptop suitable size Price
Herschel Heritage Pebbled leather zipper pulls, signature  striped fabric 15 inch Check price
JanSport Cool 600 Denier imported polyester, ergonomic S-curve shoulder straps, cord pullers 15 inch Check price
Lily & Drew Huge capacity, multi-purpose design 14 inch Check price
Slim Travel Theft proof, water-resistant, combination lock, spacious compartments 13, 14, 15 inch Check price

Best Laptop Backpack for Professionals 2020

Read about all of the best backpack’s features here and check out their latest prices in order to buy from Amazon.

Herschel Heritage

One of the finest quality backpacks with no wear and tear is the Herschel Heritage backpack. Not only you can put your laptop in this backpack but also put your other essential completely organized pockets. The organized compartments have the benefit that you can find everything on time.

It has the signature striped fabric liner backpack. This fabric can resist tough conditions. It is tear-resistant totally.  It is having a classical and functional design. It has fine regard for its each and every detail. Classic woven label gives it grace and a great professional look. Its internal media pocket with headphone port gives a great facility.

Now, you can travel anywhere taking your laptop and other gadgets like mobile, tablets and USB, etc in Herschel Heritage. You can charge your mobile by using a power bank and place it in the internal media pocket. This is such a great facility. Not every backpack provides such a great facility to you.

It has pebbled leather zipper pulls. These zippers ensure the safety of things that you have placed in your bag. These zippers also provide little theft security. You can place a 15-inch laptop in this backpack in its big compartment’s protective and organizer sleeve.

Its design is straight and simple. It has just a single front pocket. You can place all the accessories which get fit in that pocket. This pocket comes with the key clips. So, hinge your keys in that clip and go anywhere worry less. The overall dimensions of this bag are 17.75”x 11.75” x 5”. The weight of this item is just 1.25 pounds. You can handle it with great ease and can use the straps to hold it with your shoulders. It will show its high comfort in any position you hold.

Windsor wine/ tan synthetic leather uses in it is resistant to tear, scratches, and frictions. No matter what your bag gets scratched with an extremely rough area, it will be perfect completely because of its synthetic leather and all of its inside things will be 100 % harmless. You can fearlessly place all of your important things in this bag with ensured safety.

Click here to buy it from  Amazon.

Because its high quality is ensured by its manufacturers, they stand behind their products. They provide a limited lifetime warranty. Herschel Supply Company claims that there each and every item is free from material and manufacturing defects. Yet the warranty covers the common and everyday use for a duration. Its reddish-brown color looks great. You can choose your own color.

You can place your other things in the big compartment along with the 15-inch laptop. Like you can place your notes, tablets or other adjustable things in this backpack. You will found it extremely comfortable when you use it.  It is best for the professionals and especially it will make you feel like a professional. Buy it and add comfort to your life.

JanSport Cool

JanSport is a famous brand for laptop backpacks with 50 years of excellence. It is featuring an iconic silhouette with extra plenty of space for your laptop and other essentials. It has a synthetic leather bottom and a leather trim. It will keep the weight of your 15-inch laptop. This leather is of high quality.  It is strong and durable enough to bear every weight.  This imported leather gives the entire bag, great toughness, and firmness.

It has all of the great features that make it the best laptop backpack for professionals. JanSport Cool is highly functional, durable and versatile. Whether you are headed to a concert, class or going any other way, grab your backpack, put a laptop and necessary things with you without any disturbance and go.

Its weight is just 1.32 pounds and it is quite easy to take it anywhere along with you. Its excellent construction comes with the back straps that do not rip out under normal use. It has 3 pockets with 3 sleeves. You can protect each and everything more in this backpack. Inside sleeves give great protection and grip to the things that you have placed in it.

Put your notebook, dairies, and tablets in its medium-sized pocket. Place the pen, stationery, card, keys, USB and other things that can be placed in the small pocket. The side pocket can hold a 16 ounce of a water bottle. Place small first aid kit and sunglasses in it.

Its 600 Denier Polyester/synthetic Leather is an imported material. Its ergonomic S-curve shoulder straps make it comfortable to carry. Along with this, it has the web haul handle to carry it with hands. A fully padded back panel reduces stress from your back.

Cord pullers help to close the zippers fully and pack the bag tightly. It will keep your inner things safe and sound. It has 2 main compartments and the pleated front stash pocket, while the front utility pocket is fully organized. JanSport Cool is just amazing

All bags of Jansport come with a good lifetime warranty. The good stuff of this bag lasts forever. If any of their bags still break or tear, they will replace it anytime. Product dimensions are 13 x 9.8 x 8.3 inches. But customer misuse will not be accepted at all. Click here to buy from Amazon.

Lily & Drew                                                                                    

With exceptional service, reliability, professionalism, and integrity, this laptop backpack is made finely. If you are really looking for a versatile, stylish and practical backpack, then you can buy this one for sure.

In this bag packed with pockets, you will find the place to put everything in an organized way. Inside it, there are two slip pockets and a sleeve for your tablet and laptop. The front zipper pocket is highly spacious, quick to access and secured. You can place your laptop in its hidden sleeve in the main compartment.

There is also a small-sized zippered pocket in the front and one is behind the logo. Two external side pockets are for your umbrella and water bottle. In the large compartment, you can place your big things too. In the big compartment, you can place your 14-inch laptop easily. Both men and women can use this backpack. It looks very decent and elegant because of its style.

The overall size of this backpack, Lily and Drew are 15″ tall x 10.2″ wide x 8.7″ deep. It has an amazing organization of compartments and sleeves inside it. All of the things can be placed in an incredibly amazing organized way inside it. This bag is having a huge capacity and a large 8″ x 10″ fish-mouth. This backpack has a doctor-style top opening which leads to the main compartment actually, which is accommodated with the standard binders and folders for the 8.5×11’’ papers.

Even you can use this bag on your weakened travels etc. You can pack all of your clothes in this highly capacitive, organized, equipped with standard binders and folders backpack. Its design is multi-purpose. You can use it on an airplane too. Although its inside is having a great capacity its outer is normal sized and a standard.

It is small enough to be your under-seat personal item in airlines. It is integrated with trolley strap slides over a rolling luggage handle. This all makes it easier to handle it without getting tired. You can drag your bag with you with its trolley slider easily and can travel easily anywhere.

Women, men, ladies, girls and boys, everyone can use this luxury backpack. It is also perfect for elementary, middle and high school and as a college backpack. It can be used as a diaper bag for mom and dad. Hence, you can use it as your everyday bag. It looks highly fashionable and is comfortable to use in each and every aspect.

Its back has comfy foam padded strips that are evenly distributing the weight in both shoulders. These strips are padded with foam that gives great comfort to your back. It is ideal to reduce your back pain too. Its bottom is also padded in order to protect your valuables.

This high-quality backpack is backed by a 12 months warranty. Its highly durable exterior will last for years and years. The shoulder and carry straps come with extra stitching so that you can carry the loads without any worries. The fully lined interior gives a touch of luxury. Plastic caps will protect the corners of the external support rod and it is unable to pierce or damage the fabric or anything you place in it.

This backpack’s material is completely waterproof. This reduces your stress and makes you tension free if you have spilled water on it mistakenly.  All of your valuables inside this bag will be safe at all. In its organized internal, you can place your 7.9 inches mini iPad. This backpack is a complete package. Click here to buy from Amazon.

Manufacturers suggest some of the care instructions use this product. These instructions are not to use bleach on this bag.  If you have to wash it, then do hand washing and don’t wash it inside the machine. Just wash and air dries it, so don’t let it soak in water. Avoid drying in sunlight. The overall dimensions of this product are 8.7 x 10.2 x 14.6 inches and light of just 1.62 pounds.

Slim Travel 

This high-quality professional’s backpack is theft-proof and waterproof too. It is having a high-quality combination lock with lockable zippers. It will protect your laptop and other important things from any theft. You can now travel without any worries with this anti-theft approved bag. Lock all of your zippers easily and keep each and every single pocket safe and sound.

It is manufactured by water-resistant, durable polyester fabric. It prevents your stuff from getting wet. So you can easily place your laptop, tablets, iPad, iPhone in it. This is such a great material that it will slip water from its surface and gets dry its exterior immediately while don’t allow to enter water inside at all.

All of its compartments are highly spacious.  One of the main compartments includes small pockets with special velcro straps. You can place your 13/ 14/ or 15-inch laptop in this big compartment. Put your watch, book, lightweight clothes all in this big compartment easily, it is capacitive enough to get everything in.

One front compartment is for your iPhone, iPad, and other things. While front side pocket will let you place your small items in it, like cards, keys, earphones, passport, etc. Side pockets are for the adjustable water bottle and compact umbrella. With these multiple pockets, you can meet different spaces for your different requirements.

With its built-in USB charger outside and the built-in charging cable inside. It helps you to charge your phone even while walking. USB charging port just provides easy access to charge your phone. You can connect the charging with your own power bank available. Its lightweight and comfortable design make it easier to use in day to day life.

Breathable and anti-sweat shoulder straps of Slim Travel make it easier to experience a long time easy carrying. These straps relax your shoulders and it is suitable to use as a college or university backpack along with the use for professionals. You can use it like a travel backpack, business backpack and of the complete security of your valuables while traveling. This slim laptop bag would be a great gift for anyone.

The overall dimensions of Slim Travel are 18 x 2.2 x 7 inches. It has a volume of 34 L. It is roomy enough to carry all of your life essentials. The lock is highly supportive and theft approved. It is not like simple locks. It is a special theft proof combination lock for high security. The original combination of this lock is 0-0-0. In order to set your own combination read the details further.

First of all, open up the lock by its original number 0-0-0. After that push the adjusting to the number combinations which you want to set. Turn the figure wheel to the secret code and remember that code. The code is just set, now you can turn the adjusting sheath to its primary place.  The capacity of Slim Travel backpack is 1.21 cu ft/34L and weight is 1.65 lbs or 0.75 kg. Its shoulder straps adjust from 15.6″ to 35.2″.

The complete dimensions are 18 x 12.2 x 7 inch. Get this backpack now and make your valuables safe and secured in this highly comfortable and professional backpack. Click here to buy from Amazon.

Final words

Personally, I love Slim Travel Backpacks. Last time I went to Miami, Florida traveling the whole way with my laptop and iPod in Slim Travel Backpack. I just love it because of its highest security combination lock. No one can peep and theft from your bag and that’s what I love. It’s my bag, my personal safe bag and I am comfortable with it. You also buy your favorite backpack and add comfort to your lives. 

Best of luck.

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