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Best Gaming Mouse Under 40 $

Best Gaming Mouse Under 40$

No matter if you are a professional or not but I am damn sure that all of you love gaming. Now a day, elders and youth and young, hence everyone just love gaming. While talking about the gaming mouse, it is actually one of the essentials for gaming.

Best Gaming Mouse Under 40$ Features Sensitivity Price
SteelSeries Rival 600 TrueMove 3+ sensor system, Rival 600 design. 12,000 CPI Check price
CORSAIR M65 Pro Aircraft aluminum structure, RGB lightening 12,000 DPI Check price 
Logitech G403 Prodigy 8 X faster, durable, compatible with Windows 10, 7, 8, 8.1 12,000 DPI Check price
Redragon M901           


High precision sensor, 1000Hz polling rate, 18 programmable buttons 24,000 DPI Check price

Best Gaming Mouse Under 40$

Here I will discuss those entire gaming mice which are of high quality and top priority by gamers. So, come on and hunt the best gaming mouse in cheap prices from here.

SteelSeries Rival 600

Here is our top selected best product. It’s the best gaming mouse under 40$ that you will love to use for your gaming. It will truly fill up your life with entertainment.

True Depth Perception

You can adjust your lift-off distance by SteelSeries 600 mouse easily. The most important thing in a mouse is how much its sensor system responds. SteelSeries Rival is having the TrueMove 3+ technology sensor system. It has an incredibly amazing sensitivity of 12,000 CPI.

Its secondary sensor allows you for the ultimate customization. When you lift your mouse up, the sensor will stop and your mouse will customize and start tracking. You will never face the unnecessary movements when you pick up or pick down your mouse.

Weight and balance

This gaming mouse under 40$ manufacturer used a perfect weight and balance. You can attune the center of gravity with different 256 weight combinations. It will let you have a perfect balance of any grip or gameplay style.

It has amazing removable sides. It allows the perfect and secure placement of the eight different 4 g weights. The overall weight of this gaming mouse is 96g -129g.

Ergonomic Design

Each and every aspect of this gaming mouse fits on the player’s demands.  Its ergonomic design looks super cool. Rival 600 design meets the high demands of comfort.  Whether you prefer the palm grip or the claw grip, this will provide you with the firm grip and perfect support to work for several hours.

You can enjoy your long and intense gaming sessions using this comfortable gaming mouse. Otherwise, without it, intense gaming is not possible.

Built for Esports

For the purpose for perfect click s during gaming, its left and right buttons are featured by the revolutionary reinforced split trigger system. The manufacturers have built exclusive 60 million click mechanical switch ratings while designing this mouse. This actually ensures every type of press is executed with precision.

Rev Up the Engine

Engine software of this mouse unlocks the impressive arsenal of engine apps. This makes the customization of 8 zones RGB lightning, easier and intuitive.

Discord and GsameSense engine apps will allow for in-game events, chat notifications and many more things.

True tracking

Many mice have issues of tracking. But this is a high-quality gaming mouse is featured with the True 1 to 1 tracking. It has an incredibly accurate tracking from 100 to 12,000 CPI. There is no tracking errors, no stability issues, no delayed responses by such a great tracking CPI.

When you move the mouse on the mouse pad, the cursor will move on your desired moves and direction. As in some of the bad quality mouse, when you move it on the mouse pad at a specific distance, then the cursor goes beyond the limits, there cursor and movements do not side by side so that’s a problem in them.

But this mouse is specially designed for gaming that’s why featured with special effects. It performs best and allows the cursor to move on the screen smoothly.

Fast speed and lift off

Steel series 600 is having a fast speed of 350+ IPS and the lift-off distance 0.5 – 2mm. It has 7 programmable buttons for ultra-fast gaming.

Side grip and cable length

It has the revolutionary silicone side grips. This makes the grip easier for any hand, either big or small. Also, this silicone material increases the durability of this mouse and makes it powerful too.

Its cable length is quite normal; you will not face any difficulty to attach it with your laptop. It is neither large nor small, having a length of just 2 m/ 6 ft.


Not only other gaming accessories but also this mouse is having the capability to emit colorful lights. This makes it easier to use in a dark environment. You can control the mouse fully and do rights click in dim light too. It’s colorfully backlit also gives it an amazing look.

Final words

The features of this mouse are all attention grabbing. When you will use it you will admire its functionality. This mouse actually makes gaming easier. Enjoy your gaming by using this mouse. Click here to buy from Amazon.


To get to know all the details for this gaming mouse, read its features below;


Gaming has now become much easier because of the high accuracy sensor with 12,000 DPI. It’s a custom tune, gaming-grade sensor which allows for perfect gaming by tracking the precise pixels.

This product is having an Aircraft-grade aluminum structure. This structure is having an optimal mass distribution. This material is highly powerful and durable. This makes an advanced weight tuning system too. You can set the center of gravity to match your own play style.

One of the amazing features of CORSAIR M65 is Surface calibration tuning utility. This technology actually optimizes sensor precision and makes it super responsive. Eight strategically placed buttons give the advantage of buttons configuration. Now you can play in your own way using this mouse.

Its high capacity Omron switches are rated for 20 million clicks. They ensure a reliable performance that will continue in your heavy gaming. There is ensured harness of the power of CUE. It will not only configure your mouse but also it will program it with the;

  • Double macros
  • Custom RGB lightening.

You can take advantage of on-the-fly DPI switching. It will allow you to instantly meet the mouse speed to your gameplay demands. Its intelligent control gives unlimited possibilities. You will love doing gaming with this mouse.

CORSAIR iCUE software enables vivid and dynamic lightning controls. It will allow you for the sophisticated macro programming. Its full system lightning synchronization across the compatible CORSAIR peripherals makes gaming easier even in dark environments. Click here to buy from Amazon.

It is available in its black color and performs really fast. It does not slow down even when you are doing heavy gaming with it. Its smooth, quick actions and its movement with full cursor response, make it gamers demand.

Logitech G403 Prodigy

Another mouse that I am going to review is the Logitech G403 Prodigy.


This product is specially manufactured for advanced gaming. Get the extraordinary performance and gaming-grade accuracy with this mouse. It is having an ergonomic and lightweight design. This makes it look modern and of the latest 2019 style. Its slim design is perfect for small and big hands. You can do effortless and quick gaming with this laptop gaming mouse under 40$.

It has the most advanced Logitech’s optical sensor. This sensor delivers unbeatable fps accuracy and many more things along with this. Rubber side grips support this mouse very well. These rubber pads also help it to bear slight falls. Its side parts can also be removed. These parts encounter 10 g of the supremely comfortable grip and controls.

You have the full liberty to customize the lightning from the palette of 16.8 million colors in order to match with your gaming gear and style. Six programmable buttons and the onboard memory make it easier to store and set up all the custom commands for your lovely games.

Logitech G403 Prodigy is approximately 8 X faster than that of the other gaming mice. When you move this mouse or click it, there will be an instantaneous screen response. Advances buttons tensioning makes the clicks smoother and faster than ever.

It’s incredibly amazing features is that are that it has built-in memory storage settings. You can apply this to your 5 favorite games. It works best with Windows, 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10. Click here to buy from Amazon.

It gives a supreme comfort of usage in its each and every aspect. Men, women, youth, and teens can use this high-quality gaming mouse under 40$ for the non-stop smooth gaming.

Redragon M901 

It is the wired mouse built-in for gaming on your laptop. Its ergonomic design is super cool. Its laser backlit looks amazing. This laser gaming mouse under 40$ is having a DPI of 24000 via software. It can be adjusted to 1000/ 2000/ 4000/ 8000/ 12000/ 24000 DPI’s.

It has 12000 FPS, 50G acceleration and 1000 Hz polling rate. Its high precision Pixart PMW3360 Sensor delivers Pinpoint Accuracy. Its Omron Micro switch ensures its longevity, durability, and ultra-responsiveness. It will give you a greater edge over your competition.

It has an LED RBG backlit. This multi-colored laser makes it programmable even in dark.  For this purpose, it has 18 user-programmable buttons, 5 memory profiles. Each one is distinct from its different LED color options. This will help you with quick identification.

It has 8 pieces weight tuning set or 2.4 g of weight with 16 million of RGB lightening options and breathing effects. This LED-backlit can be disabled if you want. Redragon M901 will take your personalization to its next levels. Its ergonomic design fits naturally to your hands. It reduces the stress from your hands while working efficiently and vigorously.

Gamers can truly enjoy a non-forgettable gaming experience. Play your favorite games like PUBG, Fortnite, etc. This gaming mouse will not disappoint you in the most testing gaming marathon gaming sessions like; Call of duty, league of legends, steam, overwatch and many more.

Its total division of buttons is like 7 mouse buttons along with 12 MMO programmable side buttons. These become a total of 19 buttons which are separate. Others are the fire buttons, pulsing breathing light color modes, and smooth TEFLON feet pads. They provide ultimate gaming control. This mouse works in great compatibility with Redragon Gaming keyboards.

It is having a strong wire for connection. The wire features are; 6-foot length, 3 mm width/strong. It’s a high speed braided fiber cable. It also comes with the gold plated corrosion free USB connector to ensure a strong and reliable connection. Click here to buy from Amazon.

This gaming mouse under 40$ is highly compatible. So, no worries about which operating system runs on your laptop, this mouse will perform best with it. It comes in the compatibility with the Windows, 7, 8, 10, Windows Vista and XP. It is also having the limited Mac OS keyboard support too. It has only a lightweight of just 5.3 ounces. Its price is also admirable just like its features.

Final words

Pick the one which you like the most. Be the best gamer by using these gaming mice. Enjoy an incredibly fast, smooth and non-stop gaming with these highly affordable and highly featured mice.

These products are selected after effortful research and help with a professional gamer. If you want to be a professional gamer too, then buy one of these mice and enjoy playing your favorite games.

Gaming mouse features

General features of a good gaming mouse under 40$ must be like these;

  • It must have the vibrant colors display in it.
  • It should come with flashing lights.
  • Gaming mouse must have smart edge designs for fast gaming.
  • It should have good sensitivity.

If all of these signs are in your gaming mouse, then it is actually a high notch of gaming. In order to enjoy a high level of gaming, these were some of the important things to be considered. Read this article fully and you will get to know why these things are important. If you want to know how to buy a gaming mouse then read my detailed guide.

Benefits of Gaming Mouse

As you know that there are different laptops dedicated to gaming. Same is the thing with a gaming mouse. Actually, too much gaming by just using a laptop’s keyboard is not possible. Sometimes keyboard really gets harmed by intense tapping on it. So, that’s why gaming mouse is very much important.

Here I will share some of the benefits of gaming mouse that you might not know. But when you know them, you will admire them for sure and select a mouse for you or for your loved ones.

Here you go;

  • As for gaming is concerned, gaming mouse performs best than a keyboard.
  • The gaming mouse has better performance and durability than a keyboard. As intense tapping damage, the keyboard keys and immediate right taps are not possible on a full keys laptop as all the keys get mixed up.
  • Mice are more convenient and comfortable, especially for gaming.
  • Gaming mice do not turn off, thus you can enjoy your fast non-stop gaming and remain productive as much as you want.
  • Intense gamers stay in front of the screen all the time. A mouse will allow you to sit far from the screen and enjoy the gaming fully. This can lessen the negative effects on the eyes.
  • They prevent sweat from building up.
  • Programmable buttons allow highly focused gaming than doing gaming with a laptop’s keyboard.
  • You can gain benefit from the adjustable sensitivity of the gaming mouse and enjoy the perfect gaming.

So, these all are the benefits of a gaming mouse that you must have to know if you are a true game lover.

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