Best Gaming Mice for Small Hands 2020

The size of your hands and mouse size directly relates to your gaming. Definitely, the perfect size for small hands matters a lot. So if you have small, cute hands then don’t worry, we will present you the best gaming mouse according to your hand’s size. You can hunt anyone of these gaming mice as per your choice.

The best gaming mouse for small hands is the hottest topic and concern of too many people. But don’t worry; we give you all of the details here.

This is a quick comparison of these gaming mice for small hands. It will help you get a quick view of their specific features. You can pick yours directly from here. Here you go;

Best Gaming Mice for Small HandsFeatures Sensitivity Price
Razer Naga Trinity19 programmable buttons, Up to 450 inches/second IPS.16,000 DPICheck price
Razer Diamondback16.8 million Customizable buttons, rubber side pads.16,000 DPINot available
CORSAIR Scimitar Pro12 mechanical side buttons, 3 defined profiles.16,000 DPI optical sensorsCheck price
Logitech G MX518400+ IPS max speed, 8 buttons, extra stylish, 32 bit ARM processor, fast speed.16,000 max DPICheck price

Best Gaming Mice for Small Hands 

Here is the explanation of these best mice for the small hands of some of the dear readers.  

Razer Naga Trinity

This highly accurate and professional mouse will make your each and every gaming experience memorable.  It is having a broad sensitivity of 16,000 DPI and 5G of the optical sensor. Its superior sensitivity will allow it to sense your every movement and click.  You will be able to click on the right time.

Razer Naga Trinity has 3 interchangeable side plates. These come with 2, 7 and 12 configuration buttons. This gives this mouse more customization. You can do more commands and perform quickly with its smooth buttons. It has actually 19 fully programmable buttons that give you ease in gaming.

It is designed to win an enhanced right-handed form factor. It is powered by Razer Chroma. This gaming mouse is having up to 450 inches per second of IPS or the 50 G acceleration.

You will experience full control in your hand grabbing this mouse. No matter which game you play, this mouse will support your gaming completely. Play heavy games or any type of game with this gaming mouse and enjoy it. It is designed in such a way to provide you the edge that you will need in the MOBA/MMO gameplay.

You have the full liberty to customize this gaming mouse. Your mouse will also let you consider each and everything. Using Razer Synapse technology, it has at least 16.8 million colors. You can complete your whole set up by the Razer keyboard. Set the mouse mat and the headset for the ultimate gaming experience.

Its side is also having the number buttons. You can grip this mouse in your right hand because of its purposely built design. If you are left-handed and you have to hold the mouse in your left hand then choose another one from here. As this is specially built to grab in the right hand.

It is highly durable and follows the Amazon return policy. The price of this gaming mouse is quite affordable to all.

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Razer Diamondback

This is the Enhanced ambidextrous form factor of the original Razer Diamondback. It is the world’s most precise gaming mouse sensor. This sensor has got the sensitivity of 16,000 DPI. It is also capable of 1 DPI adjustments. Chroma lighting makes the view super cool. The more you use gaming mice for small hands the more you will do your work fast.

You can make clicks easily in dark even because if it’s lightening effects. These are true 16.8 million customizable colors. Razer Diamondback is a new and improved gaming mouse. It suits a wide variety of grip styles and hand sizes. No matter how much small or medium-sized your hands are, this mouse shape and design will get adjusted easily.

Either you are left-handed or a right-handed, use a claw, fingertips grip or palm, this gaming mouse will stay comfortable in your hands anyway. Mostly it will help you in the action-packed gaming marathon.

Rubber side grips will allow you to get more control over this mouse. During the lift-off and fast swipes of the mouse, you will feel its strong grip. Rubber side pads will also give smoothness while using it. It has a light weightiness of just 1.44 ounces. It is available in black color. Product dimensions are 4.9 x 1.2 x 2.6 inches.

It follows the Amazon return policy for the case of any damaged or broken part. This starts exactly from the purchasing date.  You can send it for repair if you mistakenly get it damaged. 

CORSAIR Scimitar Pro

This gaming mouse advances your games with the custom 16000 DPI optical sensors. It has the onboard profile storage with the hardware macro playback. It has the pro-proven key slider macro button control system. it is considered to be among one of the best gaming mice for small hands.

You can adjust the button positions up to 8mm. You can also make a security lock to these buttons on a fixed place. This can be done by the patent-pending macro-control system. This system keeps every key within the reach of every play style.  The textured side button keycaps enhance the grip for extra comfort and constant textile feedback and precision control.

The 12 mechanical side buttons are specially designed for the pro-player specifications. Keycaps of the textured side buttons provide an enhanced grip and controls. You can refer your own settings in this gaming mouse. It has the 3 pre-defined MMO/ MOBA profiles. You can also create your own profile with customized options and color effects.

Tune the CORSAIR Scimitar Pro to the mouse pad surface for the optimal sensor precision highly responsiveness. It will truly make your gaming innovative and will bring life in your games. You will love to do gaming with this mouse. Items total weight is 4.3 ounces. It is extremely easy to move and flip such a light weighted mouse easily.

The overall dimensions of this mouse are 4.8 x 3 x 1.7 inches. Its black colored body and multi-colored lightning give an enchanting look. 2AA batteries are required for it too. The price is amazing.

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Logitech G MX518

This outclasses performance high tech gaming mouse is rated 5 stars by thousands of its users. It is selling leaps and bounds. You should also try this gaming mouse for an ultra-amazing gaming experience.

It is having the hero sensor. It is one of the most accurate sensors with a high pixel-precise tracking. It can track up to 400 + IPS max speed. It has 16,000 max DPI and 10 x less power consumption than other gaming mice. It has a 32 bit ARM processor.

This processor comes with the onboard memory and having the 1 ms report rate. It will make your gaming ultra-fast. Logitech G MX518 comes fully loaded. It can save 5 profiles to the onboard memory This could be all done by using the Logitech gaming software LGS and Logitech G hub.

Gaming has now become much easier than before. With this gaming mouse, On-the-fly DPI cycles up and down through 5 DPI setting You can do this all by just the single clicks right on the above and below of the wheel. 8 Programmable buttons make the Commands customized and macros. These buttons are clicked easily and make your gaming experience faster than before.

MX 5 18 has inspired millions of people around the globe. The original glossy key plate makes it much better and fully loaded with the latest innovations. High gaming technology is used in it that’s why it is grabbing the attention of millions of gaming lovers.

It is having a classical legendary shape that fits every hand. Truly speaking it is lovely and comfy to be used.  It is having all the modern components that fit today’s modern standards. It is having a new updated nightfall color scheme that looks super cool and legendary.

Another amazing thing is that you can take this mouse anywhere with you.  Do gaming without any interruption. It is compatible with all the windows including Mac Windows 10, 8, and 7, etc. No additional software and logins are required in it. Use the default settings and build your own Logitech gaming software. Have fun gaming. Best of luck.

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Final words

These are the best gaming mice for small hands that you can buy.  If you have short hands, then don’t go anywhere and just grab any of these gaming mice from here. This could be your best choice for a gaming mouse than ever made.

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