Best Gaming Keyboard Under 100 Dollars

Too many people among us want to buy products at affordable prices. So, today I am going to write about the highly affordable keyboards which you can get in just 100 dollars. Keyboards are the main part of gaming as you have to do the keys tapping as the game requires.

Games are the part-time hobby of every one of us. We need the best equipment’s for it to perform it in a better way and enjoy games fully. Another thing that we all want is to make our entire game setup with highly affordable equipment. The keyboard is the one thing in that entire set up. So, our editors have selected the top 4 best picks for high quality as well as affordable prices.

In order to get your desired one, you should read this entire guide carefully. Have in mind that the prices were accurate at the moment of writing this article, but they can change without notice.

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Best Gaming Keyboard Under 100 DollarsFeaturesBacklit Price
HAVIT520g weight, ultra-thin, 7mm key heightKailh Latest Low Profile Blue SwitchesCheck price
Razer DeathStalker10 key rollover, Razer Synapse 2.0, 1000 Hz polling rateMultiple backlit colorsCheck price
Razer BlackwidowMulti-award holder, 60 million keystrokes.Tactile and clicky green switchesCheck price
RosewillN-key rollover, 50 million keystrokes100% Cherry Blue MX SwitchesCheck price

Best Gaming Keyboard Under $100

Here is the explanation of these best products which our editors have chosen after long-time research.

HAVIT Mechanical Keyboard

HAVIT is ultra-thin and light with a compact design of 13.94 inches. Its weight is just 520 g. Keycaps height is lower at only 7 mm than that of the most traditional gaming keyboards. This product has its own unique and remarkable specifications. Most of the features are different from the typical gaming keyboards.

Mostly the gaming keyboards are not ultra-thin but the legendary keyboard is. Its minimum keycap height makes it different and more comfortable than others. Its switch height is just 11.5 mm. The keystroke distance is only  3.0 mm. While the operating force of this keyboard is 45 10 gf. It has a detachable micro USB cable.

This keyboard is driver-free so it is just plugged and play. The most unique ice-blue LED light to let you enjoy an outclass gaming and typing. This color refreshes the eyes and gives a pleasant feeling. You will experience it when you will use it. Personally speaking, I have bought this keyboard because of its amazing ice blue backlit and now I love almost its every feature.

The black USB cable that helps for quick data transfer is of length 1500 mm. HAVIT is having a total of 87 keys and the service life is greater than 50 million clicks. It records each and every key tap as you press it and displays it without even a gap of a second. Also, read about the best budget gaming keyboard.

The 6 mm of ultra-thin suspended keycaps gives additional ease in typing and marathon gaming sessions. Its 1.4 mm of the response distance offers a short travel distance with a completely accurate actuation. It delivers true precision and lightning speed performance.

HAVIT is having multiple customization backlit modes. You can do this by pressing the Fn+F1-F5 keys for customization. You can press the Fn+F12 keys for saving all of these settings and the Fn+F6-F11 keys for presetting the modes. So, everything is in your hands by just doing some key taps.

The user-friendly design of HAVIT keyboard makes is best for all. Anyone can enjoy this keyboard for gaming. You will definitely gain an amazing experience. It is highly convenient and portable too. The 87 keys of this keyboard are expanded in a compact way and gives your hands, quick access to all of the keys for tapping.

The marathon gaming sessions will be spent with greater ease with the HAVIT mechanical keyboard. Also, it is fully compatible with the Windows, 10, 7, 8, and Windows Vista, Mac, Linux, IBM PC, ME, etc. The net weight of this item is only 520 g which makes it ultra-portable. You can take this keyboard with you at your friend’s home for having gaming there too.

You can connect it with any of the laptops which is compatible with it. This item is also compatible with almost all windows. So, there is full ease to use it anywhere and do unstoppable gaming. It has 1 MB of RAM. Item dimensions are 13.94 x 5.02 x 0.89 inches and it consumes  5 volts only. The keys of  HAVIT can only be customized with the Windows system.

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Razer DeathStalker Expert

Try playing games into the dark with this amazing backlit keyboard. It is an expert in its performance.  You can customize your experience fully with this item. It is enabled with the Razer Synapse 2.0 which helps you to customize the gaming according to own unique preferences. This keyboard features the 10- key rollover. It means that no matter how much your commands are complex or tough, this keyboard will never get in between you and your games.

The slim chiclet keycaps are of just 2mm. So, less time is needed to actuate each key. You can type and game faster with this keyboard and enjoy your gaming as much as you want. This keyboard is having an ergonomic design with a comfortable wrist rest. This is for your wrist relaxation when you are gaming for several hours.

You will not feel any burden even after the gaming ends. Your experience will be completely smooth, non-tiring and super amazing. It can last longer as much as you want to take it. Its design is super strong too so heavy tapping will not cause adverse effects on keys.

The Razer Synapse 2.0 is cutting-edge software which is functioned in this keyboard. This software works like a brain of this keyboard. It automatically syncs this keyboard to a cloud server and keeps your individual settings saved. Your fingers will move quickly in this laptop and your dominance in the game is ensured.

DeathStalker Expert is having the green LED backlit and 1000 Hz of ultra-polling rate. These are the dully programmable keys with on the fly macro recording. Its dedicated gaming mode will take you to the gaming world. While the anti-ghosting capability of this item is for the 10 simultaneous key presses. Its wide wrist rest is fixed or it is not detachable.

DeathStalker also comes with the USB port for increased connectivity. It is having the 200 MB of hard disc space. All of the key taps are registered accurately and quickly while intensive gaming. Its anti-ghosting capabilities can deliver overwhelming destruction of your game opponents.

The weight of this item is just 3.48 pound and dimensions are 10.2 x 20.3 x 2.4 inches. The color of the DeathStalker is matte black and it looks super gorgeous. Get it now.

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Razer Blackwidow

This is another gaming keyboard that blows the mind with its attracting features. It comes with all new Razer mechanical switches which are raised a little bit from the ground. They elevate the speed and high responsiveness of this keyboard. It is having such an amazing performance that its levels go up than that of the mechanical keyboards.

The individually backlit keys of BlackWidow are highly programmable. This entire keyboard allows for advanced and dynamic lighting effects. This dynamic effect allows the gamer to have full control over each and every key while gaming. You can have a fully personalized experience with this gaming keyboard.

The Razor mechanical switches are the multi-award holder. These switches are designed specifically for amazing gaming. These switches actuate at an optimal distance and give you an ultra-high speed and responsiveness that you have never experienced before. The dynamic lightening effects of this keyboard can be easily set through the help of Razer Synapse.

This item is specially featured for the high durability. Its all keys are engineered for massive keystrokes. So, no matters how much intensive your gaming is, you can enjoy gaming fully. It is engineered for intensive gaming and can withstand 60 million keystrokes. You can take advantage of this product for many years.

The software Razer Synapse supports this item and it is the cutting-edge, intuitive software that functions as a brain of this keyboard. You can sync your personal lighting settings too. These settings range from breathing, reactive, ripple, wave, and starlight. You can set any of your favorite ones for personalization lightening which you love the most.

These color settings are automatic with the unified cloud-based configurator. The top cover finish is smooth and smudges free.  This makes the tapping stress free and smooth. You can smoothly tap the keys while doing extensive gaming sessions. This gaming keyboard is amongst the most famous and high selling gaming items worldwide.

Item weight is just 3.3 pounds and dimensions are 17.6 x 7.5 x 1.8 inches. It is designed to play fast and let you win in your each and every game you play with this keyboard. The Razer logo at the end of the keys looks very cool and graceful. Razer brand is very famous for its high-quality products and that’s is the main reason for its highest sales.

Razer BlackWidow keyboard features the extended warranty timings of 2 years and has 10 key rollover anti-ghosting. You will love to work and play on its tactile, clicky green keys. Get yours now.

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Rosewill Gaming Keyboard

This is the most decent and elegant keyboard I have ever seen. It looks great with its 100% Cherry Blue Switches. These keys deliver a fast and precise response with fast and tactile feedback. These keys are featured with the N-key rollovers, especially for the die-hard gamers.

The multimedia keys equipped in this keyboard give direct access to a lot of things like volume control, brightness levels adjustments and too many other things also. This gives ease and saves a lot of your time. As things like brightness and volume are the things that all of us mostly use. We need to adjust the volume during gaming according to its volume. So, this item gives ease to us in every way it can.

Besides the multimedia keys, the shortcut keys add much more to the facilities. Like it is having the stop, play/ pause, back, forward, volume up, and volume down shortcut keys. This keyboard has rubber pads equipped in its bottom. These rubber pads help to stabilize the keyboard while gaming. You can go up to 50 Million Clicks with Cherry’s Unique-Protected keys with blue backlit

Rosewill comes along with the gold plated USB and PS2 Connector. It is gold plated to avoid the corrosion and ensure the low latency. The 100% Cherry MX Blue mechanical switches deliver the fast and precise response with amazing tactile feedback. It permits up to 104 keys and they can be pressed at the same time while the keyboard is in the PS/2 mode and six keys in USB mode.

The sturdy internal red metal chassis is perfect for an intensive typing and professional gaming. This keyboard is highly durable and super strong. The windows keys lock disable windows keys during extensive gaming. It is preferred to lock the windows key while gaming so that it cannot disturb you while you are in the critical gaming events.

You can enjoy the precision of multiple key presses at a time. The laser printed keycaps always remain new as the never diminish even after long use. It’s a professional keyboard so get it to enjoy pro gaming sessions. Rosewill also supports the Amazon dead on arrival return policy too. Grab now.

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