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Best Budget Travel Laptop 2020 Reviews

Best Budget Travel Laptop 2020 Reviews

Hey guys, do you love traveling? And want to buy a Best Budget Travel Laptop 2020. Our team has chosen some of the reasonable budget laptops for you after complete research.

Traveling with a laptop is just love. Not all of the laptops are perfect to keep while traveling. The main things which matter in a travel laptop are the size, portability, storage space, battery life, and the price too.

Best Budget Travel Laptop 2020

Here I will share those traveling laptops for you that our professional team has selected for you after complete research.

So, let me tell you about these laptops now;

Dell Rose Gold 

This is the best portable travel laptop for your people.

Features of Dell Rose Gold 

Here I am going to share some of the aspects that make it the best laptop to by for traveling.


It is having the 8th generation Intel Core i5-8250U, having the 6 MB of cache memory and up to 3.4 GHz of speed.

Size and lightweight

The size of Dell Rose Gold is 13.3 inches, the perfect size for traveling. You can carry this normal size with you in some suitcase or your bag. It has a weight of only 1 lb. These all things make this laptop perfectly portable.  

Ultra display

It has the 4K Ultra HD Infinite edge display. The max resolution of this screen is 3840 x 2160. It is the touch screen XPS 15 9370 so that you can use this laptop with great ease even while traveling.

Beautiful design

It has also got a gorgeous and beautiful design. It is having the Alpine white Composite Fiber palm rest that looks super cool and unique.


Dell Rose Gold is having the Windows 10, 64-bit, operating system pro installed in it.

Bright keyboard

The keyboard looks bright because of its white color. This white English keyboard gives full ease to do right taps and to do your work quickly.


It has Intel UHD graphics 620 Core 1097 M Hertz. You can watch movies, plays games, news, videos, and anything during traveling. You can have fun using this laptop while traveling.

Storage memory

You can store all your memories while traveling. It has the max storage limit of 8192 Mb LPRD3 1200 MHz.

Battery timings

Good battery life matters a lot in a traveling laptop. As you can’t charge it again and again according to the situation. So the battery should have enough timing that you can use it for several hours with a single charge. This is the best travel laptop that’s why it is having the 54 Whr battery that works for 12 hours. A 45 watts AC adapter comes in the box too.


It has a 64 Megapixel webcam with high resolution and quality. You can talk to your family or friends while travel and can keep in touch with them all the time.

McAfee life safe

It provides you the McAfee’s life safe 12-month subscription. You can also keep your laptop protected from viruses, malicious software and other malware attacks too.

Specifications of Dell Rose Gold Laptop

  • Product dimensions are 9 x 7.8 x 0.5 inches
  • Item’s weight is only 1 pound.
  • The maximum resolution display is 3840 x 2160.
  • Power source = 4 cells battery.
  • White English keyboard.


  • Ultra-portable.
  • Beautiful and sleek design.
  • Good battery life  


  • Issus with processor speed.
  • Not good for gaming.
  • Trackpad is jerky


I am done explaining about this product. You can read all about it here and can choose it if you want. Thanks.

HP Stream 14

This product is the second most top priority of travelers. This is an amazing laptop with its budget. You can travel the whole world with this highly portable, budget-friendly and amazing travel laptop. 

Fast processor and graphics

The processor of this laptop is Intel Celeron N3060. It’s a high entry-level dual-core processor. This is for general emails, productivity tasks, and the internet.

It is also having the high-quality graphics that is Intel UHD 600. It shows its vivid colors and the amazing view just because of its compact pixels and high resolution.

Full HD screen

It is a full FHD 14-inch bright view with WLED-backlit. This makes the screen clear and bright. You can definitely adjust the brightness level for you.  The screen resolution is 1920 x 1080.

System memory

HP Stream 14 has a system memory of 4GB that allows you for all-day multi-tasking. It has an adequately high bandwidth RAM to smoothly run all the applications, tabs and browsers, all at the same time.

Flash memory and storage

It has a 64GB eMMC flash memory; you can choose an extra 128GB/256GB SD Card. It is ideal for mobile devices and applications. It provides enhanced storage capabilities with streamline data management and quick boot-up.

Other features

  • Its strong 802.11b/g/n/ac WI-FI maintains a strong connection with the internet.
  • It’s Bluetooth 4.2 comes with great new features.
  • Its webcam is of high quality and compact high megapixels.
  • A multi-format digital media card reader is also included in it.
  • 2 USB 3.1 Gen 1, 1 USB 2.0
  • HDMI 1.4
  • Headphone output/Mic input combo jack.

Windows and battery

It comes with the windows 10 home with the S model. These windows are easily upgradeable.

It has the 41WHr 3-cell lithium-ion prismatic battery with 24 hours of lifetime.

Office 365

This laptop gives a one-year office 365 subscription.


3.17 lbs of lightweight and 0.7-inch slim design make it look super cool and a handy product.

Color available

HP Stream 14 is available in full white color. Its keyboard is also white-colored. It’s a great bright color to work all the time. It gives a unique and beautiful look too.

Concluding words

If you truly love traveling and want a handsome laptop than pick up this one. Good luck.

How I do traveling and blogging together by using a travel laptop?

My name is Andrew. I am a travel blogger. Traveling is my passion since childhood. I was having the only dream to travel the whole world.  I always wanted to explore the beauty of this world. And fortunately, I am doing it. Sitting in the cool breeze of Chicago I am writing my story to your people.

Actually, I love blogging too. And for my passion for the world tour, blogging was the only thing that I can do for living even while travel. Firstly, I was thinking that it is a quite difficult task. But now, I have so much experience practicing all this, that I don’t feel any burden now.

Literally, the modern world’s latest laptops have made the life of bloggers very much easier. Now, I can also say that Yes, my traveling laptop has made are all possible. Blogging is now extremely easy for me. It does not mean that it’s just like a piece of cake. It definitely requires hard work but the best budget travel laptop has made it much easier.

Firstly, when I started blogging and traveling, I faced many issues because of those old and less featured laptops. It took a lot of time to work on them. But now, the dedicated laptops for traveling are available in the market. Although, I was having the best travel laptop already. But I thought that I should try the latest one too. Because they come with some enhanced features.

So, I bought a new laptop for 2020. I am happy with it too. I can use the big screen which shows me every detail very keenly. Its comfortable keyboard helps me to type faster. My laptop has an 8th generation latest processor, so without wasting my time I can download apps, load web pages. This is incredibly fast and having dual cores that allow for extra fast speed.

As I do traveling, so there are definitely time issues. I usually start my work in the evening and work at night time too. So, I try to complete my work extra fast. That’s why I choose a travel laptop with fast speed. I do multi-tasking and my laptop does not even show the slow speed at a single moment. That’s how I complete my work early.

This all couldn’t be possible without the best budget travel laptop 2020.  High graphics, webcam, and some others are the things that keep you connected to your loved ones. I am glad that I bought the best travel laptop.  It just has made my life and work easier. I am very much thankful to the latest technology and dedicated laptops for travel that they care for travelers and bloggers.

You also buy one and make your life easy and happier.

Team –

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