Best Budget Gaming Keyboard 2020

Every one of us loves to do gaming on a special multi-colored RGB lightning gaming keyboards but scared of their high prices. 

These amazing gaming keyboards will help you to enjoy your gaming without worrying about the keyboard price. All of these top-rated keyboards that are going to be reviewed here are of highly affordable prices.

These budget-friendly keyboards will meet everybody’s budgets who want to buy the best gaming keyboard in 2020. Now, when you have reached the right place, then read this full article.

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Best Budget Gaming Keyboard 2020Features Backlit Price
Razer Huntsman EliteErgonomic design, ultra-fast performance.16.8 million colorsCheck price
Cooler Master MS120Tactile design, WIN lock, and full keylock, repeat rate 1x, 8x.Full RGB LED backlitOut of stock
HyperX Alloy EliteDynamic effects,  USB 2.0 pass through.18 LED light barCheck price
Apex M750QX2 gaming linear mechanical switches, aluminum allow material.Full RGB lighteningCheck price
Razer Cynosa Chroma10 key anti-ghosting, fully programmable keyboard16.8 million colorsCheck price

Best Budget Gaming Keyboard 2020 Reviews

Our editors have done the research,we have spent around 6 months doing the research and finding these top-rated gaming keyboards that are also budget-friendly.

I always recommend my readers to go through the buyer’s reviews whenever you plan to buy a new keyboard.

Let us get into the details:

Razer Huntsman Elite

Meet the Razer Huntsman Elite, a blazing fast keyboard for your gaming. It has all of its powerful features along with an affordable price. It gives a cool and beautiful look in all of your gaming set up. Its multi-color adds gorgeous effects in its keys.

This keyboard introduces itself with the Razer Opto-Mechanical Switch which utilizes optical technology. This technology lets you enjoy the unmatched speed. You can enjoy the complete luxury of blazing fast gaming. You should ask this pleasure feeling with die-hard game lovers.

You can immediately kill your game enemies and can be the winner of those games which you like the best. These kinds of gaming accessories definitely have a big impact on your gaming. If you have the right things you will win all the games and most of all you will love to play them.

Razer Huntsman Elite has the key stabilizer bar equipped in it. This stabilizer is for the smooth, precise and accurate key press. You will love to press its smooth and fast keys. Usually, gaming keyboards are different from casual keyboards.

The gaming keyboard has its keys enhanced from its position. This helps in vigorous tapping during heavy sessions. These keys sometimes got stuck in their place only in the condition that a keyboard is not of high quality.

That’s why these high-quality keyboard keys have strong spring beneath them. The keys of this keyboard are that’s why smooth and comfortable.

Razer Elite is also equipped with the highly programmable digital dial so that you can have quick access to different commonly used functions. This feature is going to help you for sure. It has the evolved gaming switches which have the actuation at the speed of light.

The unique thing is that it is equipped with the new switch design. It is the first clicky switch that has the capability to actuate and reset at the exact same point for a quick performance. You can gear up this keyboard along with some other accessories, like the gaming mouse and headphones.

This keyboard is of full size with the comfortable palm rest enhanced aside from the keyboard. Its keyboard is optomechanical with Chroma RGB multi-colored lighting enabled. It is faster than the traditional mechanical switches. The Razer purple switch technology uses the optical beam based actuation.

Your each and every single keypress will be registered at the speed of light. So don’t worry about pressing the keys with extra fast speed. It has a 30 % shorter actuation distance from the other switches at 1.5 mm with satisfactory feedback.

You can experience an ultimate personalization and gaming immersion with Razer Chroma. This offers an effortless and full integration with the famous game syncs and the popular game titles.

This integration is actually with the Razer hardware, Philips Hue and the gear from your 30 + partners. It’s each and every individually backlit key supports 16.8 million colors.

Razer Elite never compromises on its high quality. It is having a strong aluminum construction which makes it super strong and bearable to falls. Don’t let it harder to the ground otherwise, the impact would be bad.

Yet its strong chassis can resist too many falls. This item is covered with the matte aluminum top plate. This increases the sturdiness and support. It is having dedicated media controls.

For this control, it has the multi-functional digital dial with the 3 tactile media keys. These keys give ultimate access to every commonly used thing. Like you can control the brightness and adjust the volume too. The wrist rest is ergonomically designed.

This is actually a magnetic wrist rest. It is made up of the plush leatherette to maximize your ease and comfort during vigorous gaming sessions. Razer Huntsman Elite is supported by the fully programmable  Macro support system.

Razer Hypershift technology allows all of the keys and the keypress combinations to execute the complex type of commands.

The unrivaled durability makes the users free from stress. As this keyboard will be with you for as many years as you want it to be. It supports up to 100 million clicks.

The lifespan of this keyboard is double than that of its most competitor keyboards. Read here about the gaming keyboard for small hands.

It supports 2 years of manufacturer’s warranty. You can now get this keyboard without any queries in your mind.

The color of this keyboard is matte black. Weight and dimensions are 3.76 pounds and 9.2 x 17.6 x 1.4 inches. So, you know its each and every feature of it and now its time to get it.

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Cooler Master MS120

Let me introduce with you the highly durable MS120 keyboard whose features are normally found in pro-grade hardware. This is a tactile keyboard that is made up of high quality and comes with the programmable precision mouse. These both tools elevate your gaming aspirations.

It has the WIN lock and full keylock too. You can lock the window key when you are doing intensive gaming. This highly functional keyboard also has quick access to the multimedia short cuts. The adjustable repeat rate of keys is 1x and 8x.

Three-zone RGB lightening makes the view amazing. You can do intensive gaming even the dark. The multi-colored lights create enthusiasm for gaming and let you play in dim lights without letting you feel that you are in dim light. The keyboard has a highly comfortable and durable coating for enhanced stiffness and strength.

MS120 is equipped with the exclusive tactile hybrid Mem- Chanical switches. These are the specially designed tactile and clicky switches. These switches are completely similar to those that are found in professional mechanical keyboards. It has on the fly DPI switch buttons.

Its sleek styling gives full liberty for a luxurious comfy and smooth typing. This keyboard looks and feels premium. It is an extra stylish and modern gaming keyboard.

You will feel proud to show your gaming setup with this gaming keyboard. Especially this keyboard will let you feel luxurious in the whole set up.

MS120 is your first and foremost step towards a high level of gaming. It will elevate your gaming skills with just a small practice. Besides this, the durable mouse with its ergonomic design comes with this keyboard. It is having the Pixart Optical sensor with the adjustable DPI settings on the fly.

The mouse has pro-grade Omron switches so that it can max the DPS. Its RGB capability is just like the keyboard. These are multi-colored RGB lights. This mouse along with best budget keyboard will give you everything in your arsenal to go on a killing streak.

You can connect the USB 2.0 easily to this mouse and let the data transfer to occur more quickly than other keyboards. MS120 is having the 9 RGB LED backlit effects and the mouse has the 3RGB back lightening effects. It has its 4 DPI levels that are 500, 750, 1500 and 3500.

MS120 is also having the 26 key anti-ghosting. So, you are going to enjoy an amazing luxury. You can seek any help from the user manual. Try using this keyboard now and have fun.

HyperX Alloy Elite, Best Budget Keyboard 2020

This mechanical keyboard is a perfect gaming accessory for those gamers who wish to equip their battle station with a durable, highly featured and stylish keyboard.

This keyboard is literally dripping with the dynamic effects, dazzling HyperX red backlighting, and unique 18 LED light bar. All of this delivers a flash of unmatched brilliance.

It is made up of the solid steel frame that is tested for different things and is proved best. This shows its strength when you are hammering its keys. With its dedicated media buttons, you can have direct access to a lot of things. This will give you ease and you will be free from clicking every time to change the brightness and volume settings.

Other features of this keyboard are USB 2.0 pass through. It allows you to transfer the data really fast. If you have your games downloaded on the USB, you can transfer it in your laptop very quickly and this keyboard will help you with this a lot.  The gaming mode will enable a lot of gamer-friendly features.

This keyboard has anti-ghosting and N-key rollover. The versatile HyperX Alloy Elite multimedia keyboard is specially featured to meet all user’s needs.  This best budget keyboard is equipped with the available with CHERRY MX Blue, Brown, or Red switches.

So, whenever you want to have the low actuation force to boost up the APM or if you want to increase the tactile feedback for extra accuracy, you will have all the needed switches available. Game lovers can enjoy the comfort of the detachable wrist rest.

The HyperX titanium-colored, textured keycaps will help you type smoother and faster along with the full comfort.

Besides its backlit keys, it is also having the unique light bar that adds more to the dynamic lighting effects and delivers unmatched brilliance. These dynamic effects are truly awesome. It has the dazzling luminous 18 LED light bar colors that deliver an unmatchable brilliance.

The solid steel frame protects the whole keyboard keys. Even when you are hammering the keys, the steel frame will give ultimate protection. The switches of this keyboard are highly reliable than that of the other mechanical keyboard switches.

Not only the brightness and the volume but also control the lighting effects and the gaming mode with the quick access buttons.

The wrist rest of this HyperX is smooth because of the soft touch coating. It is specially designed to reduce the stress from your palms while you are doing the marathon gaming sessions.

The capable length of the keys is 1.8 m. It has 6 LED modes and 4 brightness levels. The windows compatibility of this keyboard is Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.

The large volume wheel puts the whole volume controls at your fingertips. HyperX elite is super stable and durable. The 6x preset lightening profiles give you full liberty to control its backlit features.

It utilizes only 1.5 volts and its dimensions are 17.5 x 6.7 x 1.5 inches. The lightweight of just 3.3 pounds makes it an ultra-portable device. You can transport it very easily.

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Apex M750

Meet this 2 in 1 package, a keyboard along with the compatible mouse. Both of these items help you to gain a pro like gaming experience. It gives a pure gaming experience with the QX2 gaming linear mechanical switches. It is made up of the durable 5000 series aluminum alloy.

It gives you real-time discord with game lightning notifications. It is also having the easy and intuitive per-key RGB lighting customization. This multi-colored RGB light adds life to your games for sure. 

The reactive illumination has a great impact on your overall experience. The steel series Rival 600 mouse comes along with this keyboard. It has the Exclusive TrueMove3 12,000 CPI.  While esports sensor of this mouse has the 350 IPS optical 1 to 1 tracking.

The lift-off distance that this mouse has is the world’s smallest lift-off distance of any mouse. It is customizable to 0.5 mm to 2mm. It has the Split-triggering 60-million click mechanical switches that help a  lot in working fast with this mouse. It has an RGB setup with millions of different colors and looks amazing with the keyboard and other backlighting gaming items. You can get the best gaming mouse from here.

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Razer Cynosa Chroma

The most advanced keyboard among all of the gaming keyboards and is spill-resistant too. It has an all-around gaming performance and is able to execute 10 commands at a time.

It has 10-keys anti-ghosting. It allows this keyboard for multi-performance. Enjoy an ultimate personalization and an immersive gaming experience with its Razer Chroma technology.

It offers an effortless key tapping so you can enjoy the marathon sessions of your gaming. Along with this, it also offers full integration with popular game titles and syncs with Razer hardware.

You can get the Philips Hue, and gear from more than 30 partners. Razer Chroma supports the 16.8 million colors for each and every individually backlit key.

The spill-resistant design is able to bear all of the spills. Don’t get panic when the water spill occurs, just turn it to its back. It is designed to slip the water away from its surface. It is able to withstand most accidental liquid splashes and retains its normal strength after that.

This budget-keyboard is also having the fully programmable Macro support. Razer Hypershift allows all if the keys and keypress combinations to be remapped so that you can execute the complex commands with it. Its highly durable construction ensures its high quality. Its strong chassis can resist the frictions and falls.

Razer Chroma supports the 80 million clicks. This budget-friendly keyboard is a perfect chpice for 2020. You can tap the keys faster according to the game demands. Your each and every keypress will be recorded within seconds and the keypress and action on screen would not take the time more than from a second.

This item is supporting the 2 years manufacturing warranty. 

Click here to buy from Amazon.

Final words

These top products are selected by the professionals. All of these keyboards are available at a highly affordable price. You can get them without any worries. Just give them a full read and buy.

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