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Why Laptops Become Slow?

You might be wondering ‘’Why Laptops become Slow’’. Many of us face this problem with our laptops. Based on my experience I will guide you that how to fix this problem. After reading this complete article carefully, you will become able to make your laptop system work faster.

Why Laptops Become Slow?

So, guys, I am Alley. I am a professional blogger. You know that a blogger always needs a laptop and a good laptop speed is a must. Anyways all other needs a good speed too as it is quite frustrating to work on a slow system. It took a lot of o time for getting things done if the laptops become slow. So, someone has specially asked me to write this article.

Here on this page, I will also share some of the other questions too about different other topics. As everybody has a lot of questions regarding laptops. I will assure you that I will remove all the queries from your mind. So give this article, a careful view.

Reasons why Laptops become Slow

First of all, I am going to tell you all the possible reasons for the slow laptops. Because everyone has different issues with their laptops and a single thing doesn’t apply to all laptops. So I will tell each and everything about this topic. So let’s start;

The main reason for the slow laptops is the software or hardware corruption and the other main things are the less RAM as it is the basic memory to run the programs. If your laptop does not have enough RAM than a laptop will simply run out of the space and it will get slow down.

So let me explain all of these reasons along with some others in detail with you.

Reason 1

So as I said the first cause of laptop running slow it might be the software and hardware corruption. There might be different reasons for this. So, first of all, you must make sure that your laptop is of high quality and a good and trustworthy company.

I am saying this because if you keep in mind these things then there will be no issue of laptop’s internal and external systems. Also, don’t install the bad software that harms the software of your laptop.

Reason 2

Another reason for your slow laptops might be a lot of programs running in the background. So you should try that if your laptop speed is slow because of this, then don’t run a lot of applications in the background.

 You can also refresh the laptop after closing any program and opening the new one. This will help your laptop to be faster than before.

A lot of running applications with slow internet speed also makes the system slow. Also, remove the TSR’s and startup programs which automatically start always the laptop boots.

You can see in your laptop’s task manager that which running application or program is using the maximum memory and CPU. Sometimes those programs are such that you don’t need even and you are unconsciously allowing them to use the extra space and memory. So make sure to close all such programs and close the extra tabs that are not in use.

Reason 3

Another reason is the laptop updates like Windows updates and others that make your laptop system slow.  So, always make your system up to date. Ensure a stable internet connection and make all the updates done. This will make your laptop fast and there will never be a problem again.

Reason 4

There might be some virus on your laptop. So, install the antivirus software installed on your laptop so that it can automatically remove all the malware attacks. Make sure that you have installed the right antivirus software because much fake software is also with this name and they are just useless.

So always install the correct one and clean your laptop from all virus attacks and other malware attacks too. This will also help you a little bit, to keep your laptop safe from hackers. If your laptop is clean from such things than it will work at a good speed.

Reason 5

The reason why laptops become slow is the less RAM on your laptop. This is one of the main reasons. When you buy a new laptop for you then exactly at the same time, make sure that it has enough RAM. And if you are buying any laptop online that read all of its features carefully. Read about its RAM. The more RAM in your laptop the better its performance will be. Your laptop will work fast if it has more RAM.

That’s why never ever compromise on the RAM of your laptop while buying it. Good RAM ensures a good laptop for sure.

Reason 6

Another reason is the damaged hardware and it means that you have to change your laptop. But if you cannot do this then still you can go through the hardware check to sort out the problems.

Try to use your laptop with great care and don’t throw it in anger. Try not to use it unprofessionally and always use your laptop carefully. This will keep care of your laptop’s hardware and everything will be fine at all.

Reason 7

Too many ads on your laptop are also a sign that it will run your system down.  So you must take a lot of care that you should not go to the spam sites and click on the mysterious links or a lot of useless links.

You should also take care that you have not installed gaming software on your laptop or some kind of hidden game that keeps sending links. As you all know such kinds of fake things definitely exist. Maybe some hackers want to have to access your laptop and steal your personal information and important data.

So always try to avoid the ads as much as possible and follow this guide that I am telling you.

Reason 8

The last reason I am going to tell you is that your laptop might need a restart. Sometimes many of us keep our laptop ON all day. Some of the times we keep working on it and often leave it open for many hours.

During these timings the laptop’s system keeps running, it gets hot, the fan runs and ends many times. All this is actually harming your laptop. You should not have to do it. Try to keep open your laptop only when you are working or if you have left it open without working for a lot of time then restart it.

Because in this case, the refresh feature won’t work and you have to restart it. It will make your laptop start working faster. These are all of the solid reasons of why laptops become slow. 

How to Fix a Slow Laptop?

With each and every reason I have given you the answers that how to fix them but still, I will tell you some further things here. So that after reading this article you will make your laptop to work faster and fix the problem of why laptops become slow?  Here are some of the tips to fix the problems.

These are actually guidelines to tell you what you don’t know;

  • Open up the start menu, I mean just click on the start button and on the search bar, type on add. or remove programs and just press enter. This will launch the add or remove program screen. After that, you can uninstall all those programs that you don’t need.
  • Press the start menu button and similarly type disc clean up in the search bar and this will take you to the disc cleanup program. You can clean up your laptop from there.
  • The next thing is that add more RAM to your laptop and this will make your laptop work better than before. After that, you can do multiple tasks on your laptop at a single time easily.
  • Adjust the power options on your laptop.
  • Keep the brightness at a normal level as this helps the laptop to work normal too.
  • Keep your laptop up to date and remove all the virus threats.
  • You can reinstall the operating system.
  • Restart the laptop as sometimes it becomes a must.
  • Run a few programs only that are in your use.
  • Use the laptop carefully and don’t overcharge it.

Final words 

Dear readers, now you know enough about this topic and definitely, you can now make your laptop work fast. You have enough idea about the reasons for slow laptops.

I have explained to you each and everything. I can hope that by following this easy and simple guide you can fix the problems now.

So read this whole article carefully so that if your laptop or even the laptop or any other else gets slow, you are the one that can find and then sort out that problem. Believe me that after reading this you can easily do this. Best of luck. 

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