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Average Laptop Lifespan by Brand

Average Laptop Lifespan by Brand

Average lifespan depends upon the durability, it’s robust material and the way you use it. A good brand covers all of these things. So here I’m going to tell you about an average laptop lifespan by brand. Buying a good laptop is never an easy task but a good brand helps to make a trusted choice.

Laptops are an important part of our life and it is very necessary to have a laptop with maximum lifespan. Definitely, you will be able to enjoy a more robust laptop for many years like a good companion. One common question that is asked to buy every laptop buyer is how long this laptop will last or how much longer the laptops of these brands last?

 Chart for Average Laptop Lifespan by Brand

This chart will tell you about the famous laptop brands, their average lifespan and the battery life too.

Laptop Brands Average Life Span Battery life
HP 3 to 5 years 10 hours and 45 minutes
Apple 3 to 5 years 12 hours
Microsoft 3 to 4 years 14 hours and 30 minutes
Dell 3 years 1-6 hours
Lenovo 3 to 5 years 8+ hours
ASUS 4 to 5 years Above 6 hours
MSI 4 to 6 years OR 5-10 years 11 hours and 34 minutes

Average Laptop Lifespan by Brand

Usually, the lifespan of good laptops also depends upon the brand.  So here I’m going to tell you the popular brands and the average lifespan of their laptops.

Actually the average laptop lifespan of a good brand last after 4 to 5 years after a complete usage. Actually, they are the lack of elements their class not the laptop body. Because those elements are the main parts of laptop and laptops around the cause of them only so that’s why their aging makes laptop life shorter.

Like the motherboard battery, RAM and processor. If these things get damaged or they have completed their lifetime, then your laptop lifetime is also about to end. In this case, you can upgrade these things or buy a new laptop.

There are too many different popular brands of laptops. Let me tell you their average lifespan.

  • HP ( Hewlett – Packard)
  • Apple
  • Microsoft
  • Dell
  • Lenovo
  • ASUS
  • MSI

Hewlett-Packard Brand  

HP has been working hard over the past so many years to build up their reputation for high-end laptops. The magic of the UltraBooks got spread over the entire world. In fact, everyone is loving their new HP Spectra with an amazing gold trimming and the high-resolution displays.

HP was also found to be the most searched laptop on a prime day. They are bringing new technologies to their laptops day by day. This innovation also has brought new and most popular privacy filters which are named as the “Sure View”. There laptops performance or also increasing day by day.

They have also increased the performance of their laptops. When talking about the average lifespan, they can live for so many years. The best series of HP laptops are;

  • HP Envy
  • HP Spectra
  • HP Chromebook
  • HP EliteBook
  • HP Omen

HP claims itself that their midrange laptops last for 3 years and a high priced laptop may last for 5 years.

HP Envy

HP Envy series laptops were originally launched by HP on 15 October 2009. Firstly they are only two higher performance models which were HP Envy 13 and HP Envy 15. Their different models include different processors in it like a be AMD APU processor, Intel Core 3 an Intel Core i5.

The high generations of processors are used in them and they last for 10 hours and 45 minutes. It can last for 3 years or more if taken cared properly.

HP Spectra

HP Spectra series laptops are the slimmest and smart laptops. They have Intel processors in it. They have an amazing performance and a turbo boost technology for an ultra-high-speed. They have high core processors with the latest generations.

They provide the best use of them. They have high RAM and storage. Their battery lasts for 9 hours and 45 minutes, at least ten hours. These laptops have their top-notch features.

HP Chromebooks

HP Chromebooks uses the Chrome operating system in them. They also have Intel processors in them. All of the Chrome books are also equipped with the turbo boost technologies for an amazing speed. They are best for making multiple connections.

HP EliteBook

HP EliteBook series was launched in August 2008. They have a higher RAM and an amazing storage maximum of 256 GB. It has multiple ports and also supporting multiple slots for video cards and expanding the futures. You can make inputs in these laptops using the finger touch technology.

HP Omen

HP Omen series laptops are dedicated for gaming. They are equipped with the high-end graphics card amazing processors with the latest generations and support the best gaming experience.

You can enjoy amazing games on laptop with HP omen series.

Apple Brand

Apple gives you an amazing experience because of its touch features. Apple creates all of its beautiful, stylish and modern laptops. They are always giving the painless software updates features to their customers. Their displays are considered to be the best for videos and photos editing.

Apple laptops provide multiple keyboard shortcuts and trackpad gestures that help to increase the speed of your work. Apple laptops uses the Mac operating system and are really very speedy. Apple brand is most reliable than any other brand. But they are really overpriced.

The main concern is their average life and they also have an average life of 3-5 years. These brand laptops have an average life of 12 hours.

Some best series of Apple laptops are;

  • MacBook
  • MacBook Air
  • MacBook Pro


Actually, Macintosh is a very old brand when it started a little company on 24 January 1984. It has worked very hard from the past 7 years to reach this level of success. It has the capability to change everything. You can extend your workspace and creativity by using a MacBook.

MacBook Air

Mac book air was released on 15 January 2008. These laptops have an amazing retina display. Because the battery and power which can run superbly up to 12 hours. They have highly smooth touch features like touch ID and integrated touch ID sensor. 

MacBook Air laptops are really slim and smart. These laptops have a gold finish on them. The resolutions are really awesome. MacBook Air laptops are equipped with Truetone technology. We can give up to 13 hours of iTunes movie playback.

MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro was released on 10 January 2006. It has amazing graphics high pixel camera. These laptops are best for live streaming. It ensures high connectivity with Bluetooth and Thunderbolt 3 technology.

Pro laptops have the full-sized keyboard and trackpad. You can enjoy watching movies on such a beautiful display with an immersive sound.

Microsoft Brand 

Microsoft brand was developed on 15 January 2017. Their laptops have usually Intel Lake dual-core processors installed in them. Their laptops are holders surface book. and they have different models like surface book 2, Surface Pro 6, Surface Studio, etc.  

Their average life span is three years while their laptops have max battery timings of 14 hours and 30 minutes.

Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface laptop technical specifications are Intel processors. They have an amazing Pixel sense display. Their storage and RAM are also amazing. They have an amazing feature which is their windows hello face sign-in. They have enterprise based protection of the TPM chip.

Microsoft Surface laptop provides a good warranty time.  They can be used up to 14.5 hours off full video playback. The availability of multiple ports makes them highly connective laptops.

Dell Brand 

Dell was founded in first February 1984. Dell laptops are not only powerful but also built to last. They have a wide range of specifications. They have full-size RGB keyboards. They are capable of producing large silky smooth frame rates. Dell laptops are extremely powerful and aesthetic. They can be widely upgraded by the user.

They have the average life span of 3 years an average better timings between 1 to 6 hours.

Here are some of the best laptops series produced by the Dell brand.

  • Dell XPS
  • Dell Latitude
  • Dell Precision
  • Dell Chromebook

Dell XPS

Dell XPS laptops are really amazing. They use Intel processors in them mostly. The Intel UHD graphics used in them are really out class. They have amazing RAM and come in different sizes ranging from minimum to the maximum. You can choose the display which you want.

Dell latitude

Now, the Dell latitude series is the business class laptops. They have the smallest and lightest frame ever. Most of them are two on one laptop. Their display is very immersive and they have a long battery life. You can stay productive on their amazing and silent keyboards for a long time.

Dell precision

These laptops have dedicated video cards for extra productivity. They have 4 – 8GB of memory even 12 GB and more. They have Intel processors and different laptops come with different generations of processors. If you will buy a high priced laptop then it will come with extra features and last longer than the low price laptops.

Dell Chromebooks

 Dell Chromebooks uses Chrome operating systems. They have both touch and non-touch display. Their display is really amazing. These laptops are equipped with the Intel Celeron processors. They have less RAM in them. They are easy to use and manage completely.

It gets the automatic updates for ultimate protection.  

Lenovo Brand

Lenovo brand laptops have too many models of their Lenovo ThinkPad series. Lenovo is also working hard to bring the best products to their customers. They are also equipped with the Intel processors with cores i3 to i5. They don’t have the touch feature but the display is really smooth and catchy.

Their displays are completely non-glare. They have 6 cell batteries. Lenovo laptops are designed to live 3 to 5 years. They have a battery life of above 8 hours.

Lenovo ThinkPad 

Lenovo ThinkPad 2019 laptop is the new and the first foldable laptop. It has no way to compromise on reliability and durability. They probably last longer to 5 or more than 5 years. They are the most tough and robust laptops. It’s an amazing full fledge laptop with a foldable screen.

ASUS brand

ASUS has been inspiring millions of its users in the world. This brand laptops usually last within 4 to 5 years. While the low priced ASUS brand laptops last for 2-4 years only. Their average battery life is about 6 hours. They have amazing features.

Some of the series of ASUS brand laptops are;

  • ZenBook
  • VivoBook
  • Chromebook

ASUS ZenBook

ASUS ZenBook Flip S is one of the world’s thinnest convertible laptops. It is the most versatile laptop with a 360°. It is equipped with the 8th  generation Intel Core i7 processor. Windows operating system is supported in it. It works more smoothly with a stylus pen. Its battery life is also perfect.

ASUS VivoBook

ASUS VivoBook Flip 14 is an amazing laptop with powerful productivity and expensive visuals. It is built for any of the occasion. You can use it like a stylish laptop or a handy tablet. It is perfect for everyday task because of it enough battery life.  

It allows you for all day productivity while the battery help charging technology keeps the battery last longer.

ASUS Chromebook

ASUS Chromebook C300 is a sleek and sophisticated, ultra-portable laptop. It is perfect for everyday use. It gives complete control over the touch gestures. It contains a spacious touchpad. It provides up to 10 hours off battery life.

MSI Brand

MSI is actually a brand for gaming laptops. It has been declared as the best gaming brand in August 2018. MSI was founded in August 1986. It was founded in California. They have been working hard to make their gaming laptops, the best laptops in the world.

Now, this thing is to be noticed that most of the parts of the MSI laptop last for about 5 to 10 years. is only their battery which starts aging enjoying problems after 3 to 6 years. But if you upgrade the battery, then your gaming laptop will last for 5 to 10 years amazingly. Their average battery life is 11 hours and 34 minutes.

MSI laptops have their series named as G series.


It is a 15.6 inches full HD laptop. It has core i5 8300H processor in it with an and amazing speed of 4 Giga Hertz. It has an amazing storage memory. You can enjoy all day long gaming for up to 10 hours.

It can last very long if you take great care of it.

On which factors average lifespan of the laptop depends?

There are too many factors on which an average lifespan depends on.


The average lifespan of laptop directly depends on how you use or treat your laptop. When you take great care of your laptop, the laptop lasts longer. If you keep your laptop more exposed to extreme temperatures or it faces drops and falls most often, then keep in your mind that you are reducing the lifespan of your laptop.

If you don’t expose your laptop to damages, hits, drops, temperature extremes and keep away from children and liquid spills, your laptop will survive for more years, then the expected ones.


A good brand of laptop covers all the excellent features and high quality. So, a good brand laptop lasts longer than that of the local laptops.

Robust material and Durability

If your laptop manufacturer has used a highly robust material for laptop manufacturing, then definitely there are chances of more survival of laptop. If your laptop is highly durable then it will be your companion for many years.

Good Battery

If your laptop is of perfect quality and it has a good battery life, then there are chances that it will last for one or 2 years more then it’s expected life. If you do multitasking extremely bad on your laptop then the aging of motherboard and processor will be earlier and your laptop will survive less.

So, then it is very important to do multitasking, do it and give proper rest to your laptop, keep it protected and give a proper charging to it for a sufficient period of time.

Which things affects the Laptop Lifespan Badly?

There are some of the things which affect the lifespan of the laptop very badly.

Extreme temperatures

Extreme temperatures cause a short circuit in the motherboard and hence the processor dies. These are the main components of your laptop if they get damaged then your high-quality laptop will even not going to work. So you have to keep your laptop protected from temperature extremes so that the processor and motherboard remain safe.

Keep your laptop at normal room temperature. Give proper air to it.

Liquid spills

When your laptop is exposed to liquid spills and you have not applied the proper solution for this issue, then it will decrease your laptop life span badly. Besides this, it can cause short circuit or damage other components inside your laptop.

Blocked fans

Blocked fans create overheating. The overheating decreases the life of the processor. Ultimately your laptop life decreases. In short, pooer ventilation is very harmful to your laptop. 

Power surges

The power surges are the killer of laptop life. You can take the power surges to attack a laptop as an example of slow poison destroying a body. Same like this way a power surge continuously makes the laptop life short and make is vulnerable to become near to death. The power surges can literally damage the entire motherboard and spread the low and high voltage to the whole motherboard system.

This can result in burning of any of its wire, capacitor, resistor or any of the connection and your laptop starts showing different faults time by time or the sudden death. Power surges are the true killer of electronic gadgets.

Physical damage

Any of the physical damage is so obvious to decrease the average life span of a laptop. Any type of physical damage the inside of the laptop. There are great possibilities that the inner maintained electronic circuit, wires, and other components get displaced from their position and ultimately your laptop life gets affected by these things that you consider nothing.

Loose cables

Loose cables also decrease the lifespan of the laptop. Because the current cannot flow properly to the internal circuit and the voltage sometimes goes up and down. The improper current flow definitely decreases the life of your all of the electronic gadgets. You must make a proper cable connection when you are going to charge your laptop or connecting any other kind of cable to it.

Tips to Increase Life Span of a Laptop

  • Pick your laptop from a famous brand.
  • Keep your laptop clean and safe from everything which can cause harm to it.
  • Don’t go for an extremely high RAM.
  • Choose the big capacity hard drive as possible.
  • Keep your operating system up to date every time, in fact, you should set up the automatic updates.
  • If your laptop is very old, then upgrade its hardware, it will give it a new life for further many years.

Final words

I have covered each and everything about average laptop lifespan by brand. Read it carefully.

Good luck.

Team – Why Laptops

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