Why laptops are Better than Desktops?

It is a fact that the latest technology always grabs attention. The new gadgets attract people. It is also a thing to consider that products with more advanced features and latest technology facilitate the people more. That’s why I am here on this new topic. This is the most often asked question by everyone.

Comparison Laptops Desktops
Portability Highly portableNot portable
Power consumption LessMore
Prices Cheap and expensive bothAll desktops are expensive
Compact size YesNo
Connected wires No wire or cables neededA lot of cables are required
Connection with multimedia YesNo
Modern technology YesNo
Touch screen feature Enabled in someNo any feature like this
Comfort for use                  More comfortableLess comfortable
Keyboard ease YesNo
Ports rich Laptops are port rich, enhanced connectivityFewer ports
Enhanced features YesNo

Why laptops are Better than Desktops?

We can do long, non-ending debates on such topics. But I will tell you the main solid reasons why laptops are better than desktops. Actually, laptops are the basic need of everyone. Every institution needs laptops. Every company, banks and other working places require laptops. Even laptops are needed in jobs; they are also the basic need of students and teachers.

But the question is that, why they are much better than the desktops. Stay with me, I am going to give you the best satisfactory answers based on the reasons.

Reasons why laptops are better than desktops

If you are also an admirer of laptops that they are better. But if you like desktops than there is still no problem at all. Just stay here and you will find the best detailed answer. In the end, you will also agree with me that laptops are better than desktops.

Portable and convenient

The first and important reason is that the laptops are portable and convenient too. You can’t take your desktop with you at all. But you can take your laptop everywhere. Like in offices, homes, playgrounds, parks, hotels, etc. You can even keep your laptop with you during travel.

You can easily handle the laptop in your arms or in a laptop bag.  This will help you to continue doing your work anywhere, as I said even during traveling. While when you work on a desktop, you cannot take it at any of the places. Of course, a desktop is a heavy machine. It is separately connected with a lot of things and wiring.

When you are out of your home, then you have to wait for doing your work by going home. So, regarding portability and convenience, laptops are the best.

Stored battery

Another best thing is the long-lasting battery of laptops. It does not depend on electricity. You once require the electricity to charge the laptop. After that, you can work on a laptop for a lot of hours. While a desktop, always requires electricity. It totally depends on electricity availability.

Even if the plug, switched on the electric board disturbs from its position, a desktop close completely. It will not automatically save all of your important data. While you can use the laptop for a lot of time and save your important data in it. Even if your laptop shuts down because of any reason than your entire data is auto-saved.

Compact size

Laptops have a compact size. They are preferred more. There are more facility and comfort to use them. You can place your laptop at any place safely. Like your cupboard, bookshelf or any of the place.

Laptops stored in the proper place because they are not bulky and remain clean all the time. While desktops are big and can’t be displaced again and again from their position.

Safe to use

Although both the laptop and a desktop is safe to use. But in case, children can harm the desktop screen from any hard thing. You can not cover and protect its screen. While a laptop screen is completely safe. You can close your laptop and place it in its bag safely.

Furthermore, laptops are also safe from the dust when they are placed in laptop bags. While the desktop screen is always exposed. If you cover the desktop with a plastic sheet or a cover, it looks odd.  Laptops always remain clean until you use them badly or with dirty hands.

Modern technology

Laptops are modern technology gadgets. It looks very decent to use it. You can enjoy many of the new and amazing features on laptops. As new technology has definitely more advanced things. The new products have new things in them to facilitate people more and to provide them with something new.

While desktops are conventional and old fashioned. It doesn’t look modern to work on an old fashioned big machine. But if you like to use it, then there is no problem at all.

Consume less power

Laptops consume less power than desktops even also during charging. First of all, a desktop connection with the electric board is taking so much power.  Even when there is no electricity and you are running it from another power source, it takes the extra power.

Like if your desktop is running with UPS battery as an electricity source.  You can check how much power it is consuming. The same is the case while charging the desktop.

While laptops have their battery charging stored in them unless it has some issues. The battery remains on the laptop even for the continuous hours of work on it. When you charge a laptop, it gets fully charged up within a few hours and don’t consume so much power.

Reasonable prices

You can buy laptops at reasonable prices. While desktops are mostly expensive. I am not saying that laptops are not expensive. Some laptops may be expensive but not more than a desktop. Actually, it’s a contradictory talk.

Laptops are definitely available at a cheap price. But some are expensive too. Think wisely, that if two of the products are available to you at almost equal prices. One is the modern, the latest technology and with so many new facilities and one has no such qualities but is expensive like that product. So, which one would you choose? Further, you are wise too.


Laptops are much comfortable.  You can work on a laptop by sitting on a bed or a sofa.  You can place your laptop on a table for a specific distance from your eyes. In short, you can use your laptop with great comfort. The 2-in-1 laptop really helps here.

While in the case of your desktop, you have to sit in the same specific place where the desktop is placed. You don’t have the liberty to use it at any place. Even if you are not comfortable with that place, you are bound to stick there and work on your desktop.

So, if you truly want to enjoy the comfort along with doing work happily, then prefer the laptop.

Keyboard ease

The laptop keyboard is not separate from it. The laptop screen is just in front of you. When you do any of the typing mistakes, you can correct it immediately from your keyboard.  Actually, some of the people found it difficult to use the desktop separate keyboard. The laptop keyboard is more convenient to use.

Touch screen

Some of the laptops also offer the touch feature in them. This is a new and convenient facility. Each and everything will be in the control of your single touch. While none of the desktops has this touching feature in it.

Even the laptop has a touchpad in it. While you use a mouse for taking the cursor up and down and for clicking anything on desktops. Personally speaking, I hate to use the mouse. As it is not so responsive and this thing frustrates me.


While doing any of your work on the desktop, you can’t hide your work by the people sitting in that particular room. While in the case of the laptops you can do any of your work with complete privacy.

So, don’t you think that laptops are better than desktops?


Desktop doesn’t allow you to do multitasking on it. You can do a single task at a time. While in your laptop, you can open up a lot of tabs at a time and can do multitasking for sure. This will save you precious time. You can do all of your work on the laptop within no time.

Connect with multimedia  

Laptops can be connected with multimedia easily. It is not possible to connect the desktop with a multimedia projector. I have seen many of the students that make their presentations or assignments on desktops. After that, they do a lot of messy and tough things to take that presentation with them on mobile or USB.

They waste a lot of time and make several connections. They take their work to other devices by SB card, connection cables, and a lot more things. After that, they go to their class and connect their USB or other devices with somebody else’s other laptop. Them that laptop is connected with the projector. It sounds so tiring then how much it will be to do.

So, it’s better to spend some of the money and buy a good laptop rather than buying a desktop.  You will be able to quickly make your projects and presentations on laptops. Simply save them and connect with a projector and save your time too.

Final words 

I have given you a detailed answer about laptops better than desktops. Now, I hope that you will also start to prefer laptops over a desktop. As I have explained all those main and important reasons for this.  Otherwise, you are mature and sensible enough to see which one is better.

If you use a desktop, then truly ask yourself how many difficulties do you face while working on it and then make a decision. Take a good laptop and fill your life with great comfort and ease.

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