This website is managed and owned by Dilawaiz Zehra. I love my laptops more than anything else. We have a variety of laptops with us. I also love to have different sizes of laptops with me. Even, very often I spend my time on gaming laptops.

I just started Why laptops.com. The basic purpose is to inform and guide all others about each and everything of laptops. This website is also aimed to tell and guide the people to select the right laptop for them from the market

At, Why Laptops, I am posting a number of reviews for the latest and upcoming Best laptops for 2020. Along with this, I am adding a detailed buying guide for my dear readers. I am also adding the daily life questions related to laptops.

There is a huge collection of questions and answers that are added to the users. I am working with my whole team and we have all the resources to get informed about the latest laptops in the market and queries of people regarding laptops.

You can contact me anytime if you have any kind of questions or problems related to your laptop and I will answer them all by adding a detailed guide for you people.

Team – WhyLaptops.com

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